Posted by: Hannah | 11/27/2012

ten things

I missed yesterday, if anyone is keeping track. I intended to post before bed but I got caught up in an actual good smutty vampire novel (I know, right? They exist. Dark Lover by J.R. Ward. The same friend who loaned me the dreadful 50 Shades trilogy loaned me this one in response to me saying “vampires shouldn’t sparkle! They should be fanged and dangerous!”)

Anyway, I fell asleep on the couch with the book in my hands and only woke up, groggy and disoriented, when Michael started talking to his computer during an online gaming session and it talked back. (Turns out he joined a group and they were chatting live. Scared the bejesus out of me when I was half-asleep, though.)

So, in no particular order, some random things:

  1. I ordered some Christmas gifts from ThinkGeek this year, for the first time. They arrived this morning – well, most of them – needing an additional $21.22 in duty. In cash. Which I happened to have, but I often do not, and WHY could DHL not have called… or emailed… to give me a heads-up on that one? I was even tracking the shipment online and it didn’t say anything about duty owing. Really, in the 21st century when communication is instantaneous, there is no excuse. Especially for a courier company that already tracks everything electronically.
  2. After all my big talk about a Christmas card exchange, I got some emails and then did precisely nothing with them. Several people emailed but there was crucial information missing – like the address, or whether or not they wanted to be included in the larger exchange or just swap cards with me. “But that’s easy!” you say. “Just email them back!” Yup. Turns out I’m introverted in emails, too. Anyway, I spent some time this morning getting organized and those of you who wanted to share your information will be getting a message later today.
  3. Daisy has started walking – when no one is looking directly at her. I see her lurching at me out of the corner of my eye, staggering around like a drunken Ewok (my sister came up with that one and now I can’t unsee it). As soon as you look at her though, she stops and sits down. She also won’t walk when it would be most helpful to me. I know she will soon enough, but for now, it’s just funny.
  4. I actually just started to type out point number one again because I forgot I had done it the first time.
  5. Baby G has been sick pretty well continuously since Daisy started coming here, because she is constantly streaming goo out of every orifice in her head and then throwing herself at him face-first. This morning I was lamenting on Twitter how sad it is that on days when he just wants to be cuddled in a quiet room I am unable to do so because of all the extra kids, and one of my Twitter friends is mailing me her old Ergo so I can carry him comfortably on my back while I’m working. She doesn’t want to accept any money, either. To which I say, anyone who thinks online friendships aren’t every bit as deep & meaningful as ‘real life’ ones is just not visiting the right parts of the internet.
  6. Reading The Introvert Advantage has made me see just why Louis is my most exhausting extra child, despite being the oldest. He is an extreme extrovert. He narrates his own life. He constantly has to know what everyone else is doing. He is never satisfied with having a question answered once… or twice… or even three times. If someone – anyone at all, but especially me – doesn’t acknowledge his presence every fifteen seconds or so, I swear to god he has an existential crisis and starts to fall apart at the seams. You can imagine how well this meshes with Ron and I.
  7. I’m starting to worry about Pixie’s speech. It hasn’t improved in months and indeed seems to have regressed quite a bit since September. She’s got lots of vocabulary, and likes to try and talk, but she doesn’t enunciate much at all – it’s almost lazy. If I stop her and ask her to repeat things back slowly and clearly, while over-exaggerating each syllable, she can say most things more clearly, but it’s a painstaking process. For example, “Can I have some water, please, Hannah?” comes out sounding more like “Ki suh baddah peesanna?” or “Can I have something else, please?” becomes “Ki summin ess peesanna?” She’s 30 months old. Her parents often can’t understand her, where I usually can thanks to immersion in her own particular language patterns, but it’s tough.
  8. Both babies had very long naps this morning. Which is great, except that likely means they won’t nap this afternoon. Bye-bye downtime, which is too bad, really. I was going to mix up some cookie dough with Ron. Babies! They are a thorn in my side.
  9. Since I gave Luna notice she has only had one tantrum. There is a Murphy and his Law is real.
  10. Every Christmas I get a Lego set for me. They have a “Holiday Village” series and every year they add a new building, plus a bunch of minifigs and accessories. Every year I build my little toy shop, or bakery, or post office, and I set up all my little wee Lego people and they have The Most Perfect Christmas, Ever. This year the entry is a cottage, and it arrived yesterday, all 1490 pieces of it. It’s calling out to me, right now. Everything about assembling Lego kits pushes a happy-button for me… it’s a solitary activity, it’s quiet, there is a right way and a wrong way, and you have to do it perfectly because if you fuck up step 9 then step 46 will prove impossible. What’s not to love? Plus then it’s an interesting and whimsical decor item that everyone loves.

