Posted by: Hannah | 04/03/2013

the happiness project

Trying to be more positive. Wow, negativity is a tough habit to break. Especially on Twitter, where it seems that my humour is mostly of the “bitchy and mean-spirited” variety, and that when I try to write positive tweets they feel like a pair of too-tight shoes.

But it’s only day one, and I know like any change in habit it will take time.

I tried to focus on the cute, funny stuff today, instead of the crazy-making stuff. Because three year olds will drive you to drink, if you let them.

And so, things that make me smile:

Pixie asked for crayons and paper when she arrived this morning. “I’m drawin’ a DOLPHIN,” she announced, holding up a piece of paper covered in blue loops. “He’s bein’ AWESOME.”


Arthur was bubbling over with stories about his new backpack this morning. He was very proud and pleased as punch to have it. Later in the morning, his mom called to make sure I knew they are going on vacation for a week at the end of April. “He never mentioned it?” she was perplexed. “But we’re going to Cuba!” I told her that his big news for today was the new backpack. “But… but… he cried three times last night when we returned his old backpack!”


Louis’ mom is out of town for a couple of days, so his dad is solo parenting. I was prepared to be sympathetic until last night at pick up, when he said “We’ll be early tomorrow. Not sure exactly when, but close to 8AM. At any rate, nowhere near as late as she usually is dropping him off.” [italics mine]

At 8:50AM, the sound of frantic wailing reached us all indoors through closed windows. I opened the door to find Louis’ dad, holding a squirming, kicking mass of three year old under his arm, wearing only one boot, his face an abstract art study in breakfast crumbs, tears, and snot.

Apparently, getting three kids dressed and out the door in the morning is hard. Who knew? (I was able to get him calmed down pretty quickly once his dad left. He was out of sorts all day and ended up having a very long nap in the afternoon. He’s a routine junkie, our Louis).


Ron had show and tell at preschool today. He likes to take books, which is fine by me. Today he decided to take The Hobbit, which we’re reading aloud to him after he saw the movie and fell hard in love with hobbits, dwarves, and Smaug. “I will show the map to my friends,” he said. “I will tell them about the Lonely Mountain and the dwarves’ long-forgotten gold.”

Baby nerds are awesome.


Harry did a ‘reading check’ at school today; it involved reading a piece of non-fiction and then answering some reading comprehension questions. The top level is 30; he tested at level 29. Yes, I’m bragging. No, I’m not being humble. It’s freaking wonderful that both Harry and Ron are fantastic readers, and I don’t take much credit – they are just smart kids, ya’ll – but I do take some, because books and reading are a huge part of our family life and I’m thrilled that they both enjoy it so much.


Finally, introverted me took a deep breath and went to a community meeting tonight. I asked questions. I contributed. I smiled and said it was nice to meet people, and I shook hands and didn’t once have to remind anyone to go to the potty. I’m tired now, because it is an effort, but I’m glad I did it.


What’s making you smile, these days?



  1. I like the last thing the best. 🙂

  2. Is there anyway to let Louis’ mother know about her husband’s snippy little comment and his utter failure at getting the child there on time and in good repair? Or should I just be satisfied chortling at my computer screen?

  3. Yay, Harry and Ron! And yay, you! Glad to see you taking the credit that’s rightfully yours. I always shake my head at parents who blame themselves for their children’s every failing, but shrug off their triumphs as ‘luck’. If the bad’s your fault, why not allow the good to be yours, too?

    And Louis’s dad? KARMA BITES, dad!!!! Mwah-ha. Or, pride goeth before a fall. Or something. He got what was coming to him, at any rate. Hope he eats some humble pie … and appreciates his wife’s efforts more now.

  4. You should join me in watching some My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic. It stuffs adorable positivity up your butthole with a fist made of sunshine.

  5. Awesome dolphins are making me smile. Also my upcoming birthday, the boys being back at karate today, I just got the “Hello Summer” Sears catalogue and it’s hilarious, it’s soccer season and my kids are not playing, and I have a big giant cup of coffee because I thought Mr would want some this morning but it turns out he had a super early breakfast meeting so the coffee is ALL MINE.

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