Posted by: Hannah | 11/04/2012

may the force be with you

I’m pushing back against the tidal wave of all things Christmas – seriously people, give it a rest until after Remembrance Day, OK? – by writing a post about Hallowe’en. Because it was only five days ago and that’s how I roll.

Obi-Wan Kenobi. The candy bag is not canon. Fortunately he didn’t notice.

The Hallowe’en costume thing was a bit of a screw-around this year, as Harry couldn’t decide what he wanted to be, and kept waffling back and forth between Aragorn! Gimli! Obi-Wan! Something else entirely!! He finally settled on Obi-Wan because I, like an idiot, said “but you already have a lightsaber, and it will be easy to find Star Wars costumes!” I said this before I actually went looking for Star Wars costumes, so imagine my chagrin to find that the only things available in the stores were of ‘bad guys’ and clone troopers, not Jedi.


Luke Skywalker. His camera-face needs a little work.

Ron’s original request was to be Spiderman, which should have been easy, right? Wal-Mart did indeed have lots of Spiderman costumes, but they all came with full, head-covering hood/mask things. With mesh covering the eyeholes. And although the costumes were different sizes, the hoods were not. Cramming my boy’s giant melon-head into that tight, restrictive nylon hood that smelled of chemicals was just not on. So he decided Jedi knight would be great, too! Now I needed to find TWO Jedi costumes… in different sizes… in a year where apparently no one was dressing as a Jedi.

Enter Nicole, who recommended Wholesale Halloween Costumes as a fast, reasonably-priced online retailer with good selection. I see on their site that they have suffered storm damage from Sandy, and I hope they are able to get things sorted out, because they are a good company. (No, this is not sponsored content – I was legitimately super-impressed). The lovely costumes my two older boys are wearing came from them – with shipping they cost about the same as they would have from a local mega-store, but I could order exactly what I wanted in the correct sizes.

But still, it was more stress than I normally associate with Hallowe’en, and although I was never very good at making my own costumes I miss those days, when everyone would cobble something together from stuff they bought at the thrift store and no one had store-bought outfits.

Why did I agree to the themed costumes then, you ask? Well, I bought Baby G’s costume way back in August, when I came across it one day while shopping for something completely unrelated.

Give me your cheesies, you will.

RIGHT?? How could I say no?

I daresay next year we’ll do themed costumes again, because I’m ALL OVER THE CUTENESS now. With The Hobbit coming out in December, I’m willing to bet there will be lots of Middle-Earth stuff available, and picture that group as two dwarves and a hobbit, say. YOU WOULD GIVE THEM ALL THE CANDY.




  1. Love it!! We did themed costumes for the kids from the beginning and I plan to as long as they’ll let me. This year was sort of a bust (the youngest had croup). Last year they went as a tiger, monkey, and giraffe and I was the zoo keeper (only because I had a tan shirt AND a name tag that made it so:)

    • Aww, the zoo idea is adorable! Next year if I plan far enough ahead of time I think Michael and I will dress up, too. I haven’t worn a costume since I was pregnant with Ron and I kind of miss it.

  2. Wow, those are quite large bags for candy – did they fill them?! We were never allowed to trick or treat, I wasn’t too bothered by the sweets but I did feel I was missing out on the costumes. They’re adorable 🙂

    • They were half-full, but bear in mind those little bags of potato chips take up a lot of space. They will be eating Halloween candy for MONTHS.

  3. I think Baby G should wear that costume every single day. EVERY DAY. And you must post pictures of him too. SO CUTE. The boys look great in their costumes.

    • He’s wearing it today because my niece is a Halloween baby and her party is this afternoon – she has decreed it a costume party, and NO ONE argues with a three year old!

  4. All the boys are adorable, but that picture of Baby G. – I keep looking at it when things are crummy, and things have been VERY CRUMMY this week. We all went as Greek gods and goddesses last year – that was fun. I enjoy the cobbling-together too, even though I kind of suck at it. I’m not an exceptionally frugal person, but shelling out for costumes that only get worn once (well, two or three times if you count the school dance and our friends’ annual party) really chaps my butt.

  5. Baby Yoda adorable is.

  6. I should have lent you my Princess Leia cinnamon bun toque! You’d have fit right in!

  7. Super cute but I need to see a picture of you as princess leia.

    • This year I was dressed as a mom who made it out of the house. It was a raging success.

  8. Oh my goodness that’s a cute baby. The boys too.
    I have a tradition of buying my kids costumes as birthday presents (April and July) and then — so far– they are still in love with them at Halloween. I am lazy. Hoping it will keep working for me until they are too old to dress up or keen on making their own costumes.

    • Thanks! I don’t mind springing for costumes, because they play with them all year long. We have a tickle trunk and the pile of items is steadily growing.

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