Posted by: Hannah | 03/04/2013

next week

Yes, I’m blogging about next week this week. I’m doing that because I’m going to spend this week preparing myself and the dayhome for next week, because…


Even when I was a kid, I hated March Break. It felt like everyone else was going ‘away’ (DisneyWorld was a popular option.) There was almost never enough snow to have fun in, but the mud was too cold and the sky was too grey for any springtime activities, either. My parents invariably spent it frustrated and annoyed because of all the kids underfoot.

By Thursday we were all sprawled in front of the TV, just waiting for it to be over.

As a parent, I don’t like it much better. Now I get to hear from Harry that ‘everyone else is going away’. And the snow has mostly melted so outdoors is a slushy, muddy, churned-up mess. I will be completely full next week, all day every day, and I’m already feeling the desire to just curl up in a ball and wait for it to be over.

This is neither practical nor productive.

After consulting with Harry and Ron, we’ve decided to have a theme week, and the theme we’ve picked is rainbows. Rainbows, because we are all so sick of grey & brown that we’ve agreed to try and bring a little colour into our lives. Every day, we’ll do a different rainbow-themed activity. Here are some:

  • making coloured ice cubes and using them outdoors as building blocks (on the deck if the ground is too gross)
  • baking layered rainbow cupcakes
  • giving everyone rainbow manicures (my brother works for the cosmetics department at a national drug store chain, and he got me a whole bunch of cheap nail polish in vivid colours for this project)
  • making rainbow mobiles
  • making a “foods rainbow” – cutting things out of flyers in particular rainbow colours to make a mural

If anyone has other suggestions, lay them on me, because I am notoriously not good at coming up with these kinds of things.

I also just realized this morning that the time change happens this weekend. The BAD time change. The “oh my fucking god George’s habitual 5:15AM wakeup is actually happening at 4:15AM” time change. The one where all the kids are cranky, out-of-their-routines messes for a good solid week.

I think my rainbow project may be purchasing liqueurs in all the colours of the rainbow. I daresay I’m going to need a little extra help to get through it all with my sanity intact.




  1. Those all sound like pretty awesome ideas. A few other possibilities include having one colour per day and either do a project with that colour (find/name/draw as many blue things as you can think of) or wear one item in that colour (though, that’s harder to manage and not everyone has lots of colours in their waredrobe, so maybe not).

    Rainbow colouring pages (google suggests this: . “Sand” art with coloured rice (like this:

    That’s all I got right now.

    • I love the page with the rice art! That looks like fun, and inexpensive. I certainly have food colouring and jars, and plain white rice costs half-nothing at Bulk Barn. Brilliant, thanks!

  2. Guess what?! Spring break here is 2 weeks long! TWO WEEKS! Yeesh. I don’t even tell my kids it’s spring break and we just carry on with homeschooling.

    But yes — spring break for Canadians is just pointless and painful.

    • We had a two-week break in February the first year Harry was in school. Halifax hosted the Canada Winter Games and so the school board decided to close all schools for the duration “to allow families to participate”. Then you couldn’t buy single-event tickets but instead needed to buy a $300 PER PERSON ticket package to see anything.

      Can you tell I’m still mad?

      • Lurker alert – sorry!
        But try here: for craft ideas etc. Just put ‘rainbow’ in the search box and it brings up pages of stuff!

        • Hello! Always nice to meet a lurker. 🙂 Thank you for the link!

    • Unless you can afford to go someplace hot and beach-y. Sigh. As you said, pointless and painful…

  3. I have the food dye you’ll need to make those cupcakes, if you’d like to borrow it instead of buying your own. (Leftover from Claire’s rainbow party.)
    Sounds like a fun week.

    • Oh, that’s very kind of you, but I made Ron a rainbow birthday cake last year so I still have lots of food dye (and nothing really to use it on, we don’t do much with food colouring except for birthdays!)

  4. Time change sucks ass. Especially in the spring. “Oh, it’s so nice to have it light in the evening.” Fuck you. It is not. In summer it will be light until 10:00 fuck off time change. Just pick a time and stick to it.

    Rainbow week sounds like fun though! Do you have old milk cartons? You can use them to make giant coloured ice cubes if it’s cold enough outside. Jake did that one year in pre-k, but it was during January so easy to freeze. Unless you have a chest freezer, then that would work as well.

    • Oh, I wish we bought milk in cartons, that’s a GENIUS idea! But we buy ours in bags so that’s a no-go. For this year, anyway. I can plan ahead a bit for next year & get the parents to bring some.

