Posted by: Hannah | 07/31/2012

vacation – day two

We spent the day out, pretending to be tourists in our own city.

We headed for the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site, a British fortification that looms large over the downtown core. It’s a favourite destination and we generally try to get there every year or two.

I didn’t get many pictures, because frankly it was just too much to juggle my camera, and extra flash for indoor shots, and the camera bag, and the backpack carrier for Baby G. And then I also had to keep reminding Harry not to climb on the guardrails, or the slopes up out of the Citadel itself, because on the inside those slopes are a couple of feet high but on the outside it’s 20 feet straight down into the ditch between the walls. Also I had to keep an eye on Ron, who loves to climb on cannons and pretend to shoot cannons and talk about cannons, but gets VERY VERY UPSET when a cannon is actually fired and goes boom.

But they enjoyed themselves, and went through the war museum part with great interest, although I will need to sit down with both of them some day soon to answer their questions.

Harry: Look at these guns! POW BANG ASSORTED OTHER GUN NOISES!!!

Michael: Guys, that’s pretty disrespectful. Video games and movies are one thing, but these displays are about history. Real people.

Me: Yes, real people who really fought in real wars. Sometimes they didn’t come back.

Harry: (chagrined) Because they died. I know. Sorry.

Ron: They DIED? 

Me: Yes honey, that’s what happens when people go to war.

Harry: Why do people have wars anyway?

Ron: That’s not a nice thing. People shouldn’t have wars and get shooted and dead.

Harry: NO THEY SHOULDN’T. Hey look! A machine pistol!!

So I think we got through, at least for a minute, and at their age that’s enough, I think.

By the time we finished with the Citadel, it was very hot and also past lunchtime. We went to Tony’s Donair, a Halifax institution and purveyor of deliciousness. The boys had pizza slices (basically amounts to 1/4 of a pizza per slice and Michael and I had donairs. While we sat in the van on a shady street with our Totally Not Nutritious Lunch Options, I told the kids about my first experience at Tony’s.

Me: When your dad was trying to impress me so I’d date him, he brought me to Tony’s for donair.

Harry: Did it work?

Me: I’m thinking yes, since I’m sitting here with him now and we have three kids.

Michael: *gives thumbs-up*

(Aside: I edited the story significantly, because the whole reason we went for donair was that I was stoned out of my gourd, and nothing in my vegetarian kitchen was filling my munchie-gap. That donair from Tony’s was the first meat I’d eaten in eight years. It tasted carnivorous and awesome. Also if Michael had made his big move that night who knows where we’d have ended up, because the combination of inhibition-lowering marijuana and the raw animal jolt I got from eating meat instead of salad could really have worked in his favour.)

Re-energized by greasy-meats, we headed to Sackville Landing on the waterfront. There is a kid’s play structure there plus a really neat piece of public art that everyone likes to climb on. We watched the kids play until they got good and sweaty… then we headed for home.

Tonight we might skip baseball – I know! – in favour of swimming at the lake. There’s no schedule, and I’m loving it.



  1. Best. date. story. ever!!! And I love how you edited it 😀
    Your vacation sounds heavenly!

  2. Ooo, I vote for swimming. It would be a great way to finish off a busy day.

    Also, I think that I’m the only person I know who doesn’t like donairs. Never did. Not even when I ate meat.

    Please don’t stop being my friend :/

  3. Tony’s Donair = delicious! 🙂 Michael’s on the ball, obviously.

    One day I really need to get around to seeing Citadel Hill properly. Louisbourg I’ve done dozens of times, Citadel not once.

  4. I’ve never been to the Citadel myself, actually. My parents never took me when we vacationed in Nova Scotia in the summers. They did take me to Buskerfest and Privateer’s Warf, as well as the Maritime Museum many times. I did Louisbourg once and loved it.

  5. Blogging award meme time! I’ve nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award because I love reading every post. Have a great long weekend Hannah 🙂

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