Posted by: Hannah | 07/18/2012

but it’s just noise

Considering the amount of time I spend on the internet, I am often completely unaware of what’s popular.

Yesterday I finally unbent and listened to “Call Me Maybe” for the first time. I did this because people have been linking to various parody versions for days now – pretty much since the Cookie Monster’s “Share It Maybe” went viral in a big way last week – and, fun fact, parody is really dependent on being very familiar with the original for the comedy to work.

(Exception: Anything by Weird Al. Even if you’ve never once heard “Lola“, “Yoda” is still brilliant. And the first time I heard “Jurassic Park” I laughed my fool head off, even though I was unaware of the existence of “MacArthur Park” until my mom found the sheet music in an old Guitar Hits of the 1970s book we had kicking around.)

So – I listened to it. And I wrinkled my nose and shrugged, and a minute in I was bobbing my head gently, and then I did my after-supper chores while whisper-singing under my breath “I just met you… and this is CRA-zy… but here’s my number… so call me MAAAY-be” over and over until I wanted to punch myself in the throat.


I’ve heard the term ‘dubstep’ tossed around a fair bit lately, too. I gather it’s popular, and that people my age hate it, and that we are just OLD and don’t UNDERSTAND and WHATEVER. I asked Beck’s lovely daughter for a song recommendation that she felt was a good example of the genre, and she suggested Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites by Skrillex. I made it one and a half minutes before I had to turn it off. It was making my ears bleed. I literally had no frame of reference for it and even caught the immortal phrase “but it’s not MUSIC!” trembling on the end of my tongue before I restrained myself.

(For the record: I can understand why people listen to it. I can even see myself listening to similar stuff at certain times in my life. But right now, all I could think was that I would need to be really, really high for that shit to make any goddamn sense.)

I’m tempted now to make a parody of my own. Of that Goyte song. “What happened to the music that I used to know”. I’ll get a million hits on YouTube and hundreds of shares on Facebook. I’ll be like that dad-blogger who promotes himself so everyone hates him (another scandal-of-the-moment that I missed until three days ago).

7.6 working days until vacation…



  1. Jurassic Park is frightening in the dark. All the dinosaurs are running!wild!

    I know a lot of Weird Al songs. My brother was a fan.

    I don’t care how lame it is, I really like Call Me Maybe. Jake and I sing it together and it is freaking adorable. “Before I met you I missed you so bad! So bad! So BAAAAD!”

  2. I love dubstep!

    It did not occur to me until after I signed my boys up for hip hop dance that this would foster in them a love of hip hop music. I don’t even recognize half the songs on my ipod anymore. And because I’m a slow learner, I signed them up for musical theatre camp without stopping to think “Now they will spend their allowance buying show tunes off of iTunes.” Though I shouldn’t complain. I’d rather listen to “Tomorrow” from Annie 9,872 times instead of that Skrillex “song” even once. What the fuck was that?

  3. Dude, if you’re completely unaware of what’s popular, I guess that makes me…completely completely unaware? Just finished listening to Call Me Maybe and that Gotye song for the first time (thanks for the links). Over 285 million views and I had no idea it even existed (not that it’s all that great,
    sounds a bit too eighties in a bad way for these ears). As for dubstep, I first encountered it a little over a year ago, when in a conversation with someone ten years my junior I mentioned that I was into dub music (the subgenre of reggae) and she whipped out her smartphone and started playing that Skrillex song. Not bad (better than Call Me Maybe anyway), though a tad derivative. Apparently the best way to experience dubstep is while high on ketamine (AKA horse tranquilizer) which…I was not.

    To give you a better idea how out of touch which (western) popular culture I am, a while back when you mentioned Kardashians in one of your posts I had to google it to find out what you were talking about. I’m also currently enjoying, no joke, the first seasons of Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls and Lost (in syndication on Japanese TV). No spoilers, please!

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