Posted by: Hannah | 04/13/2013

and now for something completely different

Completely random stuff because I think we can all agree that the internet has not been a pleasant place, this week.

Last night I had a rare evening to myself, so I took the following steps to make my Friday evening as relaxing as possible (I believe the current favourite term for taking a dose of Fukitol is ‘self-care’):

    1. I put on my pajamas and a fuzzy bathrobe at 7PM.
    2. I fed the kids but didn’t do the dishes. That’s what Saturday morning is for.
    3. I had a glass of Coke Zero so I didn’t fall asleep by 9PM.
    4. I made all the kids go to bed at their “weekday” bedtime. They’d been complaining all day about being tired. They learned that I have short-term memory, and will call their bluff.
    5. I had a piece of chili pepper chocolate.
    6. I read the latest chapter of Abigail Barnette’s serialized dirtybadfun novel “The Boss“. You can read it here
    7. Then I looked up some pictures of Chris Hemsworth because seriously, he is more perfectly beautiful than should be allowed. He built down for his next movie about F1 racecar drivers and I spent a good ten minutes trying to decide if I like beefy Thor-Hemsworth or slimmer racecar-Hemsworth better.
    8. Then I browsed through OnDemand and found Legends of the Fallwhich is one my favourite guilty pleasures, ever. Sweeping vistas! Melodrama! Anthony Hopkins chewing up the scenery! Brad Pitt from 1994 with his smooth chest & flowing blond locks! Also, the single greatest line of cinematic dialogue ever – God! God damn you, God! which is screamed without irony and will send you into a logic loop that there is no escape from. I watched the entire two and a half hours, cried quite a few times, and enjoyed myself thoroughly.

I urge you to do any or all of the above, should you be feeling like the world is just too much. Am I basically saying that I sat on the couch feeding all of my baser instincts with dirty books, chocolate, and some objectification of celebrities? Yes.

I highly recommend it.



  1. I don’t find Chris Hemsworth all that attractive. I mean, empirically he’s attractive but he’s not my kind of guy, you know? I spent half the night reading Tom and Lorenzo’s Mad Style. Nothing like reading clothing analysis. It was like I fell into the rabbit hole.

    • He’s not normally my type and objectively I can say “he’s not my type”. Then I see pictures of him and he actually takes my breath away. It’s disconcerting.

  2. Sounds like a great evening! I did something similar (although my husband was home and ran interference with the kids) and it was such a nice way to end the week/start the weekend.

  3. Huh. I thought Chris Hemsworth was universally appealing. Wait – I guess Nicole doesn’t like bacon either. I guess some things just don’t bear thinking about. 🙂 Did you get to laugh at your drunk husband?

    • Maybe vegetarians don’t like beefcake? 😉

      My husband came home sober. So disappointing for me.

  4. Sounds like a great night!

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