Posted by: Hannah | 10/11/2013

how sweet potatoes came between us

Wednesday was our 9th wedding anniversary. I looked it up and apparently I’m due a gift of either pottery or leather goods.

Leather goods! BOW CHICKA WOW WOW and all that. I’m pretty sure with the continuing inexplicable popularity of the 50 Shades books that there must be some interesting possibilities available at your local shopatorium.

A friend came to watch the kids so we could go out. We ended up at a pub having wings and beer, because we’re classy like that. We were home by ten. It was just… nice. I think if we can still go out for wings and have a relaxed chat about everything from politics to the kids to baseball to me writing a book that we’re probably doing okay.

Also, I wore my fancy Blissdom scarf because Nicole took pity on me and taught me how to wear one. “Look at you!” said our babysitting friend. “Looking all grown-up and stuff.” This tells me that I did manage to correctly tie the scarf, and also that I am usually dressed like a drudge or a twelve year old boy. Hmm…

Yesterday was a preschool day, so with an easy two toddlers I went to run some errands. We walked past the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and George lost his ever-loving mind. “CHALKALDIT!!!” he gasped, flinging himself to his knees at the mighty Altar of Horribly Expensive Candy. He dove head-first at the deliciousness, fetching himself a good crack on the forehead because hey! that display is behind glass, kiddo. I learned that if you take two adorable fair-haired toddlers to a candy store at 9:30AM that you will get caramel apple samples. THE MORE YOU KNOW, people.

Thanksgiving is this weekend, and I kind of forgot, honestly. My bad. We’re a pretty grateful bunch as a matter of course anyway, so it’s OK. I asked the kids what they’d like to do to celebrate – long weekend! woo-hoo! – and this is what we’ve got so far:

I love my baby nerds. Given three days off, they want to bake, read, and walk in the woods.

I’m going to make a ham, as a ‘forgive me please baby’ to poor Michael, because Thanksgiving is the Big Giant Meal Full of Root Vegetables holiday, and he really doesn’t like root vegetables. But I love them! So much! Roasted root vegetables – the great divide. Marriages have crumbled over less.

Final thought for the day, because it’s one of those cute little details that I will forget in six months: George is obsessed with Halloween. Pumpkins, skeletons, mummies, monsters, ghosts; every time he sees anything he gasps and then yells “HAL-DO-WEEEEEEN!!” at top volume. And he doesn’t even know about trick-or-treating yet!





  1. Oooh, I love sweet potatoes. I just had a weird fight with Mr over root vegetables. He thinks it would be a great idea if we bought a winter CSA. I’m like, “I think that will be too many root vegetables.” He loves beets, and I think he’s plotting. He knows if I have a bunch of beets in the house I’ll try to make up beet recipes and honestly, I’m kind of sick with a cold right now and kind of exhausted and kind of going to my in-laws house, and the thought of having to make some kind of beet meal every week is TIRING. But, now I think, maybe there will be lots of sweet potatoes. I have to look into it more, is what I’m saying, but he brought it up to me before I had coffee this morning and I felt weirdly sensitive and affronted.

    • We had a winter CSA and there were no sweet potatoes because no one grows them locally. We had a giant turnip every week, though. EVERY WEEK A TURNIP. So yeah – look into it. It was a struggle to use all those damn turnips.

      Also, Mr. should know better than to bring up anything that will be more work for you when you are a) sick b) still waiting for coffee c) going to your in-laws. BAD MR. *whacks Mr with a rolled-up newspaper*

  2. Happy anniversary. Sounds like you celebrated it just right.

    • I thought it was lovely! And then last night poor Michael asked if I felt like I was short-changed somehow with that little celebration. I had to tell him that no, I did not, because it was a little time with him to just relax, a precious thing. And also! because HE ARRANGED THE BABYSITTER. You other moms will know that this alone is a rare prize.

  3. I don’t think I know how to tie a scarf like a grown up. And I also must dress like a 12-year-old boy. I had to go to a memorial service yesterday, and so I wore grown up clothes and a few accesories (including a scarf, though only draped) and even a bit of make-up. As I came downstairs, my seven-year-old daughter said to me: “You look so elegant! You don’t look like Mommy!” I’m still laughing about that.

    Also, I love root vegetables. Also, happy anniversary!

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