Posted by: Hannah | 11/12/2012

last-minute post

Two hours in the emergency department at the children’s hospital to find out that Ron doesn’t have an ear infection (yay!) but he does have very blocked eustachian tubes (boo!) which is causing his left eardrum to pull inward intermittently, causing the “airplane take-off / landing” feeling periodically throughout the long weekend.

Poor little man would go from playing and romping to clutching his ear and curling into a ball. And no doctors’ offices or walk-in clinics were open yesterday OR today.


The wait wasn’t too bad, and I didn’t complain or get squirrely because I hate being the person in emergency without presenting an actual emergency situation. It figures my tough little guy would get something that caused him obvious intense pain on a long weekend.

He’s sleeping soundly now, having had both Advil and Tylenol.

Hoping to return to normal tomorrow because HOLY SHIT, AM I TIRED OF ILLNESS.



  1. Whenever I take the kids to emergency I fear that they are starting a secret file on me as a possible Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy case. This is not the case. I’m just a mild hypochondriac. With paranoia issues.

  2. Oh. Wait. I just made that comment all about ME! How v. rude. I will now add:

    I’m glad Ron’s case was minor — medically speaking. It still sounds traumatic from a maternal point of view.

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