That last one probably tells you more about me than anything else I’ve ever posted, come to think of it.




  1. For Christmas I always get a new ornament for our tree, and it has to be something that kind of says something about our life for the past year. I bought a Lego stormtrooper. In years past we have had tractors, superheroes, and – when the boys were babies – things with little snowmen and the words “joy” on them.

    Jake has lazy speech patterns. When he is excited he speaks very quickly and sometimes is difficult to understand. I have to get him to SLOW DOWN and then he’s fine, but it can be very worrisome.

    • Has Jake always been like that? Did you ever ask a pediatrician about it? I hesitate to compare children one to the other but both Luna and Louis are much, much easier to understand.

      Lego Stormtrooper = WIN.

      • He had speech therapy in kindergarten, and the general consensus was that he needs to slow down and enunciate. He has gotten better as he has gotten older, but on occasion he will get super excited, speak fast, and slur all his words together. You might need to remind Pixie that you cannot understand her, and to slow down. That’s what works for Jake, anyway.

        • OK, thank you. Sounds like what I’m doing is good then (and not likely to damage her forever or something, that’s always my worry.)

  2. I need to read that book. I can see myself is almost every reference you’ve made to it so far.
    Also, I’m not even a Lego lover but I had no idea there were Christmas village sets. They are awesome.

    • You can only get the sets online. I only know about them because we order enough Lego that we get the “Holiday Gift-Giving Catalogue” and they are always featured. It’s my guilty vice. 🙂

      My mom loaned me the book. I think she’ll be treating my dad – an extreme introvert – with a lot more care from now on.

  3. Do you keep your Xmas sets with your holiday decorations? Do you let the boys play with them?

    Because I live in a very rural area, when stuff is shipped via DHL it goes only to Vancouver with DHL. There it is subcontracted to another company. They take it to the large city south of us, who sub-sub contracts it to another company (a dude in panel van) that doesn’t do door-to-door delivery. Instead I have to go pick it up at the bakery. Or the hair salon. Or the locksmith. Or where ever he’s left it this time around.

    My kids are mumblers and slurrers. They can say -th, but both prefer making it an -f sound because it “feels nicer” to them. WHY?! THEY ARE 8 AND 10 — MAKE THEM STOP, SOMEBODY!

    • I keep the Xmas sets assembled and packed away in a box the rest of the year. And I do NOT let the boys play with them, because I am a big fat jerk. They move the minifigs around and mess up my scenes. HULKSMASH. They understand it’s my thing and that the village is for looking, not for touching. Because Mommy’s crazy. 🙂

      Perhaps, for DHL items, your area should have a hollowed-out tree that he leaves packages in?

      Mumblers kill me dead.

      • As a Newfoundlander, I’m not exactly Queen of Correct Pronunciations so I try to temper my annoyance with the mumbling. I try. I usually fail.

        Hulksmash — HAHAHA. I would do the same.

        • Newfoundland men mumble ALL THE TIME. Whereas any woman I met when I was in Newfoundland spoke very clearly, if thickly accented. I never knew what the men were trying to say to me. Never. I did a lot of nodding both times I visited the island.

  4. What’s not to love about it? Um, that you have to do it exactly right because if you fuck up step 9 then step 436 is buggered? AND THEN YOU’LL FEEL LIKE A PATHETIC FAILURE AT EVERYTHING FOREVER????

    I got a DHL package with duty owing the other day too. It pisses me off hugely.

    I agree. Online friends are real. People who say they aren’t are dumbhead losers.

    • Oh, but if you fuck up a step and then you have to fix it, the satisfaction you feel when you figure out where you went wrong is akin to the feeling of successfully parallel parking. There is a wrong thing and you can make it right. (Or, conversely, you can get your husband with his 34+ years of Lego-kit-assembly experience to glance quickly at the house and just fix it for you while you drink a glass of Bailey’s and grumble about how dark grey bricks & black bricks look the same in the instruction manual.)

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