Posted by: Hannah | 03/14/2013

in olden times

The scene: driving to my parents’ house, about an hour away. Older boys taking advantage of “mom’s not working or doing chores” to pick my brain on everything they’ve been thinking about lately, including but not limited to multiplication, Clone Wars, if The Hobbit is out on DVD yet and whether or not Peter Jackson was crazy to stretch it to three movies (Harry says yes), if we’ll stay in hotels on our vacation and if those hotels will have pools…

…everything, in short.

Harry: Mom, are you going to have any more babies?

Me: *barflaughing* No, buddy, I’m all done. I like my three boys.

Harry: That’s good.

Me: I’m comfortable with it.

Harry: After all, who would have more than three babies?

Me: *snickering* I’m the oldest of four, remember, hon?

Harry: Well, of course you are. Back in olden times, like when you were born, people had bigger families because there weren’t good medicines and hospitals, and lots of babies died.

Me: Dude, I’m THIRTY-FIVE, not Laura Ingalls Wilder.



  1. Hahah! Back in olden times. I told my kids about no email or cell phones when I was a kid and they died of the shock.

    • The new receptionist at Michael’s office is 23. TWENTY-THREE. Michael said something about ‘back in the 80s’ the other day and she said “oh, I wasn’t born in the 80s.”

      And then he died of sheer old age.

      • Mwah-ha. My husband went back to university after years in a dead-end first career. During one of his first lectures he was having a nice chat with the woman next to him, and suddenly had that “sheer old age” moment when they discovered that the year he started university the first time was the year she started … grade school. Kids. They’ll do that to ya.

        • Yeah, I’ve occasionally toyed with the idea of auditing some classes at Dal when I hit 65 (because it’s free then!)… but then I think “holy shit I’ll be FORTY YEARS OLDER than my classmates” and I just feel tired. 😀

  2. HA! I totally blew oldest’s mind when I told him that when I was kid we didn’t have computers, the internet, or even the ability to record shows and watch them again and again. He couldn’t fathom it. Kept asking questions like “so you had to watch a TV show when it was on?” and “You could only see movies in the theater?” He now believes the 1970s = the Dark Ages.

    • I had explained to the boys once that our only TV was a 13″ black and white – we didn’t get a colour TV until I was ten, I think. This then translated into their minds that THE WHOLE WORLD was black and white until the late 80s, when suddenly colour was invented.

  3. Ha! L asked me the other day if we had running water when I was a kid.

    • We actually didn’t, not until I was eight. (Poor hippies, you know.) I think that’s where the confusion is coming from, at least partly.

  4. Ahahahaha! We`s OLD

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