Posted by: Hannah | 11/24/2012

that explains a lot


Well, yesterday did indeed suck, although part of the suckage may have been because, to borrow a phrase from Nicole, I am now on my Ladies’ Holiday.


Not to belittle mental illness or anything but THIS, FOREVER.

Which is not surprising, I guess, considering Baby G weaned completely this past week, but seriously, WTF, uterus? Can you not give me just a couple of more weeks? THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN AGAIN OVER CHRISTMAS, ISN’T IT???

Last night and again this morning I worked with my dad at a trade show, and that was fun – I pulled my ‘business casual’ attire out of the back of the closet and pretty much did my old, pre-childcare job for a few hours. While I was gone, the children got fed, the dishes were washed, and everyone was in good spirits when I got home. A change is as good as a rest, I suppose.

Also, I did manage to get my outdoor decorations up, and they look nice both at night and in the daylight, which is always my goal.

And it was “BOGO Week” at our grocery store, which we LOVE, because we are giant dorks who derive huge pleasure & amusement out of stocking up on sale items so we can have smaller grocery bills some weeks. I should have realized Aunt Flo was about to visit because I bought EIGHT BRICKS OF CREAM CHEESE, while yelling “it’s buy one get one! I have Christmas baking to do!!”

Which I do, but I’m not sure where eight bricks of cream cheese and three pounds of butter are going to end up, exactly. You know, other than on my ass.

However, things are better. Tomorrow is our cooking day and that’s actually fun. Plus it’s supposed to rain all day & I quite like rainy days as long as I’m not working.

I shall drink hot chocolate and bake. There are worse ways to spend Sunday. 



  1. Yes, that does explain things. And how were you to know it was your Ladies’ Holiday? You probably haven’t had one in some time.

    Heh. Eight bricks of cream cheese. The other day I was in Planet Organic where they have all kinds of non-dairy chocolate, and I had like six bars. The lady was like “stocking stuffers?” and I kind of gave her the shifty eyes. Um, yeah. Stocking stuffers. Not for me. No.

    • I have had exactly one since April 2011, so I was not expecting it, nor was it even on my radar. Like, duh. But yes, eight bricks of cream cheese AND a cheese ball. Nom.

  2. I’m SO glad you said that, because I’m currently experiencing my first ladies’ holiday since stopping the birth control pill (apparently women who blog together as well as live together have cycles that sync?…) and I’ve been trying not to overshare with everyone in my life but HOLY FUCK it’s PERIODMAGEDDON. I feel absolutely wretched. And my husband’s just left for France. Hold me.

    • Isn’t it horrible? Today at least I didn’t want to murder anyone, but I had cramps like I used to get in junior high and it was AWFUL. YUCK.

  3. Sadly I would know exactly what to do with 8 bars of cream cheese because I own a all-cream cheese cook book and use far too much of it. In soups! Stews! Casseroles! Brownies! In Kraft Dinner, even! Oh. The creamy goodness calls to me.

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