Posted by: Hannah | 02/19/2014

vengeance is mine

Another snow day today.

However, it’s the best kind of snow day – the kind where the snow fell overnight, and it was right at the freezing mark so the snow is heavy and ‘packy’. The sun is shining and it’s a couple degrees above zero.

All seven kids were outside for TWO HOURS this morning. I was out with them for about an hour; we had a seven-on-one snowball fight and I totally won, you guys. I am especially good at catching the snowballs they throw at me and whipping them back at the offender. I also excel at whapping running children in the back of the head so they fall down.

Don’t worry, they loved it.

Events may not be exactly as shown.




  1. Two hours? Laura and Mary would STILL be out there!! I love that clip!

  2. That’s hysterical! My kids also like to have things thrown at them. Soft balls and snow balls, pillows and those foam sword things.

    I will happily oblige them, of course, what with me being the loving parent I am 😉

    Love that clip. Elf is amazing.

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