Posted by: Hannah | 08/22/2012

The Schedule

Summer’s almost over!

You can tell. It’s still very very hot during the day – sometimes stifling hot, and often very humid to boot, which is no fun at all. But! It cools off at night, and this morning my sockless feet are actually cold, praise be. In just a couple of months I’ll be wearing my sheep-wool slippers and muttering that my feet are never warm enough, but after the past eight weeks of wishing I could straight-up peel the skin right off my body cold feet are the best.

School starts on September 5th, and $100 worth of school supplies later (not counting shoes, clothes, or winter outerwear) Harry is almost ready for second grade. Ron is back for another year of twice-weekly preschool, and Arthur starts grade primary so he’ll be returning for before and after school.

It’s also sign-up time for extra-curricular activities again.

I never did those kinds of things as a kid; we had no money, no time, and only one car. We made our own fun, which was easy enough on a densely-wooded 18-acre property. On a 3/4 acre fenced lot near a busy road, there are fewer chances for self-directed mayhem.

So, activities.

This is our schedule, commencing in early October:

Monday – Harry soccer, 5:45 – 6:30
Tuesday – both boys, swimming lessons, 6:30 – 7
Wednesday – Ron soccer, 6 – 6:45
Thursday – Michael’s guys’ night out
Friday – Hannah goes crazy, 6:15 – 8


Monday is actually going to be the tricky one – I work until 5:30, so there is just no way to get dinner on the table and into hungry bellies before 5:45. We’ll need dinner late that night. And at first glance it looks like the schedule of those crazy families who over-commit to things and drive themselves nuts.

BUT! There is nothing scheduled on the weekends.
Now, we just have to hope that Harry can do soccer without bursting into angry, frustrated tears when his team loses, and that Ron can get in the pool instead of having a screaming meltdown in the locker room before every swimming lesson.


  1. Whew, that will be busy indeed. But having weekends free is a very good thing.

  2. Busy, busy!! My kids also go back on the 5th!

  3. I like that your crazy time starts at 6:15 sharp. CRAZY TIMES.

  4. The first half of this year our swimming lesson fell at dinner time, and I discovered the joy of having a very simple dinner pre-prepared that the kids could eat in the 15 minutes we drove there, with fruit on the way home. Normally I don’t advocate eating meals in cars, but I figure one night a week is fine, especially if it gave them the energy they needed to swim, and that we could stick to their normal bedtime. Usually Jag and I ate at home, and it meant we could have things that the kids regularly fail to appreciate (often meals I’d frozen previously so time wasn’t wasted cooking).

    Plus: yay for totally free weekends! 🙂

  5. […] Hannah over at Hodgepodge and Strawberries once pointed out, scheduled activities really eat into your time – organized sports and the like are a parental time-suck that hardly existed a few decades […]

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