Posted by: Hannah | 04/01/2014

guest post – on snow day one million

Harry has been showing a great deal of interest in blogging lately. We wanted him to have his own blog, but who knew! US Federal legislation actually has a law about kids under 13 having blogs of their own.

I want to encourage his desire to write, but I don’t want to be, like, a lawbreaker or anything. So! He will be guest-posting here sometimes. Please feel free to leave comments – he will answer! – and remember, he’s not even nine yet so be kind. 🙂


“Hello.” ” NO SCHOOL  TODAY AGAIN!” I’m furious! I was so so so excited to play the game my best friend invented,where we make monsters with our mind. We have elements too, mine’s Fire,  Hazel’s is Food and Frank’s is Air.Frank invented this game on Friday.

Mine’s a Dragon named Charcoal. Hazel has Pizza man and Flaming marshmallow man. I am not sure what Frank calls his monster.

Later.Harry Signing out.



  1. Great post Harry! We *love* making up games, here, at Chez Peady. Thing 1 is great at it and I bet he’d love to play this game with you and your friends. It’s so awesome that you can use your imagination to keep yourselves entertained. It’s a great life skill! Even though you are stuck at home -yet again- I hope you make Tuesday great!

    • Actually I did, using action figures I played Star Wars with me and my friends as the main characters.

      • That is so fun! I am happy those action figures are still around! When I was little – in the olden days – I used to play “men” (which is what my friends called action figures) with my friends. Guess what! Even if I was Princess Leia it was still called “playing men”. Isn’t that silly?! Oh well! I am glad I got to be Leia anyway! 😀

  2. I wonder why the USA has a law against children doing, well, basically anything ever? Anyway I’m not sure it applies to people who are not in the USA. Despite what the USA legislature might believe, they cannot make rules for other countries! But maybe it applies to US-hosted sites? I actually don’t know.

    Anyway, I’ll enjoy reading guest posts 🙂 I used to play similar games, I remember one where we were in teams and had to run and hide and find each other by making call signals. I don’t remember the exact rules but I remember loving playing it!

  3. I used to make up games with my friends, too. Once we built a hut out of grass in the school field! They had a bunch of bushes against the fence and we made an “igloo” out of grass, like the Inuits we were learning about. I’m looking forward to more guests posts from you!

  4. Hi Harry! You know what, where I live we never have snow days? I mean, NEVER. My kids’ school is never cancelled. We get super cold days but I guess not as much snow as you – who knew! We live in Calgary.

    My boys who are 8 1/2 and 10 play a game after school with their friend, and it’s called Enchanted Nation. It sounds cool like your game. There are dragons involved and lots of swords and fighting. But fun fighting, if you know what I mean, like pretend battles.

  5. Now I want a pizza with marshmallows on it. Thanks a lot, Harry! 🙂

  6. Hey Harry!
    I think Charcoal is an excellent name for a dragon. What sorts of things does your dragon like to do?

    • Well, he enjoys dragon sports fireball target shooting etc and eating contests.

  7. I think Charcoal is a brilliant name for a dragon!

  8. I’m finally getting a chance to stop by and read your blog post. I’m your mom’s American friend from Alabama. My youngest sons enjoy using their imagination as well. Keep it up and keep writing about it.

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