Posted by: Hannah | 09/06/2013


I was going to post about the first day of school, but really, what can you say? Both boys had fun. Ron didn’t shed a tear and climbed on the bus like he’d been doing it his whole life. I already have no idea what they spend their days doing and I was surprised to discover that even by grade three they are still sitting the kids in groups instead of individually.

I’m stupid-proud of my boys and their spirit, smarts, and independence. How can I not be?

First Day of School 2013 004


And that’s that, really. I’m sure there will be many posts through the coming year as I adjust to having two kids in school… each with two teachers in the classroom… and with two different dismissal times… and so forth. Already I’m in a mad scramble because they both need photos of themselves to use for literacy projects, to which I say it is 2013, people, all of their pictures are on Flickr or my cell phone or the home network and no, I can’t just leaf through a photo album and pick them out, yeesh.


I’ve already sent a half-dozen cheques to school for various things and I’m in a balls-out row with Stock Transportation over Harry’s bus stop, which is nearly a kilometre away down a twisty country road with no sidewalks.

Ron brought home a banana peel AND a plum pit, both rattling around loose inside his brand-new lunch bag.

Harry has graduated to the older-kid playground and was involved in a Serious Dispute yesterday over whether or not a group of fourth-graders can kick one third-grader off the ‘duckies’, whatever the hell those are.

But no one’s lost anything yet, Ron drew a picture of himself with a huge smile captioned “I’m excited to be at school!”, and Harry’s nightly homework is to read independently for 20 minutes, which fortunately he can (and has) easily do if he takes a book to the bathroom and then forgets where he is for a while.

So far, so good.



  1. It does sound like a good start!

  2. That’s a good start to the year! Duckies?

    • I have no idea. I’m thinking of popping by the school this weekend just to see what these ‘duckies’ are. Today he came home with a huge bruise on his arm. From the duckies. I STILL DON’T KNOW WHAT HE’S TALKING ABOUT.

  3. They are such sweet-looking boys.

    • They’re delightful kids. I hope you get to meet them one day. 🙂

  4. You know, the older I and my kids get, the more I wish only for low-key first days of school. I don’t need them to report their teacher is the best thing ever or that they were elected prom king (not possible as Oldest is only 10 and Youngest is a girl) only that nothing really bad happened, their teachers aren’t crap, kids were nice, and everything worn to school returns home. I appear to be suffering a severe case of diminished expectations…

    • Everything returns home! YES! This is all I really want anymore.

  5. Also, no roving mobs of rogue duckies…..? The boys are SO cute. Eve is also in the ‘super excited about school’ camp, which I think is great. I up and down about school. Sometimes so much of it seems sort of soul-deadening and rote, but then sometimes they have so much fun, and then I read about the girls in middle eastern countries who never get to GO to school, and then I feel like a douche, and then I think if I was any kind of mother I would home school, and figure out how to keep the magic and wonder in learning, but then I think THAT would end in some horrible tragic incident that would end up on the evening news. Sigh.

    • Yup, that’s pretty much exactly my thought process, including the inevitable tragic incident. I try to fill in the gaps that I see in their actual book-learning, and let school take care of socialization and wearing them out. It’s a win/win!

  6. Hee…I am totally going to my my big kids do their reading homework in the bathroom now. Brilliant!

    • I’ve been getting my kids to read on the toilet since they were potty training. It’s my go-to method for getting a reluctant kid to sit on the potty long enough for something to happen. There are always a few books on the go in the smallest room. 😉

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