Posted by: Hannah | 11/10/2012

have to post something

This is an utter cop-out of a post because today I was too busy running around enjoying my day off to sit in front of the laptop.

Baby G and I got a rare chance to be alone, just the two of us; Ron was at a birthday party and Harry was doing some tabletop war-gaming with Michael. Taking a ten-month-old shopping should be mandatory therapy for the blues; everything is Just! So! Wonderful! at that age. The produce section at the grocery store! The car cart with the tiny steering wheel that goes around and around!


He wanted to touch everything, see everything up close. It was just fun, showing him things.

In the afternoon Harry and I made lasagna; we played, tidied up a little, just Saturday stuff. I scrubbed down the garbage can with bleach and the Peculiar Smell I Was Smelling disappeared. It was all satisfying in a domestic sort of way.

After the little boys went to bed Harry begged me to show him my favourite video game, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I sat down to have a look and realized when I loaded up my save file that I haven’t touched it in a year. A YEAR. This is sad because I do enjoy video games, and this one was bought for me as a Christmas gift, and I never take the time to play it. Lame.

Anyway, I played for a while and he caught on to the game mechanics very quickly, and while we were chatting and working together to solve the dungeon I was stuck in, time passed and suddenly it was an hour past his bedtime.

The devious little twerp.

All in all, it was a day in which nothing particular happened.

A good day.



  1. That boy is smooooooooooooth.

  2. I haven’t played the Sims in nearly three years. Sad day.

  3. I love this day.

  4. I love that age, so cute. Everything is so much fun! and so exciting! Yay! There’s a car! And a bus! Wow! A guy is riding a bike! Wheee!

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