Posted by: Hannah | 12/20/2012


Last night it finally snowed – maybe 3 inches or so, but this morning it is still there and nothing says “Christmas” like evergreen trees frosted with white.

Harry and Ron built their first unassisted snowman. The bottom ball is huge (and kind of brownish, because three inches is not a lot of snow and there is still mud underneath the mat of dead grass). The middle ball is maybe one-third the size. The head is tiny because the snow was quite heavy and they needed to make it small so they could lift it. The carrot nose is probably eight inches long. Altogether, the effect is very snowy-anteater. I love it.

I remembered to give Christmas cards to Harry’s school bus drivers! I even took the time to write little personal notes in them. I have never remembered to do this before. (The other two kids at our bus stop gave them homemade cookies but BABY STEPS, PEOPLE.)

I bundled everyone up this morning for the trip to the bus stop, and since they were already in snowsuits we stayed outside to play. Watching little kids in the snow is always so hilarious – they always act in really peculiar ways.

Pixie: Tried unsuccessfully to make snowballs, because that’s what the big boys were doing. Eventually resorted to standing in front of anyone who was holding a snowball, batting her eyelashes, and saying in her most charming voice “can I hoed it, peese?”

Louis: Stood in one spot. Glared at everyone. Muttered about his mittens being wet. (At drop-off his dad said “he’s being uncooperative this morning. Every time I needed him to do something, he screamed “NO!” and kicked me as hard as he could. And then laughed about it.”) I’ll be curious to see how Louis does in snow when he’s not pissed at the universe for existing.

Baby G: Freaked the fuck out – remember, this is his first snowstorm because he was a newborn last winter. Crawled and scrabbled and poked and manhandled for a good twenty minutes, then suddenly realized snow is cold and demanded to go inside.

Daisy: This is also Daisy’s first snowstorm. Her usual state of being when we’re outside is sitting in one spot, staring around in open-mouthed terror/wonder, and flat-out refusing to move – despite being an always-on-the-go hurricane when she’s indoors. Today, she did try to crawl – eventually – but her down-filled one-piece snowsuit effectively had her pinned, and so mostly she managed to fall over on her face, where she then lay very still, whimpering quietly, until I picked her back up.

Ron: Oh, the difference when one is almost five! He dresses himself in appropriate clothing. He merrily plays and if a mitten falls off he just puts it back on, because NBD. When he’s cold and wet he comes in, strips everything off, and hangs it neatly by the heater so it will dry. You people who get all gooey over babies are CRAZY. Older kids for the win!


As I’m composing this blog post, Ron has been teaching Louis and Pixie “Santa Claus is Coming to Town“. He’s also explaining very carefully that the lyrics mean Santa won’t come if you’re not good.  I should probably say something about how Santa is the spirit of love & acceptance and blah-blah-blah, but mostly I’m just saying nothing because if a little healthy fear keeps Louis from kicking his father in the nadgers tonight during the bedtime routine, then maybe that’s an acceptable situation.



  1. So jealous as we still do not have snow. Sleety crappy mix expected tonight – yay! And I am so with you about older children. So much easier to get in and out when you have children who can put on shoes, coats, hats, etc.


  3. Speaking as the mom who had a sick kid at home for the last two days and for the first time didn’t have to stay home because of it, hell yeah, older kids FTW. Also, WAH, my baby doesn’t need me any more.

    We’re supposed to have an epic snowstorm tonight. Yay?

  4. Wtf with the mother who doesn’t let her kids in the yard. She must be like the people I meet who never walk their Yorkers but just let them go on pee pads all the time.

    • I know, right? SO WEIRD. The only outdoor activity she does with them is going for walks, and if they are going more than a quarter-mile she puts them BOTH
      (yes, school-aged Arthur, too) in a double stroller. Mind you… Daisy is a container baby. Her head is actually misshapen because she spent most of her first six months alternating between a car seat, a bouncy chair, and a swing. This mama loves her kids, but she loves them better when they are contained. Free-range kids freak her out.

      (Also, pee pads? EWWWWW.)

    • OH GOD. PEE PADS!!! We have neighbours with a 120 lb dog who is pee pad trained for long car rides. ARGH!!!!!

      I’m also a big fan of the Older Kid stage. My goal for next year is the boys doing their own laundry. WHEEEEEE!

  5. Huh. I left a better comment than “Elf on the Shelf” and…that’s weird. Anyhoo. Container kids. Hmmm.

    • Freaking Elf on the Shelf, it’s EVERYWHERE. Even overwriting blog comments…

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