Posted by: Hannah | 01/07/2013

training Louis

Here we are again.

After Louis failed to grasp either the importance or the fundamentals of toilet training last time around, I was in no hurry to attempt it with him again – even though changing his frequent dirty diapers is possibly one of the grossest things I’ve ever had to do.

His parents kept dropping hints, but I wasn’t biting. I figured with me closing from December 22nd – January 2nd that they had a good long stretch there where they could tackle it, if they wanted to.

My contract does say that I will help with toilet learning. Nowhere does it say that I will keep beating my skull against a wall to take on the full responsibility.

However, I know that they have set his third birthday as their hoped-for date for when they want him out of diapers, and that’s coming up in March. I figured my days of lighting scented candles at diaper time and blissfully not worrying about how on earth to potty train someone who grudgingly squeezes out up to six (!!) foul-smelling micropoops in an eight-hour period were numbered.

And so here we are, day one, of the second week-long attempt to convince Louis that the bathroom is not a scary place to be avoided at all costs.

It’s one hour until pickup time and I am provisionally encouraged.

His attitude toward the proceedings is much better this time around. I’ve only faced token resistance a few times to scheduled potty breaks, and once he is on the potty he is peeing within a minute or two.

He also woke up from his nap with a dry PullUp, although I’m not reading too much into that. His mother is. She hopes they’ll never have to buy PullUps again! And it is possible – my own two older kids both announced calmly within days of making the switch to underwear that they were not sleeping in diapers, and rarely had nighttime mishaps after that. But I thought last time that they were putting too much pressure on him to succeed – even if only in their own heads – and I’m worried that they are doing the same this time around. None of my business, you could say, except that I fully intend to have him in PullUps for naps for a good while yet. Hell, Pixie trained successfully in September but I still make her wear PUs to sleep. (She’s had a few ‘accidents’ of the horrible variety while she’s half-awake and it’s just easier – and more sanitary, frankly – to do it this way for a while longer.)

And while I was writing this, he actually told me he needed to pee… went and did so… and came out properly dressed to tell me he was finished. This is more than he ever managed last time. Fingers crossed…



  1. I’m crossing my fingers for you this time. SIX poops a day? WTF, is the child a hamster or something? I didn’t realize that humans could do that outside of having the runs!

    • A HAMSTER!! That almost made me choke on a mouthful of birthday cake. YES. The child is clearly some sort of rodent. 😀 (It’s true, six poops. Sometimes before LUNCH. It’s unbelievable.)

  2. Well, a few months can make a difference. Maybe it will work! I’m just hoping you don’t have to clean poop out of underwear because that is the worst, and it sounds like his poop would be the worst of the worst.

    • Yeah, it’s the poops I’m worried about. I’m hoping he saves all those for his parents when he’s home in the evenings. He did today! Maybe I will get lucky!

  3. I LOATHE potty training. I cannot imagine doing it with someone else’s kid and i CERTAINLY would never have expected a care provider to do most of the work! Maddening!

    • I think his mom is well aware of the work involved, and she’s doing quite a bit. His dad is totally clueless. TOTALLY. She actually apologized for him at pickup time today. 😀

  4. My youngest boy’s record was 8 times in a single day. They were — I’m saddened and shocked to admit — NOT rodent sized. He was 90% intestine. No really. He was. Okay. That’s a lie. But still: he was an oddly prodigious pooper.

    Good luck with Louis.

  5. So glad there is some progress!

  6. Even though Owl has been potty trained for a couple of months now, I still put him in diapers for naps and overnight, because I figure that what he does while sleeping is not his fault.

    • Absolutely. Bladder control while sleeping can take years – why force the issue?

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