Posted by: Hannah | 08/24/2012

more toddler logic

Harry and Ron are my parents’ house until tomorrow.

The way the Toddler Brigade is obsessing about it, you’d think they’d gone to a Bieber concert and gotten a performance by Wayne Newton instead.

This conversation has already been had at least a dozen times today, and it’s only 10:30AM:

Toddler: Where’s Harry?

Me: At his Nanny’s. Ron is there, too.

Toddler: At Nanny’s?

Me: Yes, at their Nanny’s.

Toddler: Harry and Ron at their Nanny’s?

Me: Yes.

Toddler: I go to MY Nanny’s!

Me: That’s nice.

[pause pause]

Toddler # 2: Where’s Harry?


It’s funny how as your own kids grow you forget things about their baby years and toddlerhood. Or, when you’re exposed to a bunch of toddlers, you start to realize that what you thought were precious snowflake / annoying quirks in your own kids are actually just another developmental phase, one sent to toughen you up and teach you patience before you have teenagers and they start borrowing the car.


Out for a walk even though it’s a squillion degrees. Quad stroller is practical but heavy. Toddlers within are also heavy. At a conservative estimate the stroller weighs probably 50lbs and then the toddlers are between 20 and 30lbs each, plus Baby G is 20lbs all by himself. I don’t go to the gym, I push 150lbs of stroller along a twisty, hilly rural road with no sidewalks. HULKSMASH.

Louis: Wha dat?

Me: A tree?

Louis: No, DAT!

Me: A flower?

Louis: NO HANNAH WHA DAT???!!??

Me: A house? A butterfly? A truck? A dog?



Pixie: I cuh-dah! (colour)

Me: You want to colour?

Pixie: I cuh-dah! Pixie cuh-dah! PIXIE CUH-DAH PEEENK!!

Me: Here’s a colouring book and a pink crayon.

Pixie: *peels the label off the crayon* *doesn’t colour a bloody thing* Peeenk! All done!


Luna: Apple! Apple nack peese! *climbs into chair*

Me: Sure, you can have an apple for your snack today. *fetches apple, peels it because I’ve learned my lesson on that score with Luna, cuts into thin slices*

Luna: *takes one bite, stashes it in her cheek for five minutes* Done! Done Hannah!




  1. Awwww. Toddlers are so funny. I love it! “It a caaaaaaar”

  2. I know exactly what you mean about the own toddler offspring being adorable but the other peoples’ toddlers being irritating. Especially the ones with runny noses. No, don’t wipe your nose on me. You’re not even my kid. Go’way.*
    *fully acknowledge that I am on fast track to curmudgeonly old woman land.

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