Posted by: Hannah | 02/21/2013

odds & ends

A bunch of little things today. I promise, none of them are about poop.


We found out last night that Harry needs glasses. He’s slightly nearsighted; just enough that he has to squint – apparently – to read the white board in class. This was news to me; he’s never mentioned it. It does explain his bad habit of sitting too close to the TV, though.

He’s delighted, because glasses are not the immediate death sentence to cool that they were back when kids’ glasses looked like this:


The scary thing is that this picture is dated 2011.     WHY WOULD WE REVISIT THIS?


No, in Harry’s world, needing glasses is just one more inevitable step on the road to actually becoming Harry Potter. Plus, the optometrist (knowing her business well, I’ll admit) told him that with glasses he will likely see the baseball better, and thus be a better hitter this summer.

Ron, on the other hand, is very slightly farsighted but still falls within the parameters of 20/20 vision. So naturally he spent twenty minutes sobbing because he wants glasses, too. (I’m going to let him choose the most over-the-top pair of sunglasses he wants).


I spent yesterday in the clutches of a horrible migraine. I was nauseated, I couldn’t form words correctly, if I spoke above a quiet almost-whisper my head throbbed… when I was on hormonal birth control I still got migraines but they weren’t as intense. Now that I’ve just got a standard IUD, I find that my migraines (the ones due to PMS, anyway) are much, much worse.

Naturally yesterday Louis was a screaming, whining, defiant, tantruming mess. Eventually it dawned on me that his mom was out of town and so his routine was turned on its head… but that still meant lots of time-outs and one memorable occasion where he kicked me in the knee as he was being carried to the time-out chair. Not good.


Very Quiet Boy and his baby sister Eyelash (so named inside my head because Pixie mispronounces her name in a most adorable fashion) were here on Tuesday. Yesterday they finally had their first day at their new sitter’s house. (I’m deliberately choosing the word ‘sitter’ rather than ‘daycare provider’ here.) It was an unmitigated disaster. Eyelash cried the entire day, Very Quiet Boy wasn’t in much better shape, and the sitter cancelled for today as VQB’s mom was leaving.

VQB’s mom is in a difficult position, because she’s a substitute teacher. She can’t afford to pay for two full-time spots, because some weeks she may not get any work at all. She can’t turn down offers because term teaching positions are very hard to come by, and when she gets a day – especially at a ‘new’ school – she has to make the best possible impression because every time she works for new administrators it’s like having a day-long job interview.

I’d love to help her out, but on-call with early drop-off just doesn’t work for me, plus it puts me over capacity once school lets out. I’ve done it, and her kids are really no trouble, but it’s not an ideal set-up.

I put the word out and may have found her someone, but I wish I could take them on. Maybe in the fall when VQB and Ron are both in school all day.


Just this week George has started saying “buh-buh” & waving when Michael goes to work. And last night, I said “OK George, time for bed!” and he walked around the living room giving hugs to everyone, before leading me down the hall to his room. I had no idea kids in real life could actually go to bed without fussing or complaining. It amazes me every time even though he’s been doing it for months.


We bought tickets to a Blue Jays game for this summer when we go on vacation. Harry in particular is super-excited because after the game, kids get to run the bases. The real bases, on the actual field. This has blown his mind. It is pretty neat. We as grown-ups get to go on the field, but we don’t get to run. Kids have all the fun.


I’m ten episodes in to season 2 of The Walking Dead, and while I’d like very much to read the graphic novels I’m getting a bit annoyed with the show. I’ve decided that all of our protagonists are too stupid to actually survive a zombie apocalypse. The female characters spend all their time doing laundry and acting alternately bitchy & helpless. The male characters are either batshit crazy (Shane, Daryl), handsome but excessively noble to the point of parody (Rick, Glenn), or bug-eyed weirdos with a Woody Allen vibe (Dale). Oh, or they’re the token black character who disappears for episodes at a time (T-Dog).

They all act so thoughtlessly! Constantly wandering off alone to think about their feeeeeeeellllinnngss. Making several trips into the nearest populated area for supplies instead of going en masse & well-armed, to conduct one massive raid & thus cut down on risk. Eating all the fresh vegetables they can find as crudités instead of teaching themselves, oh, I don’t know, canning so they can survive the winter. At least dig a damn root cellar! It seems like ya’ll have a lot of spare freakin’ time on your hands.

