Posted by: Hannah | 07/04/2014

dayhome – challenge edition

First week of summer vacation is nearly behind us.

The gods are laughing at me, I swear.

Monday was the last ‘day’ of school. In reality they dismissed at 10AM, report cards tucked into their bookbags. As a last day of school treat, I lathered everybody up with sunscreen and took them to our new favourite destination, a city park that includes a salt-water beach. We had a picnic and swam and built sand castles, and by the time I got everyone home Pixie was an exhausted sobbing mess who then took a 3 hour nap.

Tuesday was Canada Day. I slept in – until 8:30AM, decadence! luxury! – then packed snacks, water, and the boys into the van for a day ‘in town’. We watched the NS International Tattoo parade, took a tour of the HMCS Halifax, had a free ferry ride across the harbour and back, and ate fresh fish & chips at a wharfside seafood¬†restaurant. I made strawberry shortcake for supper (with biscuits, because using sponge cake is an unholy blasphemy perpetrated by Western Canada, amen) and let Harry stay up late to watch our across-the-road neighbours set off fireworks for an hour.

Wednesday. Louis’ mom called bright and early to tell me he was on his way to the emergency room, because after hurting his foot the day before he was still limping and in pain. He arrived three hours later, with a vague diagnosis of “not broken, not quite a sprain but obviously inflamed, give him Advil and try to keep him from using the foot too much”. YES, THANK YOU, DOCTOR, MAY I INTRODUCE YOU TO EVERY FOUR YEAR OLD BOY EVER??? Some tips on how to keep him from moving that don’t involve rope or duct tape would be appreciated. Wednesday night was also the night of both-boys-at-baseball.

Thursday. Hurricane warnings for the weekend abound! The air was so humid and hot that the kids didn’t want to go outside, as it felt like pushing through a wet sponge. Louis still not supposed to walk too much. Pixie arrived in a vile temper. The dog spent the day staring at me sadly. I washed and line-dried four loads of laundry to catch up lest we lose power on the weekend. I decided to order something different for my weekly Chinese take-out indulgence and it was a bland, weirdly-textured disaster that left me feeling sad. On the plus side, Harry made blueberry muffins with no help from me, so I win at life. We played “What Time is it, Mr. Wolf” and had circle time for 45 minutes, and had an impromptu scavenger hunt. The older boys & I made a 3D sketch. THEY WERE ENRICHED AND ENTERTAINED ALL DAY.

Today, Louis arrived still limping. The hurricane is getting closer and it rained all night, so outdoors is now wet in addition to foggy and humid. Immediately on arrival all the kids came up to me separately and asked to do the scavenger hunt again. Despite the temperatures, they all decided to play dress-up. We had another 45 minute circle time. I got Harry and Ron to clean their room with the promise of a joint playdate on Sunday (secretly I’m hoping that the power goes out and we have to cancel, because I am an asshole). I gave them a bundle of newspapers to make into ‘snowballs’ to throw around. I took them on a hunt for large puddles and let them jump (or, in Louis’ case, wade) until they were all soaked.

It’s almost lunchtime. Then comes naptime. My house is an absolute mess. My fridge is nearly empty and every child is going home in soaking-wet boots.

Next week will surely be easier, right?


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