Posted by: Hannah | 11/30/2012


No school today, so my parents are taking the two older boys for the weekend. Mom just left with Harry & Ron – practically vibrating with excitement – and the noise level decreased by a factor of ten. I love my kids but DAMN, they do not have indoor voices when they are wound up.

The mix today is a little weird because of the no school. Louis, Pixie, Arthur, Daisy, and Baby G. So far, so good. When naptime happens I’ll take Arthur upstairs and make some muffins or something, maybe play a little Wii. I’m hoping we can get through the day without Arthur getting too bored. My own kids at five were pretty self-sufficient, but he is not, and I’m hopeless at the games he likes (baby jaguar, baby puppy, baby baby). However, I think we can figure it out.

And then! Then at 5:30, when the last client goes home… I WILL HAVE ONE KID.

(WordPress is being a dick again and still won’t let me post links. Just Google ‘happy dance gifs’ and watch the one that best conveys to you a feeling of complete and utter balls-out joy).

We’re thinking of going out for dinner because one kid? Easy. We can totally manage one kid in a restaurant. We’re also going to the chocolate shop and tomorrow I want to get stocking stuffers and maybe watch some inappropriate movies during the day and have wine with dinner and not have to stop at one glass because I’m modeling Drinking Responsibly, and then I want to make cookie dough without having children demanding that they be allowed to crack the eggs.

One kid? I laugh now when I see two parents wrangling one child in a stroller the size of a Winnebago with a diaper bag big enough to smuggle monkeys back from South America. (I was like that, too. I don’t judge. But I do laugh, because it is hilarious.)

And yes, I am going to make sure that I don’t over-stimulate myself and end up a shivering ball of misery by Sunday night. But, with all this freedom, it is very hard not to DO ALL THE THINGS.



  1. Congratulations on both of today’s big successes– finishing NaBloPoMo & dining with only one child tonight! I’m sure that your not-just-one glass of wine will taste so good. Enjoy!

    • Thank you! And I *am* having a lovely break from my high-energy boys.

  2. So nice to have a lighter load! I used to love when my MIL would pick up my two even though I still had dc kids. Our kids need a break from dc too 🙂 And you are nice provider – When I have school agers they have to lay down on mats with books/quiet toys for a bit because otherwise they get too loud, whiney or bored and wake everyone else up…the rule is if they are actually quiet and rest(ie: don’t even talk), they get a video or computer time for the rest of nap. I had to do this because after a few weeks last summer of “when are the kids going to get up? when are the kids going to get up? when are the kids going to get up?” (and this despite me pulling out tons of “older kid” things for them to do) I was about to lose my mind…
    Enjoy the weekend!

    • So far, he’s colouring quietly. So he likely WILL get rewarded with some video game time once the babies are also napping.

  3. Something to add to your to-do list: not blogging.

    Well done on your 30 day challenge!

    • I’ll miss the daily blogging, I think, for a while, anyway. And thank you for your comments and feedback!

  4. Oh yes, one kid is astonishingly easy after you’ve wrangled more (especially you, with your dayhome kids–btw, I like the term “dayhome” better than “home daycare” which we say here. It just sounds more nurturing somehow. 🙂 )

    Enjoy your (relative but still very tangible) freedom!

    • ‘Dayhome’ is just what it sounds like – a place in my home, with my own children, where I’ll pretty much add your kid to my brood. ‘Daycare’ usually implies licensing, certified staff, and a more structured program. I like ‘dayhome’ better, too. Cozier.

  5. I remember after I had Jake, I wondered what the hell my problem was, because one kid was SO EASY. But then, you get used to it, right? One kid is hard when you only have one kid because you’re trying to figure it out. Also, having two of such similar ages and who get along well, I say that I think having two kids is easier than one, because they play together.

    Three kids, now – that is a whole different ballgame! Or so I would think, I don’t know this for a fact but it seems really, really hard. I only have two hands!

    • Going from one to two was MUCH easier than going from two to three – and we waited on the third until the first two were basically self-sustaining for periods of time. When you have three, you can’t run a man-to-man defense anymore.

  6. Enjoy your dinner, the chocolate, the *ahem* movie choices tomorrow and of course the wine! Isn’t it funny how easy one child is compared to multiple and there was a time when one was overwhelming? Odd too how we rejoice at having the freedom and then by the time the others come back we’re kind of glad they’re home 🙂 But until then I’ll picture you doing this: []

    • That is EXACTLY the gif I was trying to load. 😀

  7. So happy for you Hannah – no one deserves it more. I’m going to go write my post so I can say we did it! and happy dance together. Also, my husband gets home tonight after a week in France, yippee!

    • All the high fives, my friend.

  8. I was and still am baffled by the Winnebago stroller moms. I always just shoved Owl in a carrier and went. Didn’t even bother with a diaper bag if it was going to be a short trip. Enjoy your weekend of 66% fewer children!

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