Posted by: Hannah | 06/11/2013

springtime walk, or Bataan death march

Yesterday the weather sort-of cleared up a little bit maybe, so we headed out for a walk.

A word about me and walks, lately – I am suffering from plantar fasciitis in my right foot, and I’m here to tell you, it sucks. I’m constantly stretching, putting ice packs on it, trying to be mindful of how I stand, etc. etc., but for the last month I’ve been lurching around the house like a drunken sailor.

It’s made it very difficult to walk for any distance at all, and as a result, I’ve gained some weight this month. Which of course puts more strain on my foot, which makes it harder to exercise…

Bleck, in other words. Also, this:



So I decided I had to just push through the pain and start walking again. The sky was threatening rain but it was warm, and we all have raincoats. LET’S DO THIS.

The three year olds are now really too big to ride in the stroller. Besides, sitting there lazily while I do all the work isn’t going to wear them out for naptime get them any healthy exercise. But I don’t have a double stroller anymore, and pushing the quad half-empty just seemed stupid. Plus it’s three feet wide, and turns like a pig.

I eventually settled on putting heavy, solid George in the single stroller, and stuffing wee light Daisy into the hiking backpack.

Then I looped the dog’s leash around my waist, because with me out of commission he’s not getting enough exercise, either. I got everyone into boots and coats. I arranged Pixie and Louis on the left side of the stroller, holding on at a comfortable height.

We started.

We weren’t even out of the driveway yet when Louis started briskly stepping on Pixie’s heels.

I switched their positions.

Then Salty-Dog kept bumping his head against Pixie’s legs.

Then Daisy started pulling my hair.

Then George started trying to stand up and turn around in the stroller so he could see Daisy.

Then the questions started.


Those are lupins.

Those are dandelions that have gone to seed.

That’s bird poop, not a bug, we don’t all need to squat and examine it.

A car is coming, step to the side and stop.

No, I can’t carry you.

Yes, it’s hard, but you can do it.

Yup, it’s sprinkling a little rain, just put your hoods up.

I don’t know what that sound is, Louis. There are lots of sounds.

I don’t know what that smell is, either, Louis. What does it smell like?

I don’t know where that car is going.

Or that truck.

By the time we’d turned around to head home, my foot was throbbing. The dog had apparently lost the will to live. Pixie and Ron were now holding hands and walking a little way ahead. Louis was dragging his feet and whining. Daisy and George were enjoying themselves, it seemed. Good for them.

We did eventually make it home. Got everyone inside, settled, and eating lunch. After the meal they were all playing together nicely, so I decided (because I am an idiot) to let the  play session run it’s course naturally before putting them down for a nap just a little later than usual.

Twenty minutes! That’s all it was. TWENTY EFFING MINUTES AS GOD IS MY WITNESS. And by minute nineteen, Louis and Pixie were both standing in the bathroom with their pants around their ankles, screaming blue murder because I asked them to have a quick pee before they went to bed.

The good news is they all slept like the dead, and my foot actually hurts less today than it has in a while. We couldn’t have a repeat performance this morning, because the blackflies on top of everything else was a bridge too far, but I’ll go out myself this evening once my chores are done.

Louis and Pixie can now tell the difference between a dandelion and a buttercup.

I discovered that Daisy loves the backpack and doesn’t instantly fall asleep in it the way she does in the stroller.

It was painful, and not much fun for me, but it served its purpose. And if the weather is better tomorrow, we will try again.



  1. You, my friend, are the queen of infinite patience. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. As an aside, Mr had plantar fascitis many years ago and man, was that awful. So painful. I know you’re already doing all the things so I’ll keep my advice to myself, but I’ll give you all my sympathy because OUCH.

    • Advice is always welcome! Does Mr still suffer from it, or is it gone now? Hope that my foot won’t feel like this forever would be great.

      • No, not at all. His feet are fine now. He did a lot of calf stretches – he bought a half-moon shaped thing that you put your foot on the flat part and then stretch out your calf. He also would put a washcloth on the floor of the shower and while showering would pick up the cloth with his foot. Apparently doing that strengthens the foot muscles and helps with it. He also took a lot of anti-inflammatories when he needed to, it helped with the pain. I think that’s mostly it – oh, and he would also stretch by standing on a step with half his foot hanging off it to stretch the calf. Hope that helps a bit.

      • Oh! And like Allison says, orthodics. He wears orthodics in his shoes and that helps as well.

  2. I have plantar fasciitis in both feet and it does totally suck. Exercising is a constant juggling game between whether I’m going to hurt my feet, back or knee more, although it’s better than when I worked in bookstores and constantly felt like my legs were upside-down flaming torches of throbbing pain. At least it maybe prevented you from kicking them all into next week for being tiresome little gits. Do you have orthotics? Oh wait, we’re not doing annoying advice? Never mind.

    • Any advice you can give is welcome. I don’t have orthotics – this is all new for me – and I’ve been wondering if they would help.

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