Posted by: Hannah | 12/18/2012


Sung to the tune of Jingle Bells:

Four more days, four more days, there are four more days…

Then I’m on vacation and the kids will go away, hey!  

I’m kidding. Mostly. The dynamics have shifted with the departure of Luna, for sure. I expected to be answering the “where’s LUNA?” question a million times a day, but it hasn’t come up once. Louis and Pixie are playing together more intentionally, creating fairly complex games, and I notice that Louis is asking me fewer extroverted look-at-me questions.

I have no idea why taking Luna out of the equation has made such a difference – she didn’t play with them much, anyway. But there it is.


We went shopping for our Christmas jammies last night. Boy, there was not much left. Note to self: next year, buy Christmas jammies in October. In the end the kids got fuzzy red jammie-pants & regular shirts in slightly bigger sizes, but why can you not buy festive pajamas for kids the week before Christmas? The women’s section had racks and racks of the things. Annoying.


I made my annual this-is-the-only-batch-you’re-getting Best Christmas Sugar Cookies, Ever on Sunday night. They are disappearing at a gratifying but alarming rate. I think I’ll have to make another batch this weekend. I was planning on them for dessert with Christmas dinner – combined with homemade eggnog, which I’m going to try for the first time. At this rate, I won’t have any left. Last night after dinner we all had tea (chai for the kids), sitting around our dining room with cookies. The kids fastidiously dipped their cookies in their tea before each bite. It was wretchedly adorable. So adorable that I will make another batch of the cookies, even though I have to do it after everyone is in bed because the key ingredient in the sticky finicky things is swearwords.


One weird thing about the Internet is how certain random shit will enter the zeitgeist, consume everyone’s attention for a while, and then disappear without leaving a trace. Last December, everyone was talking about brining turkeys and whether or not “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” is date-rapey.

For the record, I will not be trucking to Home Depot to buy a bucket large enough to soak a 16lb turkey in, and I find Baby, It’s Cold Outside to be a delightfully cheeky song that gets stuck in my head for days. (Oh, except for the version recorded by a local musician and his daughter, which is frankly just weird & kind of squicky, but gets lots of airplay this time of year on Halifax commercial radio.)

This year, I’ve heard not a squeak about either thing. Probably because everyone is all pissed off about Instagram. I’m just laughing, because I only upgraded to FlickrPro about three months ago, and now those hipsters who were all “But why don’t you have a smartphone? INSTAGRAM!!” are panicking and deleting their accounts. Heh.


It’s very windy and damp outside today, which is too bad, because these wired pre-Christmas children are systematically destroying my house. Time to make them clean up and then perhaps we’ll do some colouring. I just don’t have it in me to do anything more elaborate.




  1. I like Baby, Its Cold Outside also AND it also gets stuck in my head (and my 3-year-old’s apparently:) I was also counting down the days until Christmas break and then woke up to 2 of 3 with the yucks. NOW I’m wishing we had a couple more days so this stinkin’ bug could run its course! Sick on Christmas is starting to be a yearly tradition for my kiddos:(

    Interesting how the dynamic changes in daycare depending on the kiddos even when they don’t interact much. I’ve noticed that as well on days 2 part-time kiddos aren’t here.

    Just a few more days!

    • Oh, I hate it when there is sickness in the house over Christmas. Hope that your littles have a speedy return to health.

  2. My husband brines the turkey most years. Everything tastes better with the addition of star anise, is his guiding philosophy. Know those big Ziploc bags for storing bedding? Those work best.

    I like Baby, It’s Cold Outside. But as a a father-daughter duet? NO FUCKING WAY. The Anne Murray and Michael Buble version is my favourite.

    I have a hard time finding boys pajamas in size 10 and 12 any time of the year. What exactly do tween-age boys wear to bed?! Maybe I don’t want to know.

    I’m also laughing at the Instagram fiasco. HAHAHA. Now I feel better about being too cheap to get a smartphone.

    • I realize this is anti-foodie but star anise ewwwww licorice flavouring ewwww. Although the notion of the Ziploc bag is clever (and no unwieldy bucket to wash!)

      I’m confused about the pajama thing, too. What are they wearing to bed? Shorts? Underpants? Nothing at all?

      Instagram, ha. Although it IS kind of staggering, the cheek of it, really.

      • We use a lot of star anise (I even order it online from a speciality spice store) in stir fries. Our turkey will have an exotic, Asian-infusion bent to it, then Mr Wrath will use it to make broths and the soups are fantastic.

    • I have this same problem. Evidently 10 YO boys are supposed to wear fleece or flannel pants to bed and . . . no top? Some random T-shirt? A button down? I couldn’t find an actual pair of warm PJs for my son for love or money this year. WTH?

      • YES, exactly! Fleece pants and then no shirt, I guess. I’m glad it wasn’t just me. I was beating myself up a bit for leaving it ’til the last minute.

  3. It might be date-rapey but I don’t care. I love that song with all my heart. Do you remember how last Christmas (I gave you my heart) I actually inadvertently sang a duet with an elderly gentleman in the liquor store? At ten in the morning? Baby, it’s cold outside? That’s just how I roll, I guess. Anyone anywhere sings “I really can’t stay” and I am chiming in.

    • Not only do I remember that, every time I’m in a liquor store during December I think of it, and then I catch myself singing it. It’s completely unconscious but I live in hope that some day, a dapper gentleman will chime in.

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