Posted by: Hannah | 11/13/2012

card exchange

A few weeks ago in an orgy of getting-prepared-and-organized I asked on Twitter if anyone would like to get a Christmas card from me and, in return, send one to me & my kids.

I love Christmas cards. Love sending them, love receiving them. I even do the cheesy letter every year. But it seems like in the age of social media I’m getting fewer and fewer cards (except promotional ones from car dealerships. I hate those.) And the kids love the excitement of opening cards and seeing how far they’ve traveled to bring greetings.

So I decided to just ask. Send me a card! Don’t use the fact that you know my name and full address to steal my identity! In return I will send you a lovely card featuring pictures of my adorable children!!

And then November happened, everyone in both my family and the dayhome got sick, and I promptly dropped the ball.

This is me, picking up the ball again.

If you would like to exchange a card with just my family, please send me an email at hrweagle AT yahoo DOT com – include your full name and mailing address, plus the names of anyone else you want mentioned in the card or – major excitement in my house – on the envelope, perhaps with “Mr” or “Miss” before the names of wee ones. I’ll reply with my own family’s details and won’t of course share your information with anyone else.

If you would like to exchange cards with all others who indicate a willingness to do the same, send me an email with all the same information but let me know that it can be shared. I’ll organize a group email and circulate the addresses.

Please send an email by November 20th. Some of you are a loooong way away and cards will need to go out soon!

(If you’ve already responded via Twitter, please send an email anyway. I’m not 100% confident in Tweetdeck’s ability to not lose things).

My kids thank you. I do too. For the whole month of December I’m like Charlie Brown on Valentine’s Day, checking the mailbox. DON’T MAKE ME BE SAD AND WONDER IF ANYONE LOVES ME.



  1. I’d better be on your list! Because you’re on mine. xoxo

  2. That last line makes me very happy. You’ll know why soon. 😀 😀 😀

  3. I’m sending you an email NOW. Cards — I love them.

  4. […] all my big talk about a Christmas card exchange, I got some emails and then did precisely nothing with them. Several people emailed but there was […]

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