Posted by: Hannah | 06/28/2013

Friday randoms

Some cheery thoughts as I cruise down into my weekend…

It’s the last day of school and even though I’m sure boredom will soon set in, right now I’m all this:

And none of this:


There is something about the last day of school that reminds me powerfully of being a kid myself. Those nine weeks stretch before you and seem endless, full of promise. This will be the summer that everything is perfect… that the mosquito bites will somehow not itch… that every day at the beach will have warm water and just-big-enough waves… it’s such a weirdly specific feeling, the one that greets the last day of school.


Harry’s report card is really, really good. Top marks in everything but writing, and in that he was one step down from the top. We already knew he was struggling a bit with writing – he’s very creative, but he just can’t get the words out fast enough with either pencil or a keyboard, so he gets frustrated and stops. My homeschooling guru Nan sent me pages and pages of grade-level-appropriate writing prompts as well as instructions on how to practice, so starting next week we’ll be working on that daily.

He improved his art mark because he actually focused enough this term to produce neat, tidy work that was finished in the allotted time. And on the “learner profile” side of things – keeping track of belongings, being a good classroom citizen, focusing, etc – he improved as well. I’m very pleased with his efforts to stay on-task.


I remembered to write thank you cards for the bus drivers. Granted, I scrawled them at the last minute as the kids were putting on their boots to catch the bus but at least I remembered this year. Next year, I might even get organized enough to put a gift card in there, or something.


Ron picked out lovely potted orchids for his preschool teachers as year-end gifts, and I was happy to spring for them, because he really came a long way under their expert care. Yesterday he got an envelope in the mail addressed to “Mr. Ron Lastname”, which tickled him almost more than the thank-you card inside from the head teacher.

Turns out I do have a sentimental bone in my body somewhere, because the note she wrote him was totally heartfelt and sweet, and when I read “you are always cheerful and willing to help your friends … I know that your new teacher will love you as much as I do” I did in fact get a little misty-eyed.


Arthur gave me a school year-end gift today, which was totally unexpected; I’ve never, in three years at this job, received a non-Christmas present from a client. It was nice.


The last hour before the long weekend, all seven kids built a blanket fort, called it Bag End, and re-enacted the Scouring of the Shire. At least I think that’s what they were doing. Ron was Frodo, Arthur was Bilbo, and Harry was Bullroarer Took. The little kids were called “younglings” (little Star Wars creeping in there), and the whole gang of them alternately cooked over a campfire made of foam blocks, and chased pretend Orcs around the playroom screaming.


Michael is taking the boys to the NS International Tattoo this weekend, and I am staying home with George. I’m happy, because I enjoy the Tattoo every two or three years, but as an annual thing it’s a bit, well, the same thing. And it’s three hours long. But we went last year, the boys loved it, and there is a distinct possibility that George will be napping for at least some of the time they’re away, leaving me with a little time to have a complete thought, or maybe (gasp!) a long bubble bath.


It’s raining, it’s pouring… and the forecast for the long weekend isn’t much different. However, the whole family has agreed that we need to do a major clean & de-clutter, and so all my menfolks have agreed to help me! Tomorrow, we’ll make this house look less like gamer-nerd hobos with a fetish for toddler board books are squatting here, and more like a reasonably tidy family home.

Have a wonderful long weekend, my fellow Canadians!



  1. I love happy random things! Hope you enjoy your long weekend!

  2. I cannot adequately tell you how much I love that they re-enacted the scouring of the Shire. Hil! Arious!

    Time alone to complete a thought?! It may be the best gift a mother can receive at certain points in her life. My fingers are crossed for you!

  3. Yay for charmingly nerdy hobbit games. And the last day of school. And your one sentimental bone. Ha ha. Bone.

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