Posted by: Hannah | 09/11/2012

The Great Potty Adventure, Day 2

Some might ask why I keep blogging about potty training, when every parent hates it. Simple. It’s consuming my life and brain right now; it may help someone who googles “potty training”; and most importantly, misery loves company. YOU WILL ALL SUFFER WITH ME.

Last night I actually had a nightmare about potty training; to wit, I dreamed I was training 20 kids at once, and I couldn’t find the potty even though I knew there was one in the house somewhere. It was awful.

And right now, even though naptime started a half hour ago and Pixie is so tired that her eyes look like pissholes in the snow, I can still hear her in there, talking and calling and begging to get up. Um, no. And also hell no. And NO.

I always need down time during my day, but today especially it is critical. Keeping yourself in a state of cat-like readiness for hours on end is exhausting, mentally and physically. I may take up smoking again until this week is over.


Louis did pretty good after he left here yesterday – peed his pants at the dinner table, apparently, but told his mom right away and asked for clean clothes, so we’ll put that as a step forward.

He stayed dry here until just before nap, with several successful potty trips, all intentional. The interval visits are really not 100% necessary for him, already – it’s more to reinforce the surrounding behaviours like getting to the bathroom quickly and pulling down his own underpants than it is to prevent accidents.

He did have an accident right before naptime – and didn’t tell me about it, which is not so good – but otherwise he’s been demonstrating all the right things. He’s coming right along and I don’t mind saying I’m both stunned and super-impressed.

His parents tell me they threw a “cheer party” when he got home yesterday, getting his older siblings involved as well. I think that might be going a bit far, frankly – I’ve noticed that suddenly today he’s all “YOOK A-ME, HANNAH!!! YOOK! YOOK! YOOOOOKKK!” every chance he gets, no matter what he’s doing, so too much attention on his every sideways move might not be the best idea – but I’m glad that they’re on board with things and doing their bit to help.


Oh, Pixie. Pixie was a few minutes late today because she peed on her mom as they were heading out the door. And then right after her mom left here, the rest of the pee came out all over my kitchen floor. But from then until naptime, she stayed dry. We even went outside for a while and she asked to come in to use the potty, when she then did the two-Smarties-worthy poop. Yay, right?

Well, yes and no. I love that she’s staying dry. And seeing intentional potty use is great. But she cries every time she sits on the potty. Even when it’s her idea. And when she pooped, she sobbed hysterically for five minutes even as I was trying to tell her what a good job she was doing.


Luna’s parents told her last night that she couldn’t have Smarties any more for doing something that she a) taught herself and b) has been doing successfully for five months anyway.

Her constant need to run to the bathroom every ten minutes all morning long evaporated like the dew.

As Ned Flanders’ parents said “man, we’ve tried nuthin’ and we’re all out of ideas!”


Ron starts both preschool and soccer tomorrow. Praise be. The toddlers are boring him stupid and when he’s bored, he gets bossy and grouchy. I don’t blame him – I’m bored, bossy, and grouchy too right now – but I’m so glad for his sake that he’ll be getting back to his routine, too.

Tomorrow, we’ll stretch out the intervals even further and hopefully get some more time outside.




  1. NED FLANDERS! I love him. Poor Ned with his crazy hippie parents.

  2. Well, I certainly am glad you’re blogging it. I found you via MaryP and have enjoyed reading many of your recent posts, but these ones in particular. Your Great Potty Adventure has come at the same time that I’m training Son no. 2 (29 months) – today was Day 6. You are so right about it being mentally exhausting. And it consumes your thinking.
    I haven’t moved onto Smarties yet, I’ve been using a sticker chart so far – with the hope that stickers will provide enough incentive. So far, he’s great at holding it (can go a long time), and he’s great at producing it when I sit him on the potty. But when I try to move onto the next phase – the “you use the potty when you need to” or even “you tell me when you need to go”, then nothing but puddles. He hasn’t once gone of his own volition. Well, maybe just once.
    Early days yet, I guess. I remember that with Son no. 1 it seemed as if he’d got it all sorted by Day 5, and then things went rapidly downhill on Days 6, 7 and 8, plunging me into despair, before it all came right again.

    Anyway. I’m here, feeling your pain (even if I’m only doing 1 kid at a time).

    • I’m so glad it’s helpful to someone, and it’s nice to *meet* you, too!

  3. […] Louis failed to grasp either the importance or the fundamentals of toilet training last time around, I was in no hurry to attempt it with him […]

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