Posted by: Hannah | 01/15/2014

full moon fever

What’s that glowing orb in the sky? It’s so bright! And yellow!


All of the snow is gone. The ice, ditto. It’s a balmy 10C outside and I went to meet the bus wearing only a light sweater for warmth. Yes, the ground is so saturated that you squelch when you walk and yes, the harvest of poopsicles was bounteous (thanks, dog), but it’s SPRING!

Or some reasonable approximation thereof. And don’t you dare ruin my fun by pointing out that it’s only January 15th and thus we probably have a good solid eight to ten more weeks of winter to go. Let me have my delusions.

It’s amazing what a difference a sunny day makes. This week has been all about Gettin’ Shit Done. I finally got my arse in gear and contacted a lawyer about getting our wills done. (Yes, I know, we are irresponsible people who were undoubtedly putting our children at risk of being seized by the state, or at least one of the more undesirable relatives. It’s a long story.) I folded up all the surplus pack-n-plays from the dayhome and stashed them in a closet for future sale. I sorted out a particularly ridiculous corner of the garage and found a box for all the lightsabers and foam swords so we don’t trip over them every time we try to retrieve the snow shovel.

I even – shock! horror! – climbed a ladder up to the second story because our downspout popped loose in a windstorm last night and with more rain on the way, I needed to fix it ASAP.

Here’s the thing though – all this physical and mental activity means I’m asleep every night before 10PM. With Harry going to bed at 8, which means he reads until 8:30, which means he gets up and pees like a racehorse at 9 no matter how much I restrict liquids after dinner… this means that in each waking day I have about one hour of time where I’m not either surrounded by children or at least solely responsible for their well-being.

I’ve had a distinct dearth of ‘me time’ this week and it’s only Wednesday.

I was about to write a sweet little update saying that the older dayhome kids were settling down nicely, but then Louis pitched a screaming fit because all four kids were collaborating on a block tower, and they all wanted to knock it down at the end, but Louis felt that he should a) be the one to decide when the tower was knocked down; and b) that no one should be allowed to knock it down but him.

The other kids did not agree with capitulating to Louis The Dictator. And I backed them up, because he was only “sharing” by the loosest possible definition. He would only play nicely as long as the other three kids were doing exactly what he said, when he said it. His response was, as aforementioned, to completely lose his mind, so hey! there’s the quiet stair. Please don’t tear a chunk of ugly paneling off the wall this time while you’re screaming at me, you hoser.

All this rage may be partly related to the fact that he’s starting swimming lessons for the first time tonight, so his anxiety levels are higher than normal, and also partly because his parents have asked me to start shortening his naps.

I think this conveys my reaction nicely.

The thing about Louis always was that it didn’t matter how long his naps were during the day or how late he woke up in the afternoon, he was always asleep by 7:30pm. He was just one of those kids. Lately his parents have been hearing him awake and moving around in his room until 9pm or even later, and then in the mornings he’s cranky, tired, and hard to manage.

I’m enough of a reasonable person to acknowledge that his naps need to be shorter.

I’m enough of a wimp to admit that waking up him out of a sound sleep makes me shudder.

So we’re now on day 3 of “only let Louis nap for two hours instead of the 2.5 – 3.5 he’ll nap on his own”. Days 1 and 2 were fine, if a little weird; the only way to wake him up was to physically lift him out of the bed and stand him up for a few minutes, catching him if he started to fall over. His mood seemed fine, at least until today, but I have no idea if that’s because of the swimming lessons or because of the sleep adjustment.

Either way, January appears to be The Month That Louis’ Parents Make Huge Changes. Last year it was potty-training. This year it’s nap training. Next year it’ll probably be macrame or field medicine or some other mentally-exhausting task.

Anyway, it turns out Louis & his siblings will be at the pool for swimming lessons at the same time as Harry and Ron. I elected to stay home tonight because I don’t think I want to watch that go down. His mom told me at pick-up that they are keeping their expectations for Louis very low; like, if he gets in the pool at all it will be a victory.

I’m sure I’ll hear all about it tomorrow. Meanwhile, I’m sitting quietly, feeling a bit better because George and I had the best snuggle before he went to bed without a peep. Not a bad way to end things, really.





  1. That picture! Hilarious.

  2. I feel your loss of “me” time pain. Oldest goes to bed at 8:45 and I have to get up to start getting ready for work at 6 am because Youngest wakes up at 6:30 or so and has to be shepherded through getting ready for preschool. So I’m down to about 45-60 minutes at night, most of which is taken up with getting ready for the next day, doing laundry, paying bills, getting myself ready for bed or similar. Someday Youngest will be old enough to get herself totally ready and out the door and then I plan to sleep past 6 on M-F, but those days are several years away. At this rate I will never be caught up with all of the books, TV, and movies I want to see. I guess that means I’ll have plenty to do when I retire??

  3. Angus was almost impossible to wake up from naps until he was halfway through JK. I feel for you, no matter how reasonable the request is. We’ve had a spell of warmer weather too, and now my husband’s in France and it snowed and the temperature is plummeting. And my head hurts. But that’s okay, I have Advil and a strapping 13-year-old to help me shovel. Whose first swimming lesson was an unmitigated disaster. I want to hug ALL of you and tell you it gets better! xoxoxoxoxo

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