Posted by: Hannah | 07/20/2013

little o’this & little o’that

The first three days this week were pretty darn good; hot, but sunny and clear. We spent lots of time outside. We played with water guns. We went for walks. I took the whole works of them swimming at our local lake beach for one whole magic morning. I was feeling pretty good.

Then yesterday was just a screaming hellscape for a whole host of reasons. The weather turned again, became drizzly, foggy, and humid. George was recovering from his 18-month vaccines, delivered Tuesday night. Daisy had her 18-month vaccines on Thursday morning before drop-off, and also reacted badly. There was a lot of yelling yesterday.

Harry was surly and quick to anger. Ron behaved exactly the same way his older brother did the summer before ‘big kid’ school started; alternating between being a polite, respectful, grown-up kid and being a sobbing, hysterical, thumb-sucking mess who misses preschool. Arthur was harder to entertain than usual. And everything was punctuated by the inconsolable wailing from Daisy as she sat in my lap and tried to pull out my boobs for a comfort-nurse while George swatted her indignantly and yelled “NO NO NO NOOOOOOOO!!!”

It was a trying day.

Today was better, against all predictions. And it’s FRIDAY!

Some random thoughts:

  • I booked my plane ticket for Blissdom Canada, so I guess I’m really going. I’m terrified at the thought of going on an airplane and leaving my family behind. What will happen to them if my plane crashes? Will Michael be able to pack them nutritious school lunches every day? Will George remember me? WHAT ABOUT BUYING THEIR CLOTHES AND SHOES, I’M THE ONLY ONE THAT KNOWS THEIR SIZES.
  • Coaching Ron’s t-ball team continues to be both an incredible challenge and one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. I’m very luck in that the kids are pretty much all fun-loving, hard-working, and delightful. They want to learn the game and they are all ready to laugh at my very lamest jokes.
  • Harry and Ron are both heading to Camp Nanny & Grandad’s House on Tuesday for at least four nights. They’ve never been away from home for that long before, so we’ll have to wait and see if they make it. I am very much looking forward to cooking what I want and not packing three lunches every night.
  • George has developed a passionate love affair with Nickelodeon’s Bubble Guppies. (You can also spare me your lectures about children under two watching television – it started as a coping mechanism over the winter when he was still waking at night, and then getting up for the day at 5AM.) Anyway, Bubble Guppies. As children’s TV goes, it’s pretty darn good; bright colours, songs, gentle characters that solve a simple problem each episode. I’m finding though that I’m overthinking it, probably because I watch it half-asleep every day in a sort of half-asleep haze. The main characters are all merpeople – but there are only six of them. Everyone else in town is either a snail, a lobster, or a crab. Oh, except for their teacher, who is a grouper. They are underwater, apparently, but one whole episode involves them going to the beach. They have all the same animals that we have on land, but they have fish tails instead of rear legs (think mer-cows, mer-horses, and Bubble Puppy the mer-dog). And I’m pretty sure one of the main characters is meant to be on the autism spectrum. I AM SPENDING TOO MUCH TIME THINKING ABOUT THIS STUFF, THIS IS WHY I CAN’T CARRY ON A NORMAL CONVERSATION WITH FUNCTIONAL ADULT PERSONS.
  • There are only ten working days left until my vacation. Ten days, people. In the middle there somewhere too is Harry’s Lord of the Rings-themed birthday party, for which I have lots of ideas but have actually done nothing. I’m thinking this week the project may be “getting ready for the birthday party”.
  • I’ve been flirting with Pinterest. Just flirting. For me, it’s the biggest time-suck on the internet. Just browsing! Forever! And organizing all the things you find into neat little themes! I’m afraid of Pinterest, actually – I’d need to give up all my other internet activities just to free up the necessary time. However, I’m proud to be part of a group board dedicated to Will & Kate’s imminent arrival, and you need to look at it, people. There are things on that board that need to be seen to be believed. Like the cake. The one with the unfortunate strawberries. Go look, I’ll wait.

