Posted by: Hannah | 01/08/2013

training Louis, day 2…

… Or, perhaps he can just wear fashionable PullUps until he is 21.

Apparently when Louis got home last night he suddenly became very much against the potty in all its forms. He whined, he fussed, he didn’t want to go to the potty or even entertain the notion. He stayed dry until bedtime, although he was dressed for bed kind of early so really, we’re talking ninety minutes, max.

Then this morning they tried him on the potty three times & nothing.

I have decided, with the help of yesterday’s comment from TorontoNanny, that Louis is a some sort of hippogriff-style beast when it comes to potty training. He poops like a hamster, has the bladder of a camel, and is stubborn as a mule.

When he arrived here he peed on the potty for me after some token resistance (whining “noooooooo!”, which was met cheerfully with a “how about yes!” and then a guided death march jaunty stroll to the potty.) He peed again about an hour later.

But then…

The fug. My miserable head cold is finally clearing, so at least I could identify it when it was happening, but Louis has developed the habit of having his Little Moments while kneeling upright. There is no way that you can kneel upright on a potty. NO WAY. Now, another kid in my care actually sits on the toilet with his feet planted on the seat – yes, really – and while it looks as awkward as hell it works well for him… but kneeling? There just isn’t a scenario where I can make that work for him. So this is going to take a  lot longer than a week, because his body honestly doesn’t have the first clue how to let go in a sitting position.

Which is hard, because he had two poop accidents today, and both occurred when I stepped out of the room for a minute. It’s hard not to think that is deliberate, especially since he’s already proven he can hold it for days (before this morning, his last poop was on Saturday. SATURDAY. Kid is a machine.)

All I can do is try to catch the moment when it happens, clean up when I miss it, and hope we can at least keep the pee going where it needs to (no wet accidents today, so that’s good, anyway).

But in all honesty, if by Friday the little geezer just notices that he has soiled himself and then asks for help, we will be streets ahead of where we are right now.

I picked a fuck of a week to give up junk food while I’m working, I know that.




  1. Ai ai ai. That sucks. Both of my kids “withheld” at first on the poop front when we were potty training. It got so that Mark wouldn’t poop – because how does one make a child poop? – and then he would go to bed in a pull-up and guess what! He would poop then. Then, after that gross phase, bizarrely, for months he would go into his room, get a pull-up, go into the bathroom, take off his pants and underwear, put ON THE PULLUP and poop. In a standing position. So it also took a long time for him to figure how to do it while seated. In fact I cannot remember what we did. Oh wait. Footstool, big toilet, with potty seat. He wasn’t exactly standing but he could press his feet into the ground. Which I realize is no help at all because Louis is kneeling. It’s just…I understand.

    • No, it’s actually very helpful, because it’s letting me know that there may not be a bloody thing I can do about the poop. I’d happily give him a PullUp if he’d at least poop when indicated, or if he only pooped once a day, but since he poops all day long that’s not really going to work.

      What I really want to do, frankly, is tell his mother to keep him in PullUps until I go on two weeks’ vacation in August, and train him herself. But that’s probably not very fair. :p

  2. Oh, it’s FAIR. It probably just won’t happen. My friend’s son did that exact thing Nicole’s son did with the pullup. And considering I’ve given up junk food this week and find myself able to do little else but sit around not eating junk food – my hat’s off to you once again.

    • I talked to Louis’ mom about the whole thing at great length this afternoon, and for this week anyway I’m revising my goals with Louis – I want him peeing in the potty regularly, and only pooping in PullUps. We’ll still do regular sitting times just in case, but until he learns how to poop sitting down (and just how in the hell does one teach that, as Nicole pointed out) it’s too much pressure on him, I think. Poor little man, he wants to be a big boy wearing big boy underwear, but the pooping thing is just beyond him as of yet.

  3. I presume kids poo standing / kneeling because they learn that it’s easier than having their bottom pressed firmly against a floor preventing the poo coming out. So, it’s more that he needs to grasp that the poo can come out when he’s sitting down precisely because there’s not going to be anything blocking it when he’s on the toilet.

    So, maybe some practical demonstrations with a play doh toy that also “poos”? That it’s hard for the “poo” to come out when pressing flat on a surface, but comes out fine in the potty? Also, since pressure on his knees will be part of the sensory experience of pooing, maybe pushing on his knees for a while each time he goes to the potty for wees and reminding him about the play doh poo? Just ideas. I’ve never encountered this myself, so I’m guessing.

    Also: giving up junk food? Wow. Impressed!

    • First off, not giving up junk food altogether – just not snacking on anything bad during my work hours. I got into the very bad habit of having a “little pick me up” mid-afternoon – cookies with my tea, chocolate with my coffee, or really going for broke and having chips & a diet pop. Not good. I’m not swearing off the bad stuff altogether but I’m noticing that if I don’t start with the garbage all day, by evening I think “well, shit, I’ve been doing so good all day, why screw it up now?” It’s something, anyway.

      I love your ideas about encouraging Louis to learn the mechanics of the whole thing. Perhaps tomorrow we’ll make play-doh!

  4. Haha I’m glad my description was of service for determining what kind of strange animal Louis must be. Man, the standing/kneeling poops . . . I had a kid who would literally freeze like a statue when pooping and rock back and forth on the balls of his feet while dropping a load in his diaper. Teaching him to sit on the potty to poop was insane . . . He just couldn’t do it. He would scream that it “hurt” and that “it wouldn’t come out”. Ugh, ugh. I have no idea what happened because I left that job for another one before he was trained. This kid was also regularly peeing through underwear and pants whenever he felt the need to go, so I don’t think he was ready physically to potty train . . . he had the interest, but he never quite got the concept.

  5. I had a standing pooper. The first step for us was to say that he could poop in his diaper but he had to do it in the bathroom. Then one day I had him go pantsless and right when he started to poop I picked him up and sat him on the potty. And then I hit the jackpot because instead of being appalled by the indignity he was fascinated by the poop plopping into the potty. I had to sit him a few more times but then he realized he didn’t need to be standing on tiptoe to go. Good luck!

    • Ah, good idea! That sounds like a plan to me. Plus then the horrible smell is contained to a room with an exhaust fan. 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion!

  6. 🙂

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