Posted by: Hannah | 08/06/2012

and the award goes to…

In the midst of vacation a very nice thing happened. Julie at “Daily Hodgepodge” decided to give me a Very Inspiring Blogger award. Me! I’m still tickled. I’m grinning right now as I type this. I’m tickled that I found Julie quite by accident a year ago via Twitter and given the fact that both of us have online personas named after one of my very favourite meals ever, I figured we should be friends.

I love her blog because she lives in the same neck of the woods where I grew up, and at least once a week she writes about something I remember from my sprog-years and it gives me a nice nostalgic feeling. Because, folks, I realize I’m only 100km away by car from where I was born, but in real terms the urban and rural areas of this province are very different. Very different. And while I think I might have a hard time fitting in if I ever moved back, I still feel that pull to the place where I grew up.

And as an aside, I think the waning popularity of peer-to-peer blog awards is a shame, I really do. We aren’t all going to win Bloggies, or Canadian Blog Awards, or BlogHer’s Voices of the Year. Most of us won’t even get nominated. But the little blog awards with the handy widget for our sidebar is a simple way that we can all encourage each other, so I say Bring Back the Blog Award!

The rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you, and link back to their blog:

Thank you, Julie! You can read Julie’s blog here. One of my favourite features of her site is the “South Shore dictionary”, an exhaustive compendium of local expressions and pronunciations from my old stomping grounds. Check it out.

2. List seven random things about yourself.

  • I love the same Wii games as my kids. I am aware that there are Wii games for adults. I do not care. I’m especially fond of the Lego series and other platform jumpers that have lists of items you can collect. I love collecting widgets. And when I say ‘love’ I mean ‘obsess about to an unhealthy degree’. In the first Lego Harry Potter game, I collected 199 of 200 gold bricks. I cannot find the last gold brick. ANYWHERE. It does not exist. Except that it does, and I know it’s in there somewhere, and if I have to play the whole goddamn game over again from start to finish I will find it.
  • I am currently without a cell phone. I have an ancient Samsung clamshell phone with a very limited usage plan anyway, because the cell service downstairs in my house is non-existent – people need to call me on a land line (or better yet, via Skype) to catch me when I’m working. I wanted one just for emergencies while driving, so I got in my time machine and traveled back to 1998 for my phone. But then about two weeks ago I stuck it in a bag I was carrying, and I can’t remember which bag. And the battery has since died so I can’t call it from the land line and listen for the ringing. My cell phone, it is gone. Possibly for good. Or at least until I bite the bullet and get a new phone, at which time I will come home from the mall and the Samsung will be sitting innocently on the dining room table like it had been there all along.
  • I have a cursed good memory for embarrassing things I’ve done. Like, I can remember everything that has ever happened to me in my life that has made me want to crawl into a hole and die, going back to my preschool daycare years. This is almost certainly at the heart of my social anxieties. If you have enough of an imagination to come up with every possible humiliating scenario that could arise in a social setting, and you know that if one of those things does happen you’ll remember it with high-definition clarity for the rest of your life, it tends to make you want to stay home on the couch with a cup of tea.
  • I’m not much of a chocoholic – salty snacks are more my thing – but give me a packet of Rolos and I will be reduced to a quivering jelly of caramel-cup need. Even better is ice cream with Rolos in it.
  • I enjoy watching movies aimed squarely at teenagers and/or stoners. Harold & Kumar = genius. Anything with Jay & Silent Bob. Road Trip. The first couple of American Pie movies. And anything with either dance-offs or cheerleading competitions.
  • Although my politics are left-wing and I’ve voted for the NDP more often than any other party by a two-to-one margin, huge established unions annoy me.
  • I had no end of trouble getting this list formatted, with bullets and a line break between each. I’m still not quite sure how I did it. There was a lot of hitting ‘enter’ and then ‘backspace’ and then cursing softly under my breath.

3. Nominate fifteen other blogs. 

Fifteen?!? Yikes. Julie said it best on this one: “I’m going to cheat and go with nominating 1 other blog because 15 seems a bit excessive and more like a chain letter than worthy recipients of an award. I mean, not EVERYONE is inspiring, yes/no?” Agree 100%, Julie. I’ll add that I don’t even read fifteen blogs anymore… not regularly, anyway.

So, I’ll go all crazy and nominate two:

Nicole, at “Girl in a Boyhouse”. Nicole and I have so many things in common that it’s actually getting a little weird how often we say “OMG ME TOO SOUL SISTER I PINK PUFFY HEART YOU”. Not the least of which is that we both live in houses full of boys. Her special writing talent is an ability to sneak something profound into a hilarious post – she’s made me check myself more than once, but her message is always neatly disguised in anecdotes so it goes down smooth.

Nan, at “Wrath of Mom”. Reading Nan sometimes is like listening to my own internal monologue, but she’s far, far braver than I am – she takes a stand frequently on all kinds of things, from big issues like the seal hunt and women’s rights to smaller things like reminding people not to give their children stupid-ass names. She doesn’t ever shy away from controversy and it is inspiring, dagnabit.

Here you go, ladies. A widget for you!



  1. Thanks for accepting and passing on the love! I can’t wait to check out the two blogs you nominated! 🙂

  2. Squeeeeeeeeeee! I pink puffy heart you so much! I’m going to do this as soon as I unpack, feed my children, check into institution from butterdishing…. Smoooooooch!

  3. The above comment was from ME, but it went to my non-existent wordpress blog. That\’s weird. Anyway, squeeee!

  4. Awww. Thanks, Hannah. You made me blush.

    Sorry to be late in replying, but I’ve been away visiting my butterdish. My butterdish lives in 1951 and hence does not have the interwebs.

    I will snag that widget post haste. As soon as I think of some bloggers to tag. ARGH! FIFTEEN!? I’m going to aim for one!

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