Another very hot day forecast for today, so we’re planning to spend much of it wandering aimlessly around malls, soaking up the air conditioning and trying not to buy all the new Lord of the Rings LEGO kits. Have a good weekend, kittens!



  1. Our insane heat is finally breaking today – hope yours is, too.

    • It suddenly got very cool this evening, and the fog rolled in. It’s LOVELY.

  2. You are definitely allowed to be bitter. Tell bikini mom that your office needs to be closed down due to beach weather.

    • I am totally building ‘sunshine flu’ into all future client contracts.

      • Sounds good to me

  3. Oh Jesus Christ, Hannah, I broke my no-Pinterest rule JUST FOR YOU to look at that cake and now I’m blind and possibly dead of grossed-outness.

    You are SO TOTALLY entitled to be bitter. I know sometimes my friends who have their kids in day care full-time seem to sort of forget how to be with their kids on a normal day – Christmas vacation and the like are torture for them. Again, not judging, but I can see how watching your neighbour swan off in her bikini when you’re having a crummy day would be, uh….vexing. It always gets harder to slog through the closer vacation gets too, doesn’t it? Here’s wishing you a smooth, quiet, happy-kid ten working days.

    • Yes, and I’ve heard that from my clients, too – that even long weekends are tough because they’ve got their routines, and they just aren’t used to having their kids at home that much.

      Also, that cake. THAT CAKE. I really, really want to talk to the person who made that cake.

  4. […] because when I read Hannah’s post about a mother who continued to bring her child to daycare even when off work, I knew guiltily that I would do the same […]

  5. Just offering sympathy on the Bubble Guppies front. When my kids were little, I developed such an encyclopediatric knowledge of Peep that I started contributing to a TV website – who the writers were, who the voice actors were, quotes from each episode, discussions of Quack’s various shades of blue and how they change. Did you know Quack is subtlely purple in the centre? DID YOU? DID YOU?

  6. I am about to leave the longest comment ever. Get ready.

    I completely agree that you have every right to be bitter. Just because you’re a childcare professional doesn’t mean you have to be Mary Poppins every single minute. After all, my husband gets paid to do a certain job, but he gets bitter/crabby/angry sometimes too – and I think that’s part of working. Right? Every job has that, and I totally get it.

    I also see Pixie’s mom’s point of view – hey, I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for nine and a half years and there were times when I would have paid huge cash monies just to drop the kids off for a couple of hours so I could run errands or just have a few hours of peace. I get it. BUT.

    I think the PoV we haven’t mentioned yet is Pixie’s. So here’s a little anecdote: I knew a woman who was on maternity leave with her second, but for that year she continued to pay for her day home so as to not lose her spot (it’s hard to get good childcare around here, so parents hang on for dear life). So, she would drop her 3 year old off every single day – EVERY SINGLE DAY – while she bonded with her new baby for a year. This woman came to my house for coffee and a “playdate” but she didn’t bring the 3 year old, only the baby. Why? She told me that the 3yo begged and begged her every single day to “stay home and play with you, Mommy” and every single day she would take her to the dayhome. Maybe she’d pick her up an hour earlier than normal, or drop her off an hour later than normal, but she’d take her every day. She confided to me “God, I need a break from (3yo name), I mean, I’m going to be on vacation with her for three weeks! I’m going to have her with me for three whole weeks. She NEEDS to go to school.” (she called it school although it was not school, obviously). That little girl was one of the worst, WORST behaved children I have ever been around. She was a terror, and absolute awful child who was insanely attention starved and just plain unpleasant to be around. She wouldn’t go to sleep at night (sounds familiar?) and they actually took her lightbulb out of her light fixture because she “wouldn’t stop turning her light on to play” at night. SOUND FAMILIAR? Anyway, I always thought that this kind of situation is a terrible vicious circle: kids become little shits because they are trying to get Mom/Dad’s attention, but then Mom/Dad don’t want to hang out with them because they are such unpleasant little shits.

    I echo what Allison said, as well.

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