Posted by: Hannah | 12/17/2013

surly… Tuesday?

Yup, surly Tuesday. Because today started off poo and doesn’t show any signs of improvement.

George woke me at 4AM with wet pajamas. He has developed the unfortunate habit of reaching into his diaper and pulling his junk upwards, which of course means that when he pees, it doesn’t go into the absorbent pad but instead all up his belly. If I put his diapers on any tighter I’ll cut off the circulation to his lower half, so I just have to deal with it, but GAAAAA WELCOME TO YOUR MORNING.

Then I tried to get back to sleep but Michael has had a low-grade sinus infection for some time now, so his snoring is back with a vengeance, so that was a no-go. Curled up on the couch, which usually works out fine, but for some reason I couldn’t find a comfortable position and woke up with my neck so stiff I actually can’t turn my head or even lean forward comfortably.

Skip to breakfast time, which for George happens at 6AM because sleep is for the weak. I always let him choose his cereal. This usually works. Today… well, this was today:

Me: George, which cereal would you like?
George: CEE-WE-ALL
Me: Yes, cereal. Which cereal would you like?
George: Mini-oatmeal!
Me: You mean oatmeal?
Me: You mean Rice Krispies?
Me: *retrieves box of Rice Krispies*
George: *falls to the floor screaming* NOOOOOOOO NOT DOSE MOMMYYYYYY RICE CHEERIOS!!!”
Me: *gets Cheerios*
George: Oh, thank you very much, Mommy!

Then I had to drag Michael out of bed because he was supposed to be leaving early for a two-hour drive over treacherous icy roads for a site visit.

Then Ron decided to wear his three-sizes-too-big Boba Fett t-shirt to school, which made him look like he got dressed in the dark.

Then Daisy arrived wearing a onesie (??) meaning that every time she wants to sit on the potty & pretend to pee, I need to accompany her and unsnap it, and then tuck it up so she doesn’t sit on it.

Then it was minus one million degrees at the bus stop.

Then I watched three almost-accidents on the road because the snowplow drivers did the absolute worst, most half-assed job I’ve ever seen, leaving our very busy twisty road completely snow-covered with an icy surface .

Then one of the kids at the bus stop – daughter of New Neighbour – ran full-tilt toward the road as the bus was coming down over the hill, her too-big snowpants getting caught under her too-big boots. Because it’s really hard to turn off the Dayhome Lady thing, I reacted without thinking and yelled “Name, STOP!” Which prompted New Neighbour to turn to me and say “she’s so sensitive, she’s going to be heartbroken now because you yelled at her. Why are you so mean? She would have stopped. That’s why I didn’t yell. You yelled. YELLING IS MEAN.”

I’ll spare you the details of that conversation, but the word “heartbroken” was used two more times and “sensitive” three more, and at no point did I say what I wanted to which was HOLY SHIT BETTER HEARTBROKEN THAN HIT BY A BUS. I did point out that I was concerned about the better-than-average chance of her tripping and falling on the icy road and falling in front of the bus, but she brushed me off completely and said that I’d probably ruined her daughter’s day by being so mean.

It’s not even 10AM and I’m just totally over today.

Really, really hoping things pick up. And soon.



  1. Hooo, boy. I hope New Neighbour doesn’t decide to put Sensitive Daughter in daycare and ask if you have a space… although perhaps it would be good for her to have some boundaries to offset all her sensitivities. I was wondering, did Sensitive Daughter actually look heartbroken or was it all the mother?

    Not too many hours before Drink O’Clock.

    • Sensitive Daughter is SIX. She’s in school. So – not my problem. And no, Sensitive Daughter didn’t even turn around, so it was all mom. One of my Twitter friends pointed out that mom was probably feeling very defensive because *she* should have said something, and defensive people lash out. All’s well that end’s well, I guess.

  2. *snort* Sensitive my foot! Now maybe MOM is sensitive…

    • That seems to be the consensus, yes.

  3. I hate Sensitive Mom.

    • I kind of do, too, honestly. She’s a drip.

  4. Oh for crying out loud, in the past I actually thanked two people who told my daughter to stop running when she got away from me and headed for the street (as you do when you’re 2 and wish to give your mother a heart attack). She stopped immediately for them both times and I was ever so grateful to them for yelling. In summary: sensitive mom is an idiot.

    I wonder if it’s something in the air because Oldest was in a foul mood yesterday for no reason and was totally unacceptable to Youngest in the morning. Then in the evening, Youngest was unmanageable and difficult and melted down as if her life depended on it. These last four days before Christmas vacation may be the end of me.

  5. Oh for fuck’s sake, seriously? Anyone with half a BRAIN would yell at a kid running in front of a bus. What a dumbass. When even oversharing neighbour thinks you’re parenting poorly you KNOW you’re in trouble. At least you do if you have half a brain. This argument is going circular. I hope your Wednesday is better.

  6. Why are there people.

  7. I had a lousy Tuesday also. I had to drive in the snow to pick up my daughter from an after-school program – and drove past the turnoff in the snow, had to go a long way to find a place to turn around, in the snow, and then drove past the turnoff again in the other direction. Could not believe myself. Third time successful, but totally demoralized. Hope you have a better day today.

  8. “Holy shit better heartbroken than hit by a bus” is absolutely right, except I probably wouldn’t have been able to refrain from putting it to her that way. What a moron.

    Hope you have a less surly Thursday, so as to balance things out.

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