Posted by: Hannah | 07/30/2012

vacation – day one

I keep forgetting it’s Monday. What a nice feeling.


Baby G crawled out of the living room and into the kitchen for the first time today. 3.2 seconds later, he was paddling in the dog’s water bowl. Because he is the third baby, I didn’t immediately panic and remove the bowl, just kind of laughed in an exasperated fashion and moved him away. Michael took the lackadaisical parenting a step further though when he just shrugged and said “huh, guess he’s crawling officially now. Man, is he going to get wet.”


Watched “Tangled” with the family after supper. Got all teary-eyed a whole bunch of times. During the beautiful lantern-release scene, I said “you boys are really going to have to bust hump if you’re going to have enough lanterns ready for my birthday next year”. Harry replied “can we maybe just do 35? One for every year old you’ll be?” and Ron added “Or we could get you lots of ice cream, and you could have it all for yourself!”


We went camping overnight for Harry’s birthday, at his request. And it POURED. Oh, how it rained. Short, heavy showers off and on all afternoon, and then by 9:30pm it was raining so hard that from inside the tent it sounded like someone was chucking buckets of water at it. But! It was a nice new tent which didn’t leak, not even a little bit; the baby didn’t do too badly, sleep-wise; and best of all, we were spared throwing a kid’s birthday party for another year. It was fun, water everywhere notwithstanding.


A bunch of books I had on hold at the library were ready today, including one I’ve been looking forward to for ages: Where’s My Cow, by Terry Pratchett. Ron has asked me to read it to him three times now, and he gets hysterical giggles every time. It’s certainly more for Discworld fans than the general public, but it is a riot either way, and the illustrations are in a very unique style even though Sam Vimes is shown as looking like Pete Postlethwaite, which is a little jarring.

I also have film versions of Going Postal and Hogfather, which is my very favourite of the Discworld novels, as well as a copy of Stephen King’s 1963, plus I have the time and the mental energy to consume them, which makes my nerdly soul extra-happy.



  1. I love the sky lanterns in Tangled! My husband just bought 2 and he’s waiting until the forest fire hazard dies down (translation: after the snow flies) before he sets them off. I think he’s more excited than the boys.

    Happy birthday, Harry!

  2. Where can you purchase these sky-lanterns? Because I would *LOVE* to have some.

  3. Benn and I picked “Where’s My Cow” when I was pregnant. We read it to Owl once and he loved it but he’s not allowed to touch it EVER.

  4. We’ve done Cincinnati fire kites and it’s fun and easy like lanterns…and since we’re surrounded by soy and potato plants, should be safe. :p Isn’t the mental space to read delightful? I keep sneaking it in like someone is going to slap me if they catch me. :p

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