Posted by: Hannah | 06/03/2013


Lots of little things happening…

  • Harry brought home his mealworm life-cycle project today. One pupa and one partially-hatched beetle. The container is now in the boys’ bedroom and heaven help them if I find out that the critters are loose.
  • I bought a lawnmower on Saturday. I only had to leg-tackle two Canadian Tire employees to get one of them to fetch the mower I’d picked out online. Thought for CT: have in-store pickup. It would save time.
  • We planted our vegetable garden on Sunday. This is always Fraught With Peril and Endless Discussions About Vegetable Choice, and then we always end up planting the same things: tomatoes, zucchini, carrots, peppers, onions, and radishes. This year we also tried beans.
  • I stuck one cautious toe in the water at a gym on Sunday; there’s one relatively close by that’s one of those women-only places. I was running other errands and thought I’d just pop in and grab a brochure. Apparently this is not allowed. There are no brochures, but there are two insanely a) young b) thin c) energetic d) extroverted girls at the front desk who act as gatekeepers, say the word “awesome” a lot, and refuse to answer any of your questions outside of a pre-scheduled consultation. I think that is not a place where I would feel comfortable. Needless to say, my a) middle-aged b) fat c) tired d) introverted self was completely spooked by getting the hard sell less than 60 seconds after walking in the door, so I’ll probably never go back.
  • Apparently I’m the last parent on earth to worry about the W-sit – I honestly never wondered why as kids we were all told to sit cross-legged. I read an article about it somewhere about a month ago, and looked at all the kids here to see if it’s an issue. And lo! Louis always sits in a W-sit. Even in his booster seat, his legs tuck up and behind him. Because I don’t have enough to do with him, I’ve started trying to teach him to sit criss-cross-applesauce. Just today it occurred to me that his W-sit almost certainly contributed to his problems toilet training, since he literally almost never sits with his feet to the front unless he’s on the toilet. I’m being very matter-of-fact with him about it. “You need to sit with your feet to the front, because that will help you have strong legs and big muscles! You’ll be better at hockey then!” because he’s counting the days until he’s old enough for minor hockey. Today at storytime I saw him start to slide into the W, but he corrected himself without prompting. A tiny victory, but with Louis, I’ll take it.
  • The most exciting thing to happen to me this weekend was watching Game of Thrones. I am a little mystified by people who watch the show but haven’t read the books – it must be damned near impossible to follow some of the subplots. Plus when something like last night’s episode happens, it’s a huge shock and you end up like these people (NSFW):




  1. We planted our garden this weekend too! We always plant potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans (so easy to grow). This year we’ve added a small herb garden, strawberries, and pumpkins. We still have a little room though, and I’d love to plant some zucchini! Our ground seems too rocky to plant and successfully grow carrots.

    • Zucchini need a ton of space, but they are the easiest thing to grow, by far. You can’t kill them with a meat-axe, and the more you harvest, the more that grow. Cucumbers I’ve given up on – every year they wither and die.

  2. Eh, I W-sat all through my childhood and I’m fine in every respect. I think it’s one more thing to freak parents out about, honestly. I hate sitting cross-legged and I never do. I’m also the only person I know that does not have varicose veins starting, so . . . I think that it’s really individual.

    • I worry about Louis just because he honestly doesn’t seem to be able to sit properly, in chairs or out of them. Getting him to switch it up a bit will help him build his core strength.

      • Yeah in that case, I’d be worried. If he can’t sit properly at all . . . that’s a huge issue. Plus the thing about him having issues with potty training back a few months ago makes a lot of sense if he didn’t ever sit with his feet to the front.

  3. I have never watched Game of Thrones, nor indeed read the book, but just from what I’ve managed to guess happens from that video I think I might continue not to.

    • If you are the kind of person who gets emotionally attached to characters and hates it when they die, skip it.

  4. 1. Re: “the W-sit”: so there’s a name for it, eh? Interesting article, though I sat that way a lot during my younger years -still do on occasion- and haven’t experienced any of the problems reported in the article (yet, anyway). I remember being told not to sit that way during school assemblies, but assumed that it was so I’d take up less floor space in our school’s tiny auditorium. It wasn’t until after I met a dancer that told me it was bad for the knees that I considered not sitting that way. (I wonder if “the W-sit” is the reason I basically suck at any and all sports though? Hmmmm……..)

    2. Re: the gym: I realize that many of us are prone to exaggerating for comedic and/or dramatic purposes, but I have to take exception to you referring to yourself as “middle-aged”. Because if you’re middle-aged that means I’m middle-aged. And since I’m still several years away from even reaching my forties, I refuse to consider myself “middle-aged” (though if I had found myself in the situation you described at the gym, I probably would have FELT middle-aged) 😉

    • I always thought they got us to sit cross-legged because kids in the W-sit were bouncing up & down during assembly. Truly.

      And yes, I realize that I’m only middle-aged if I die at 70. But compared to those twinkies at the gym, I felt about 500 years old.

  5. I grow potatoes, spinach, lettuce, cilantro, basil, carrots, peas, dill, tomatoes and swiss chard. Easy peasy. Most of it in pots on the front stoop.

    Are you close to a community operated rec centre? I’d recommend one like that. The vibe at gyms operated by for-profit companies is much different — less welcoming, in my experience. I read a consumer’s report article about gyms that recommended steering clear of ones that want to lock you into long term contracts or offer discounts if you get friends to join. Their essentially pyramid schemes and are focused on getting new (vs keeping old) members.

    When exactly did “sitting Indian style” become “criss-cross-applesauce?”

    • I tried growing basil, but the wind never stops blowing here, and every year it dies. I did grow oregano in a pot once, and it seeded all over my front yard, which I actually approve of – it grows back every year, smells nice when I mow the lawn, and is aggressive enough that it chases away weeds.

      There is a small fitness area at our community centre and I think I’ll look there next. Introvert confession time: I was hoping to avoid it because I don’t want to be bumping into people I know when I’m all sweaty, gasping, and miserable. However, now that I’ve seen the alternative and it’s perky… yeah.

      I think “indian-style” is now a huge, politically-correct no-no. Even though it’s easier to say. I usually call it “indi-criss-cross-applesauce”.

  6. My sister did the W-sit and the doctor said it was bad. That’s all I remember. I’m shuddering in sympathy at your gym tale – I honestly can’t remember how it was when I joined Goodlife, but it can’t have been that bad or I never would have joined. I love the women-only thing and it’s above the grocery store so it’s easy to do a workout and grocery shop at the same time. It sort of seems like a non-gym-people gym. That said, i’ve agreed to go to a spin class with friends at the branch nearby that’s not women only, and I’m stomach-knotted about it.

    I have planted flowers. There is a water-filled canoe half-filling my herb garden, which is full of reseeded oregano. Happily, we get cucumbers, peas and carrots all summer from my dad. I haven’t yet decided if I’m up to trying to salvage the situation here.

    • I’ve joined gyms before (like, before kids, so we’re talking ten years ago) and while there is always a certain bedrock perkiness level, I’ve never felt so accosted and backed into a corner before. Maybe enrollment is down because of the economy?

      A water-filled canoe! Oh dear.

  7. Ugh, that’s the worst thing about gyms – that hard sell. I remember popping into one to get a schedule of the kinds of aerobics classes they had, and basically RUNNING for the door because OMG. I just wanted to know if they had spin classes, and they were totally all about the hard sell.

    • YES! That’s it exactly! I just wanted a schedule of classes to see if there were any even possible with my crowded schedule this summer, and practically had to pry them off my legs to get out again.

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