Posted by: Hannah | 06/13/2014

father knows best

Sunday is Father’s Day, and this year I decided to borrow an idea from my nephew’s preschool and ask each of the kids a series of questions about their dads. I write the answers on a piece of paper and put them inside cards that the kids made.

The answers were often hilarious, and illustrate one important fact – little kids are egomaniacs. As you read the answers, bear in mind that I was giving examples, sometimes asking each question in many different ways, and generally trying to get the kids to think about their dads rather than themselves.



What is your daddy’s name? She got it right, I’ll just say that.

How old is your daddy? 36. (Nope, he’s actually 44. But he’ll be flattered, no doubt.)

My Daddy likes… waffles and to go to the bathroom and poop.

Someday, Daddy will… play with me!

Daddy loves me because… he does.

I love Daddy… when Daddy is being grumpy.


What is your daddy’s name? Right answer!

How old is your daddy? 46. (Oh, HA HA HA HA HA HA NOPE. He’s 28.)

My daddy likes… to play with cupcakes by himself and to watch hockey. (No idea what ‘cupcakes’ are in this case.)

Someday, Daddy will… draw stuff.

Daddy loves me because… I don’t know why.

I love Daddy because… he lets me watch movies with him.


What is your daddy’s name? Right answer! Plus an eye roll because he knows I know, and he thought I was kidding.

How old is your daddy? 45. Right again!

My daddy likes… to play choo-choo trains with me.

Someday, daddy will… go to the moon.

Daddy loves me because… I am happy.

I love daddy because… I like him.




  1. Those are so cute. I love those kinds of question/ answers. My boys came home with ones they’d made for their dad. “Superhero” was the theme. Both boys independently said that their dad’s super power was “making money” and I’m wondering what the teachers thought of that. Also I’m dying to know what other kids said.

  2. I did this once with Angus – I think all of his answers were “Elmer Fudd”. He also thought Matt worked in the car.

  3. Oh god I barked with laughter at Daisy’s answer to the third question. Preschoolers are just designed to embarrass parents.

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