Posted by: Hannah | 01/28/2014

meme Monday (on Tuesday)

Nicole wants to know what’s making me cheerful today, because it’s January and cold and bleah, and Twitter is a seemingly-endless stream of negativity and fauxtrage, and a few of us have decided to stop feeding into that and try to be more happy, if we can.



George’s multi-day fever has finally broken. His mood is improving almost minute-by-minute. He slept all night last night for the first time in over a week and right now he’s jumping up and down while yelling “jump! jump! jump!” so I think he’s feeling better.

Ron is slowly improving after a two-day bout of the stomach flu. He’s so stoic when he’s sick, my little man. Tuck him into a bed on the couch with his favourite blankets and the TV remote, and he just quietly goes about his business. He always vomits on hard, easily-cleaned surfaces. He rests and tries to nap and is generally a model patient.

My first Little House recap post got a great response – better than I could have hoped for. And it was fun to write! I don’t even care that I’ll probably become boring as hell over the next few months because I want to write another one right now. Already getting excited to find Ma’s recipes online. Green pumpkin pie, anyone?

Every day now the kids ask for a “dance party” – pretty much just means that I turn the radio up louder and they all bounce around. Louis always yells “IMMA GONNA SHAKE MAH BOOBY!!” because he’s enthusiastic but confused. Cracks me up every time.

I found a very rare Skylanders adventure pack on Kijiji. This will be totally meaningless to anyone who doesn’t have Skylanders-crazed children but this is a big damn deal. For example, you can buy this item on Amazon right now for $113 + shipping – or, if you’re me, you can find it for $30 and a quick drive across town after work. I don’t often drop money on toys for the kids just because, but I’ve been looking for this thing now for three years and I’m absurdly pleased to be able to spoil them a bit. Also, I’m now the coolest mommy alive and Harry in particular is so appreciative that at one point tonight he covered my mouth for me when I sneezed because anything I want right now, he will do for me with a smile on his face. I HAVE BOUGHT HIS LOVE. For only $30. Not bad.

And finally – my imagination boyfriend Chris Hemsworth and his beautiful wife Elsa Pataky are expecting twins. TWINS. I read a terribly insipid interview with him and the “reporter” asked him if he changes dirty diapers. God bless him, he replied “well, of course. Why would you change the clean ones?” *contended sigh* Goodness, but I love that man.

How about you? What pieces of cheer are you clinging to in these dying days of January?



  1. HA! I love this! Shake mah booby! (Eve used to make fists and say “put up your toques!”, sorry for making that about me, I couldn’t resist). Chris Hemsworth! Buying your kids’ love! Kid love is awesome, why wouldn’t you buy it if it came at such an attractive discount? I don’t even KNOW why I’m not miserable, this is generally my most miserable time of year (except when I was pregnant. *stops dead in terror* No, no I’m definitely not pregnant. *sigh of cosmic relief*). Maybe the apnea treatment or the pills or the exercise or whatever-the-fuck is finally working. Also, hanging with you on Twitter while baking and roasting and singing Don’t Rain on My Parade very loudly with no respect for the upper limits of my register.

    • I am trying to pull myself out of the doldrums. By my own hair, if necessary. Or possibly my shaking boobies.

      I am really glad you’re doing well this winter. It gives me hope. xo

  2. LOVE THIS SO VERY MUCH. Now I’m going to go shake my booby. I mean booty.

    • I know! I would much rather shake my boobies.

  3. Ha nothing wrong with buying a little love now and then 🙂

    • At least he’s cheap. 😉

  4. Man I love an after dinner dance party to burn off the kids’ energy before bed. That said, the other day I played some classic Will Smith and now Youngest will not stop saying “BOOM shake shake shake the room.” At first it was cute, but now I’m starting to regret my song choices….

    • We were rocking out some “Jump Around” today. I’d forgotten that House of Pain said “bitch” that many times. Oopsie. BAD MOMMY.

  5. “Louis always yells “IMMA GONNA SHAKE MAH BOOBY!!” because he’s enthusiastic but confused.”


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