Posted by: Hannah | 07/09/2014

healthy me, 2.5 month check in

Project Healthier Me check in, after 10 weeks.

Right off the bat, I’m going to tell you my current weight… because I want to be free from worrying about it, and if I’m keeping it a Big Secret I’m still letting it rule me.

As of this morning, I weigh 185lbs. When I stopped stepping on the scale out of sheer horror, I was a few pounds over 200.

There. Done. Moving on.

I found a substitute for frozen pineapple, for the smoothies. Frozen mango is readily available and I’ve always preferred it to pineapple anyway, so boo-yah! I’m eating all the mangoes. Delicious.

Total weight loss is around 15 pounds, give or take. Last week I tried of a pair of pants that haven’t fit since before George was born and GUESS WHAT I AM WEARING THEM RIGHT NOW. And they are actually fitting comfortably, not cutting into my stomach or leaving a button imprint next to my bellybutton. I’m also back into my pre-George Fancy Expensive Bra, which makes me very happy indeed, because the ill-fitting crappy Victoria’s Secret one I bought in desperation before Blissdom last year was giving me the sads every time I put it on.

My stamina is really improving. My new personal-best walk distance with the dayhome kids is 4.5km – and I’m carrying a toddler in a backpack plus pushing one in a stroller. I sweat, but I don’t want to die, or anything. I’m also mowing the lawn a lot faster than I used to and I seem to be able to carry more bags of groceries into the house at once.

My skin is clearing up – I didn’t realize how many adult zits I was actually getting until I wasn’t getting them anymore. I still get headaches when the barometric pressure changes rapidly, and during Shark Week, but they can be chased away with one extra-strength Advil instead of the two three as-many-as-it-takes I was used to.

I am much better able to have treat foods in moderate amounts. This has never happened to me in the history of ever so I’m still sort of surprised at my restraint. (I’ll have a cereal bowl of tortilla chips instead of a whole bag of sour cream & bacon Ruffles, for example).

I’m down to two cups of coffee a day, max. Some days I only have one.

I don’t need my mid-afternoon cookie or chocolate treat anymore.

I had a major breakthrough on Sunday. Ron was invited to a friend’s house for the afternoon, and the friend’s mom invited me as well for “a cup of tea and a swim!” (their house is right on the lake). I had only met her once, very briefly, at a birthday party last fall. Normally the idea of appearing in front of Another Adult Human in my bathing suit would have sent me right off a cliff of shame, but one of my main motivators for this whole process is to be more present and fun for my kids. What kind of parent would I be if I sat on the shore? So I put on my bathing suit and went swimming. It was great. We all had a nice time and are making plans to do it again.

It was all very freeing, and then I read this article by Jenny Trout, a novelist I love very much, called “I Wore a Bikini and Nothing Happened“. Instead of shriveling into a little ball of second-hand terror I thought huh, I haven’t worn a bikini since I was a teenager but I always thought they were much more comfortable than one piece suits. I could do that. I should order one for next year. Not because I think I’m hot, or anything, but because I’m feeling healthier and happier than I have in years, and I kind of want to celebrate.




  1. Hannah! That’s AMAZING. Go you!

  2. Yay! So happy for you! 😀
    And just FYI, mod cloth has some great deals on cute swim wear right now.

    • You’ve been a big help, Diana. A great support and wonderful resource, too. So thank YOU. And I’ll check out mod cloth.

  3. Yay you! You have no idea how happy this post makes me – I’m so happy for you. Hooray for feeling good in your own skin and for being all-round healthier. And yeah…bikinis ARE way more comfy IMO than one pieces (which always give me a wedgie). I say go for it! You’re beautiful! You’re amazing! You’re you! And I’m not just saying that because I “tolerate” you – you are my dear friend and I love you with big pink puffy hearts. Balloon hearts, even!

    • PINK PUFFY BALLOON HEARTS!! Full of snack mix, because obvs.

      Thanks honey, I love you, too. And I also find one-piece suits give me a wedgie, especially when I’m actually trying to swim. Just not as comfy for me! So maybe I will get the two-piece and if I do, I’ll wear it to Blissdom.

  4. Good for you 🙂 That’s really great!

    • Thank you! Your support through all of this has been greatly appreciated. Nice to have someone who is going through the same thing in my corner. xo

      • You’re doing better than me, right now. I’ve been slacking off (big time) for about 6 weeks, and it shows 🙂 Ah well. I think my brain got tired of gym people forgetting that I was there to get fit, not get skinny. It;s a sore point for me.

  5. You SHOULD celebrate! This is great news! Go you!! 🙂

    • Thank you!!

  6. You’re making some great progress! Woo! Go you! Making healthy changes is really rewarding, long-term. It’s important to remind ourselves of that when we’re in the middle of a, “OMG, I MUST EAT ALL THE CHOCOLATE” kind of moments.

    Also — about the bathing suit — good on you! Putting on a bathing suit in front of other adults is tough for a lot of us — regardless of size, in a lot of cases. But the thing I’ve noticed is that many people are more concerned with their own appearance than that of others. So I say go for it! Get that bikini and ROCK IT!

  7. Glad you’re happier!

  8. This is all such excellent news! Good for you!

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