And I realize hot water would be at a premium in a post-energy world, but when we were little kids and had no running water, we used to take shampoo to the lake once a week and wash our hair that way. You get remarkably clean. WHY ARE THEY ALL SO DIRTY AND GROSS?? (Side note: Especially as at least three couples have had sexytimes so far, but no hint of a post-booty bath and that’s just nasty, ya’ll.)


Prince Harry – you know, the fun one – is apparently officially dating model Cressida Bonas. My brain insists on reading her last name as “Bones” and I have no idea how to pronounce “Cressida”… but doesn’t she sound like a character in a Tim Burton cartoon?


How’s your week been so far? Any weird random things you’d like to share? And does anyone know how to pronounce “Cressida Bonas”?



  1. I think it’s Cres-see-da. As for her last name … I wonder how many times people have teased her by calling her Miss Boners?!

    Oh, I’m so juvenile.

    By the way, I’m imaging Ron in either uber cool aviation style sunglasses or over the top Elton John style sunglasses. Both fill me with mirth and glee.

    • See?? You’re doing it too! In my head it keeps reading as “Cres-see-da Bones”, and unless I’m looking at a picture I imagine her as a sort of Coraline-type figure in claymation.

  2. No idea how to pronounce her name (in my head I’m saying Cress-ih-duh). You’re right, it sounds very Burton.

    Very cool about running the bases! My son was invited to a birthday party in which the boys got to go on the Cowboys football field and run around. The mom took a picture of them all lying down in the end zone. So cute.

    • See, that stuff is just neat. When I was a kid, I couldn’t even imagine such a scenario. I love being able to provide those kinds of experiences for my guys.

  3. Well you made it 8 more episodes of TWD than I did. Generally I thoroughly enjoy zombie and post-apocalyptic things, but they finally just wore me out with boredom and stupidity. Have been tempted to check it out again as Season 3 is supposed to be better, but can’t really make myself. Have other, better things to do, like sleep.

    Not sure how the name is pronounced but I find it odd that her parents gave her the same name as a character in one of Shakespeare’s more depressing tragedies. I would avoid her on principle. Who wants to be tangentially tragic?

    • “Tangentially Tragic” is going to be the name of my all-girl punk band.

      I’m mostly pushing through season 2 right now just so I can get to season 3, which everyone keeps telling me is the payoff for slogging through season 2. But yeah, it’s tough when you’re ready for sleep by 9PM.

  4. I’d say Cress-ee-da as well. I haven’t heard anything about her though, clearly it’s not big news in the UK.

    Also, whoa there, back up, hang on, how is George old enough to be walking and talking? Wasn’t it thirty seconds ago that you were pregnant with him? I feel so old.

    • I know, right? I was looking at his newborn pictures yesterday and just being stunned that it only takes a year to go from formless little wrinkle-pudding to tiny human doing human stuff.

  5. Oh also, since I’m clearly in a nostalgic mood, I was just thinking about your old blog header photo. Do you have a recipe for it? Every time I saw it I felt hungry.

    • Hodge podge! I do have a recipe:

      ~ about 1.5 lbs of new potatoes, unpeeled, cut in halves or quarters depending on size)
      ~ 2 cups of fresh summer peas
      ~ 2 good-sized handfuls of yellow string beans (break them in half)
      ~ 2 cups of new baby carrots (well-scrubbed, but not peeled)
      ~ between 1/4 and 1/2 cup butter – NOT margarine
      ~ blend cream (half-and-half or 10% cream)

      Put potatoes and carrots in a pot with just enough water to cover. Bring to a boil, cook for 10 – 15 minutes or until just tender. Keep testing them throughout the cooking process because you don’t want them to be overcooked.

      Add the peas and beans. Mix through and cook for another five minutes.

      Drain off the water. Add butter and mix through until vegetables are glossy but not soaked in it. Add cream; how much is completely up to you. Then salt and fresh ground black pepper to taste.

      • Nom nom nom, thank you!

  6. My Shakespeare prof always pronounced it CRESS-id-duh (sort of like Merida in Brave).

    • Brave! A movie I still need to see…

  7. I went to school with a Cressida. We said it like Allison suggested. Cress-ih-duh. I also played soccer with a Madonna. That’s not relevant to the point of this post, but I often think about poor, poor non-famous Madonna. I’d assume Bonas is said “BOW-nass.”

    “but no hint of a post-booty bath and that’s just nasty” — HAHAHA

  8. I’m sorry, but thinking about G walking around saying buh-buh is killing me with cuteness!!!

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