Posted by: Hannah | 09/17/2012

seven going on seventeen

I was going to write a post about Harry, and how since he turned seven it’s just been one bloody thing after another with him. How he’s moody, sensitive, flounces around in a snit, claims everyone hates him or that things are unfair or that we are mean or whatever.

It’s been a trying time.

Then I typed “seven year old boy is moody” into Google and lo! Results abounded!

(Actually I typed “seven year old boy is m” and Google filled in the “oody” all by itself. That tells you something right there.)

Check this out, oh mothers of seven year olds. In particular, we’ve been struggling with:

  • broods and sulks
  • is absent-minded
  • procrastinates
  • is easily distracted
  • is hard to satisfy
  • is easily disappointed
  • thinks others are mean, unfriendly, hateful
  • worries about everything, including school, money, war, natural disasters, fatal diseases
  • wants control & privacy, including his own room
  • a lot of self-criticism
  • tries to tell the truth but is quick with excuses
  • may collect things that don’t really belong to him

After I read all that, courtesy of, I thought “huh, a blog post about how my kid being an unlikeable morose jerk seems kind of unfair, given that he’s behaving in a developmentally-appropriate albeit assholish fashion”.


I do wonder though about how to deal with it. Like, the fears and worries and insecurities, I can be sympathetic and supportive, no problem. But the surliness, the complaining, the backtalk! How do I get through to him that those kinds of behaviours Will Not Fly, no sir, uh-uh?

Still working on that one, although I’ll take suggestions from those of you who’ve been through it.






  1. No suggestions, but when you figure it out, tell me!

  2. Well…since Jake just turned seven I don’t know. Wait! I have had a seven year old! I’m a seasoned mom! But, I don’t know. Mark was a pretty easy seven year old, I think. Or else I’m so brain-damaged I don’t remember. We HAVE had conversations re: “we don’t talk like that in this house” but I also have to remember to not talk like that to him…

    This is rambling and unhelpful. Bottom line: I don’t remember what Mark was like at age seven. Even though that was only one year ago.

  3. No help. At seven, my kids, including my son, were cheerful and sunny. At 9, Adam was argumentative, always had a (stupid) reason for whatever I was correcting him for, but apart from that he was easy to get along with.

    • Damn. Was really hoping you guys had some wisdom for me. Oddly enough, just reading the article helped defuse some of the tension and worry I was feeling, which made it easier to deal with it when the moodiness suddenly made another appearance. (It’s the randomness & suddenness of his sulky fits that’s the hardest to deal with – in between times he’s delightful.)

  4. […] after I wrote about Harry being a bit challenging  these days, the worst of the behaviours started to lessen. We’ve had a few good talks, he […]

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