Posted by: Hannah | 03/19/2013

George unchained (for now)

George on the 2-3-4 nap schedule.

In our house it’s more like 3-3-4 (or, some mornings, 3.5-3-4 if he got up really early) but it seems to be working. Yesterday he slept until 6AM! Today we were back to 5:30AM but he wasn’t super-cranky and fussy – he just wanted to be up.

He certainly doesn’t fight the naps anymore. And the afternoon naps are getting longer; a good solid ninety minutes seems to be where he’s comfortable, so added to the 45 minutes to an hour he’s getting in the morning and he’s approaching ‘normal’ sleep levels for a kid his age.

The screaming is tapering off. We’re really working on words now, because he has a default sound – “eh eh eh eh eh EH EH EH EH EH!!!!!” whenever he wants anything, and it’s like playing Twenty Questions in hell. Do you want a drink? Milk? Water? A snack? A toy? Warm socks? To take off your sweater? For me to compose a haiku about your pain? Please learn the words!

We’re trying to teach “all done”, “up”, and “drink”. I’ve heard “done” several times and “all done” once. “Up” is coming verrrry slowly. “Drink” isn’t happening at all – he’d rather just cling to my leg whenever I have a cup of anything and scream. Oh, and it may or may not be a coincidence that he points at my coffee cup and says “cuh”. I don’t know if that means “cup” or “coffee”.

I am also contemplating something I never thought I would do, which is buying one of these:



I always swore that parents who needed to rely on these just weren’t trying hard enough. You hold their hand. You make them hold your hand. You don’t let the kid win. They will never learn sense if they are on a leash. Etc. Etc.

Then we took George to the toy store on Saturday. Two parents. Only one not-quite-15-month-old kid. And it was CHAOS. We couldn’t keep him contained. He wanted to be down! And running! And pulling things off shelves! And we are planning a trip to Ontario this summer including a Blue Jays game and Canada’s Wonderland! And he hates strollers!

I’ve learned many things as a parent, and one of them is that “never” is a damn long time.



  1. I REALLY wanted one of those for my second. Hubs refused. I am still a bit bitter. It would have given him freedom to walk and explore but I would have been able to keep him safe. Win win all around. Instead one time at the zoo while he was trying to climb out of his stroller and I was dealing with that his brother got bit in the face by a Cananda goose. Get the cute backpack. Feel no guilt.

    • BIT BY A GOOSE??? Ye gods. Scary. 😦

      When we just had Harry, we were younger. And we could choose more toddler-friendly outings because it was just him. When we added Ron, he always was (and still is) more innately cautious than his older brother, so getting him to hold a hand wasn’t hard. Plus he’s a plodder, so worrying about him running away just never came up.

      George is a runner, and he’s very curious about everything. Plus we tend to be in more dangerous places in order to make sure that his brothers are having fun. I think the leash will be better for us all.

  2. I hated the leash too, but when we were taking Claire to the waterfront to see the tall ships we decided to buy one. She hated being in the stroller. We didn’t use it very much, but it was nice when we were out in super busy spots.

    I’m getting ready to post mine on kijiji, along with a million other lots of baby clothes. Let me know if you’re interested in buying mine. It’s a horse!

    • It was Tall Ships I was thinking of when I first started entertaining the notion. Because water. *shudder*

  3. I got one that attached to my wrist and Mark’s wrist, when he was 16 months and I was 9 months pregnant. I couldn’t haul the stroller out of the car anymore, and I was too pregnant to chase. An old lady said to me, as we were walking down the mall, well, I don’t remember what she said. I was 9 months pregnant! But it was something disparaging about leashing my baby.

    I didn’t use it for long, because when Jake came along it was double stroller time, and also Mark figured out how happy I was if he walked and helped me push the stroller. But that little ploy doesn’t work if he’s the youngest and there is no baby to push in the stroller.

    • Take comfort in knowing that the old lady in question is probably dead by now. No one should ever rag on a 9 months pregnant woman wrangling other children. Ever. For anything. That should be a LAW.

  4. Man parenting karma is the gift that keeps on giving. Oldest was always physically cautious. He never ran away from me in stores or the parking lot. I, of course, assumed it was because I was parenting well. ha HAHAHAHA. God what an arrogant idiot I was. Along came youngest and she was a runner from the day she could manage it. She attempted to run away from me in stores, in the parking lot, anywhere and everywhere. She was unstoppable. The only reason I didn’t get a leash was because I only had one small child to deal with and I stopped taking her anywhere I couldn’t buckle her in before doing anything else or to places where didn’t matter if she ran (like the park). If oldest had still been a toddler or a different kind of kid, I’d have leashed youngest in a heartbeat.

    • YES. I just assumed our kids didn’t run because we were that good at parenting. You’ll be pleased to know I *am* buying Lila’s horsey leash. RUN NOW, GEORGE. RUN NOW.

  5. If I have kids, I am leashing them the SECOND they can walk. I have seen too many panicked parents, frantically searching for a toddler in the mall/Old Navy/Safeway/wherever- it takes a blink for a wee one to go missing in a sea of people, and searching for them takes years off your life. I figure if I put a blue vest on them that says “Service Animal-Don’t Pet Me, I’m Working!”, nobody will question me.

  6. Ontario in the summer, and you’re in Toronto! So exciting!! 🙂 And as for baby leashes, get down with your bad self all you want. I love the things. Thanks, I’d rather be able to let runners run on a leash than listen to them scream and thrash in a stroller!

  7. I said never too…then a sans hubby trip to visit the in-laws in St Croix was decided. It was me, a 15 mth old and an almost 3 yr old. You betcha I bought that leash!

  8. Not a parent just a school teacher,
    Safety is NEVER a bad thing, use an extended hand (leash). A former principle I worked for was leashed to the clothesline in his backyard (back then you didn’t have to worry about the neighbours calling social services LOL) he grew up to be a productive member of society. Landlord, contractor, entrepreneur , principal and a good man.
    Shame on anyone who judges!
    WooHoo for the horsey backpack!

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