      And yes, the time change is AWFUL. Just sucks. Thank you so much, teachers, for arranging to have it over March Break so that I get to deal with the damn kids instead of you. >:

  5. Have you seen the thing where you put water and food colouring in balloons and leave them outside (if it’s cold enough) and then you cut away the balloon and have giant coloured marbles? I meant to do that this winter – hey, it’s winter, why haven’t I done that?

    I’m sorry, Hannah – I totally blanked on how much this week would suck for you. We don’t go away or anything, but it’s a pretty relaxed week. But fuck the fucking time change. As if i’m not already weepy and wonky enough.

    • I love the water balloon idea. It’s definitely not cold enough here right now but I have lots of freezer space…

      Yeah, next week is just going to honk. Hopefully my planning will help, at least a bit.

      • I did that at a friend’s once (long, long ago). We added glitter and things to the balloons, but then her yard was full of glitter for ages because we left them to melt on the lawn instead of in a garbage can. :p

  6. Depending on the kids’ age, pompoms are popular around here. My toddler likes to use tongs to move them from one container to another, or slide them down tubes, or use them to play pretend. And I saw on pinterest an activity where you print out a page with a rainbow and the kids match the pompoms to the rainbow.

    If you have markers and coffee filters, you can do a little science: cut the coffee filters into wide strips. Put a dot about 6 cm from one end, in the middle. Add dots next to it in different colours. Then pour water into a cup and dip the dotted end into the water, not allowing the dots to touch the water. The water will creep up the coffee filter, causing the marker to spread. In some types of marker, the colour will separate into its component colours. After, lay them out to dry – rainbow bookmarks!

    If you let the kids paint, painting a rainbow by making dots with q-tips is fun.

    If you have lots of old crayons, breaking them up into little pieces and then melting them into new crayons is fun (using minimuffin trays or silicone ice cube trays)

    • These are WONDERFUL ideas, thank you! I love the coffee filter one for my older kids. They get a tremendous kick out of “science experiments” so that will be right up their alley. And Q-tip painting will save me money, because I need new paintbrushes… OR I can just use Q-tips. Thank you so much!

  7. UGGGGHHH the time change. Sweet cracker sandwich how I hate it. Kids are out of sorts and crabby for a solid week, appear to adjust, and then randomly about 3 weeks later are all screwed up again. Every. Damned. Time. Am dreading it. Have already decided that if son has another 8:00 am soccer game on Sunday, we are skipping it. I do not care. I will not willingly get up at 6:00 on a Sunday for a sports event. Hell no.

    I have no craft ideas and therefore am of no assistance, but simply cannot resist the opportunity to complain about the time change. BAH!!

    • I’m so glad it’s not just me who loathes, dreads, and abominates the time change. Also, 8AM soccer games? On Sundays?? What special brand of hell is that?

  8. We had a Rainbow MONTH in November, for exactly those reasons. Has anyone suggested the Froot Loop craft? Make rainbows on paper, then the kids match Froot Loops to the colours, and glue them down. I didn’t care if some got eaten, but warning: Froot Loops smell VILE. (Why they wanted to eat anything that smelled like that, I’ll never know.) Ugh.

    I’m sure I have more craft ideas, if you’re stuck, but it looks like you have TONS. Have fun!!

  9. I’ve been meaning to post my method for making rainbow cupcakes for a while now, and you have inspired me to get my act together:

    They use colored sugar rather than colored frosting or cake batter, and I think they’d be potentially fun to do with kids.

    Another rainbow project I think would be fun and easy would to make paper clouds with rainbows of ribbons dripping down.

    • Those cupcakes are really neat, and that method would involve the kids more than the layered batter method I was planning to do. OR I could really push the boat and combine the methods into one artificial colour bonanza… on Friday afternoon, so I can send them all home before the DTs hit. *maniacal laugh*

  10. I love rainbows. What a great idea for a dismal week.

    Our school district is trying to decide whether or not to go from one to two weeks of spring break. Sadly I don’t get a vote, and probably we will go to two because all the other districts nearby have two but honestly why would you want TWO WEEKS of shitty March break. Give me another week in September, for god’s sake, when the weather is awesome and warm and no one is actually learning anything in school.

    Maybe you could tie in some gay pride and have a Village People dance party! My kids heard YMCA the other week and fell in love. Spelling! Group dancing! Rainbows! (tangentally)

    • YMCA!! Oh my god, they would LOVE that. Songs with a dance all built in! I can’t believe I never thought of that. I’ve already taught them the Gangnam Style horsie-dance but YMCA!!! *adds to playlist*

      Two weeks. TWO WEEKS??? What is this madness? What is the reasoning behind a two-week break in March? How will that work for people who need to find childcare? Does that mean fewer days off the rest of the year? I would be stabby.

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