Posted by: Hannah | 05/05/2014

she’s eensy weensy

The lovely and talented Allison came up with some questions for today’s Awesome Retro Meme Monday… how talented is she? So much so that I went to double-check her blog address so I could link to her, and got distracted by yesterday’s post, and then wrote a long comment, and clean forgot that I had already started writing a post of my own.

She’s that good, folks.

Anyway, I love her questions! As always, if you want to play along on your own blog or in the comments, please do! We old folks with wall-mounted telephones are all about playing the internet like it’s 2001.

1. What was your favourite subject in school? Anything not-math? I was really very good at math until grade four, went it all went horribly wrong, and I never really recovered. I kept plugging away at it, and teachers seemed to see something in me, because I kept getting put in advanced classes, where I floundered helplessly, wondering why in the fuck math needed Venn diagrams and letters, for god’s sake. In grade ten, we were subjected to a long lecture from our teacher after a particularly abysmal trigonometry test; until my dying day, I’ll never forget it. Mr. Keddy, this one’s for you:

When I was a young boy, I was in 4-H. And one summer, my project was to grow cabbages. I planted them from seed. I cared for them, fertilized them, weeded them, watered them. I had a lovely crop of cabbages. Then one morning I went out to the field and found that moths had eaten all of my cabbages. As I look at your scores on the test, I am reminded of how I felt that day.

Is it any wonder I hated math? Oy.

Anyway, I loved history and English; music was a favourite once I got to high school, and of the STEM-related subjects I liked biology the most. I found chemistry quite appealing – balance the equation! there’s only one right answer and it’s symmetrical, WHEE! – but my chem teacher was of the old school and blatant in his belief that girls shouldn’t do the hard sciences, so I ended up dropping it after only a year. I’ve always regretted that.

2. How did you meet your spouse? We met at university, in the smoking section of the day-student lounge. We were both dating other people at the time – both lovely people, by the way, and I have always considered Michael’s ex a friend. Anyway, I was telling an off-colour joke to a table of people and he laughed – he’s always had a great laugh. We invited him to sit with us and hit it off. We were friends for a solid year before anything romantic happened, though.

3. Coffee or tea? Depends on the time of day. First thing in the morning, you hit me with that coffee or we are going to have ISSUES. Mid-afternoon, I like a cup of tea. In my old age I can’t drink caffeine after 2pm or I’ll be up all night; the exception to this rule is when I have dinner in a restaurant. I never order tea in a restaurant because inevitably the teabag is the wrong kind – get away from me with your Red Rose, thank you so very much – and/or the water is not at a rolling boil. Bleah. No thanks. I used to travel a lot for work, often staying away for a week or more at a time, and I would always pack a teakettle and teabags in my luggage rather than put up with weak, lukewarm tea.

4. Public speaking – no big deal, or would rather die? Well. I do not like public speaking. My hands tremble and sweat. I often open by laughing nervously. But I’ve done it many times, and I’m told that people can’t tell I’m nervous. I used to have a harder time with it, but then once back before I had kids I had to give a presentation on workplace training to a roomful of largely-uneducated tradespeople at a dinner event. I was about halfway through when suddenly one of the employees – who had been taking full advantage of the open bar – started heckling me. Loudly. And with much profanity. I was probably 23? maybe 24? and had to defend not only myself but our entire program of workplace training and upgrading to a sloppy drunk who called me a “fucking know-it-all bitch” in front of my boss. I handled it, he was escorted out, and I survived… so whenever I have to speak in public now I just say to myself “will it be as bad as that time I gave that presentation?” and as the answer is always “probably not!” I can usually make myself get up there without too much angst.

5. That spider crawling up the spout – is it ‘eensy weensy’ or ‘itsy-bitsy’? Oh my goodness, I’m so relieved someone is finally asking me this! It’s ‘eensy-weesny’, or at least I always thought it was, and then I started interacting with other daycare providers and hearing this whole ‘itsy-bitsy’ thing and I just didn’t even know what to think. I feel like ‘eensy-weensy’ is maybe in the minority, though. Perhaps it’s regional? Who can say.




  1. Eensy-weensy all the way.

    • *high five*

  2. 1) Physics, math, biology, chem, history if taught by a good teacher (bad teachers make history a snore fest)…NOT ENGLISH! French? yes. English? NO.
    2) I met Mart the first part of my second year when he was visiting mutual friends who were still in school (he had graduated the spring before I started). I popped in to visit one day, as was my habit at the time and he was there. He had a guitar in his lap and was HOT, so I plunked right down and I asked if he wanted to share my McDs fries. He declined at first, then said ok. Which is funny, b/c now I know he doesn’t really like french fries.
    3)Coffee, but I do like tea.
    4) I was in 4-H, public speaking = no problem.
    5) Itsy Bitsy. Always.

    • Let’s go back to high school and do each other’s homework, OK? I never took physics. Math was bad enough.

      It’s adorable that Mart ate your french fries even though he doesn’t like them. AWWWW.

  3. Hahahaha! Oh, that story by the math teacher made me laugh. I was a TA in grad school and I clearly remember one exam I was marking and one person in the class got the (very large, worth most of the mark) question right. Whoa.

    I need to go do this!

  4. Oh Mr. Keddy, you are a master of both math AND guilt.

    I am so GLAD you mentioned the small spider issue. I learned it as the itsy-bitsy. Husband as eensy weensy. We both looked each other like the other was nuts. Other child song lyrics debate: little RABBIT foo foo or little BUNNY foo foo. I learned the former, him the latter. This has caused song issues in our family for 11 years now…

    • I’m afraid I have to agree with your husband on both counts, because it is little bunny foo-foo here, and also eensy-weensy. There you go, husband! The internet gives you two magical winning-pointless-argument points.

  5. *GASP* Heresy! It must be regional. Let’s just think it’s regional. I always thought no one who said ‘eensy-weensy’ would ever be a friend of mine. But I’m old and have abandoned most of my other principles, and I love Nicole even though she loves Calculus (with a crooning unseemly sort of passion if you ask me…..:)) …. Guess I have to go do my own frigging meme now, although it’s easier just being a dumbass on yours.

    • I know, right? Something about Nicole and calculus makes me want to tiptoe backwards out of the room so they can be alone. 😉

  6. It’s incy wincy spider, you heathens! And little bunny foo foo. Which takes on a whole new meaning now that I know some people use foo foo as a euphemism for vagina.


      Little Bunny Foo-Foo may be permanently ruined now. OH GOD.

    • Plugging ears and singing “la, la, la”

  7. Friday afternoon here, but what the heck 🙂

    1. Same here – math started going horribly wrong when I hit junior high and was consistently my worst grade throughout the rest of school. And I’d forgotten all about the cabbage speech (we were in the same class, remember?) but I distinctly remember him calling it “right triangle trigonometry” in that distinctly slow, somewhat peculiar drawl of his. Every. Single. Time.

    2. People here ask us this all the time and I always tell them we met at the train station, which tends to gets them imagining some romantic movie scenario, but it was more like a blind date sort of thing where a friend of a friend set us up. We chatted at Starbucks, went to the planetarium which had just opened and then dinner at a Thai restaurant. We hit it off, I called her the next day and the rest is history.

    3. Coffee, no question.

    4. No big deal in English, but I’d rather die in Japanese.

    5. Itsy bitsy, most definitely.

  8. Not sure if you’re going to want to do another “quiz” but I nominated you for a Liebster Award: No pressure to participate. Also, I’m pretty sure it’s “itsy bitsy” 😉

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