Posted by: Hannah | 11/20/2012


I read a retweet in my Twitter feed yesterday from someone… don’t remember who… that said “it’s depressing what passes for a blog post these days”. No link, so it was apparently an expression of generalized ennui rather than a response to a specific post.

It took the starch right out of me. 

Everything I thought of as a post yesterday seemed trite, or silly, or inconsequential. Then I had to fold a mountain of laundry, and Ron was overtired and thus a pill, and Baby G weaned completely this week so I’m on a bit of an emotional roller coaster anyway…

… and the upshot is I posted nothing at all yesterday and may not post anything beyond this “oh my god I have nothing interesting to say” cop-out. We’ll see.



  1. It’s depressing what passes for a Tweet these days, too.

    Screw that Tweeter, and screw their judgement.

    If you want to post daily to your blog, every post isn’t going to be “We renovated the kitchen and went to Disneyland and got a puppy and a raise and Kid #1 was declared valedictorian!”…because for most people (all people?), daily life is not like that. Blog about your life, as it is.

    And yes, I’m probably (definitely?) taking this personally, because my blog was one day of “I got so much done!” followed by 5 days of “I did nothing today, why can I not get off the couch?”. By dismissing my posts as uninteresting or uninspiring or “phoned in” or whatever they meant, that Tweeter is dismissing my life as uninteresting, uninspiring and phoned in. Well, you know what? I bet if I followed THEIR life, the 3 days between EXCITING!!! posts are pretty damn boring, too. The difference is, I’ve decided to own up to the fact that my life isn’t always AWESOME!!! and FUN!!!, and write about everything, instead of putting forth some illusion of perfection. The blogs I love to read the most are the ones that write about the good and the bad, the successes and the failures- they are the most authentic, because they’re showing vulnerability. I don’t want to read ONLY about the awesome parts of someone’s life, because I know my life isn’t like that, and it makes me feel like a failure!

    So, write about what you want to write about. Backdate some posts to fill in the gaps, and keep going!

    • Thanks for this, because I honestly thought I was getting too annoyed over something that wasn’t even aimed at me… but the more I think about it, the more it makes me crazy. What a passive-aggressive stupid thing to say in a public forum where many of the readers could easily think it was aimed at them.

  2. Here’s the thing: it’s all in the eye of the beholder. What someone considers to be a waste of time and internet space will be of value to someone else. And, as I have discovered in my own blogging (where I have no idea if anyone ever actually reads most of my posts), sometimes the value is held by the writer alone – I find value in taking the time to blab on about something. If nothing else, it’s something for me to review to see what I was up to last year.

    Maybe there will be days when the only value of your NaBloPoMo posts will be that you have added one more day of completing a part of a challenge. Though, I doubt that’s the only value. Based on the feedback I see in comments to your posts, I believe that a number of people find value in even the most mundane posts (do you have any mundane posts?) because you are reaching out and connecting with them. Heck, I’m not a mum and I still find your posts interesting (I just rarely leave a comment because I have little to say in response).

    So, screw them. If you want to write something trite, go nuts. If all you have to offer is that you folded laundry (oh, the excitement!), that’s fine. On the other hand, if you feel like you’re done with NaBloPoMo, that’s cool too. It’s your blog, do what you want. If people doesn’t want to read it, then they can stop reading and find something else to do.

    Also, a tweet about the uselessness of some blog posts with no context is useless itself. They committed the very sin they were complaining about, but also sounded like a whinny baby at the same time.

  3. That whinger on twitter can go fuck themselves.

    If you don’t post every day then I can’t comment on your blog every day. You are messing with my commitment to show you my commitment to your commitment to blogging daily! Keep on blogging! Do you need us to suggest topics for posts? Direct memes your way? Post inspirational Colin Farrell photos?

    • I appreciate your commitment to help me with my commitment. Also, topic suggestions are always welcomed. There are only so many ways I can write about poo.

  4. “It’s depressing what passes for a Tweet these days,” That was absolutely my first thought too.

    I’ve been following your blog for a few weeks now (found it through MaryP). I’m a dreadful blog lurker and hardly ever comment of the blogs I follow, but I have been really enjoying your posts so I hope you are able to shake off the effects of that idiot tweet and find your blooging mojo again.

    If you were put off by this I bet lots of others were too. And why do I suspect this tweeter – if they blog at all – doesn’t exactly produce a pulitzer prize winning essay a day! Grrr – I think I may now be suffering from Twitter rage.

    • Hello and thank you for reading! “a Pulitzer-Prize winning essay every day” made me snicker.

  5. I’d ignore whoever tweeted that. NaBloPoMo isn’t necessarily about quality, it’s about challenging yourself to do something outside your comfort zone. How you complete NaBloPoMo is up to you– not some Judgey McJudgerton’s idea of what makes for a good and worthy blog post.

    • Yes. NaBloPoMo is for me a daily reminder to just keep writing. I’m not sure why I let that one random tweet bother me so much.

      • Oh I get it. Sometimes it’s the criticism out of nowhere that gets to me more than it should. Like a stranger somehow knows more about what makes me tick than I do.

        Great conversation on this post. Thanks.

  6. There are as many kinds of blogs as there are grains of sand on the beach and your blog is the best of its kind; yes, you write about everyday stuff, so no, it’s not literary crit or feminist manifestos or music reviews or political stuff, it’s all of the above as it pertains to your everyday life.

    I don’t really get how someone could tweet that, knowing his/her audience, and not feel like a douche afterward, so there’s that.

    I restarted my blog only to realize that I’m rusty at blogging and don’t have all that much to say actually and am I OK with that? I definitely don’t have enough for every day.

    At the end of the day? It’s your blog, your space, your corner of the Internet, and you can decorate it any way you want. I think it’s lovely.

    • Thank you. Really. These words made me smile.

  7. Fuck that. I’m with Kat. Personally, I dislike blogs that are all about sponsored posts but I don’t talk trash about them because someone’s reading them. Just not me, but who am I to say anything? The kind of blogs I like are the ones that are a slice of life. I like when people talk about what they did or what they’re doing or little things like that. It’s the little things that make a life. I can’t read too many DEEP THOUGHTS! or TRAVEL THE WORLD! or I JUST RENOVATED MY HOUSE TAKE A LOOK! blogs because they tire me out a bit. There’s nothing wrong with those, and I do read them in small doses. Anyway, what am I saying here? Just keep writing. xoxo

    • I agree about the sponsored posts, but I just don’t read ’em. And I can’t pretend that if anyone offered me something I wanted or could use in exchange for a post that I wouldn’t do it. And do you ever wonder about those people who seem to have something huge going on all the time? Doesn’t it seem exhausting?

  8. I am with Nicole. Plus, I totally admire your commitment to actually writing. I stopped blogging a year and a half ago and cannot get the oomp up to try again.
    You go Hannah!

    • Picking myself up and dusting myself off. Thank you.

  9. Ugh. If I’d seen that tweet I would have had the same reaction – I think I am as disenchanted with nablopomo (or maybe just myself) as I have ever been. Blogging is like having kids, or hiking the Bruce Trail – sometimes it’s flat-out awesome and sometimes it’s a huge pain in the ass but you just keep doing it because at the end you’ll…. have done it? Whatever. Stupid tweeter. Love you.

  10. Whoever wrote that clearly diesn’t understand about NaNoBloPoMo. I always enjoy your posts. Mine have been much less entertaining since all I have posted in days is a picture.

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