Posted by: Hannah | 06/10/2014

Ten Things to Combat Sadness

1. Thor: The Dark World is OnDemand until September 9th. That is a lot of times that I can watch this whenever I am blue:


Yes, this is from the first Thor movie, but you get the idea. Also, good heavens.


2. George has stayed nighttime dry every night for a week. I think this may finally, finally, FINALLY be the end of me buying diapers. This makes me do this:

giphy (1)


3. It’s been sunny and summertime hot for days, but not humid. I am finally warm for the first time in months. Last night I kicked off the blankets, even! It was bliss.

4. There are only twelve days plus one hour of school left for the year. Despite the fact that it means we will only be able to travel as far as we can walk – I need a minibus or possibly a giant RV, Duggar-style – I am so glad. Harry already asked if he could have a peanut butter sandwich for lunch every day this summer. OF COURSE YOU CAN. I also won’t miss permission slips, waiting at the bus stop with the neighbours, or keeping track of Ron’s Ever-Fucking Reading Folder and Harry’s word study book.

5. My oldest niece turned six last week. I sent her gardening supplies for her birthday; gloves, starter pots, quick-germinating seeds, watering can, nice sturdy tools. Yesterday she wrote a to-do list for after school. It had two items on it – “snack” and “gardening”.

6. This special Father’s Day video from the Toronto Blue Jays and SportChek (get the tissues!):

7. George doesn’t ask to be tucked in. Instead he says “I need to be tuggled up” and it’s the cutest thing ever. EVER. Don’t try to top it, because you can’t.

8. Ron got a buzzcut at his request and because I am a good mom I refrained from saying “NO OVER MY DEAD BODY I HATE BUZZCUTS AND YOUR HAIR IS SO CUTE WHEN IT’S SHAGGY WHYYYYYYY”. And I’m pleased to report that even though he then lost a front tooth, and looks kind of like a thug, he’s a cheery happy thug who doesn’t need to be squawked at to brush his hair in the mornings.

9. I went to a tweet-up full of strangers on Saturday night AND had a playdate with another friend-only-on-Twitter on Sunday. In terms of not being a weirdo hermit who never speaks to other adults, it was a productive weekend.

10. When I dressed to go to said tweet-up full of strangers, I put on my nice pants that I bought for Blissdom last fall… and they were too big. Not a little bit too big, either. I wore them anyway, because I’ve only worn them, like, three times and I had nothing else. I spent the whole night being careful not to lean too far forward because you could have dropped a whole bottle of beer down the back.

Here’s something adorably weird to put a smile on your face:


And what is making you happy, today?



  1. “tuggle up” omg. So cute. Also, my kids have always had short hair and this past fall Jake told the haircut lady to go super, super short and he loves it. It makes him look older, but the best thing is my kids never, ever comb their hair. Because…they don’t have to. It just kind of goes the way they want it to go, which is nice.

    The gardening stuff made me smile so big.

    What’s making me smile today: I saw a friend – the one who had a kickstarter campaign for his CD, and it’s being made, the sun is shining, my flowers are pretty, and we’re having pasta for dinner.

    • All good stuff! I thought you’d like the gardening thing. I decided to kit her out because apparently she was saving the seeds out of her fruit from school lunches and trying to plant them in the apartment building courtyard. No one could convince her that you can’t grow a grapefruit tree in Charlottetown.

  2. Beware. It starts with a beer-bottle gap and ends up with all your clothes being maternity outfits. I now have skirts that I can only wear with long tops because otherwise you see two inches of underwear. Like a weird Mormon-prison gangster cross.

    • “Mormon-prison gangster cross” made me spit coffee all over my shirt that is too big.

  3. Erm, that seal on a turtle is making me pretty happy now.
    Also you and Nicole posting happy things for me to take an internet break with. Much appreciated.
    I wore my new running shoes that I got for only $40 yesterday … and I went faster. Concocted the best lunch ever out of lentils and brown rice, heavy on the cilantro and lime juice. Wearing a nice green shirt for a change.
    And Spoon. The band. Always, Spoon.

    • Lentils! I love lentils. I haven’t cooked with lentils in too long – time to haul out the old lentil jar and torment my family.

  4. 8 days left of preschool!
    8yo ran a KM and said “wow that was easy” in his training today
    Both boys wanted to hold my hand walking home from the park today.
    The scale is finally moving in the right direction!
    The sun is shining all day!
    I made an ice cream cake with bits of waffle cone on top and both boys declared it to look epic.
    Did i mention, 8 days left of preschool?

    • These are all great things! Especially the scale, I know you were getting discouraged. Well done!

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