Posted by: Hannah | 05/22/2013

I Aten’t Ded

I do have writers’ block, though. There have been wonderful moments recently – I have a brand-new niece! born last night! – and not-so-wonderful moments, including George getting pneumonia and the front passenger tire blowing completely off my minivan while I was doing 90kph on the highway with all three of my kids on board.

These are all life events, but not the kind that are prompting me to write a post right now.

There’s other stuff going on too, stuff that isn’t blog fodder but nevertheless is occupying a lot of my mental energy.

Hoping to regain my mojo soon. Perhaps when and if it ever stops effing raining here.




  1. It started raining here, so maybe it will stop there? Like a zero-sum rain game? No? Hope you get your mojo back, and that G gets better QUICKLY.

  2. Hope things pick up. Man, poor G. I hope he feels a lot better fast. Congrats on the new niece – been following your excitement on Twitter. I love new bbs 🙂

  3. On the plus side, you probably didn’t send G to his friend’s house for the week-end with pneumonia, which I totally did with Eve. Coughy little kids are so sad. Hope you both feel more lively soon.

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