Posted by: Hannah | 10/17/2014

fall back

It’s been so long since I posted here that I’ve almost forgotten how.

I have tried, I swear! There are currently 13 blank ‘add new post’ entries on my dashboard marked draft. Some of them have titles and nothing else. This is what WordPress does, you see, when you are forced to shut the screen / laptop / internet / brain down without warning. It creates a draft! How optimistic! Surely this writer-person will be back in no time to continue crafting that little slice of life for her readers!

I need to delete all those aborted posts, probably. They feel like failures even though intellectually I know they shouldn’t.

Where to begin?

Our 10th wedding anniversary was last week. A year ago we had Big Plans for the day. A long weekend away! Maybe Vegas! New York! Toronto sans children! Let’s get our wills done so we can get on a plane without guilt! THIS IS GONNA BE EPIC.

Then our real life reasserted itself. The boys went to my mom’s for an overnight this summer and fell apart totally, all three of them, in a perfect swirling orgy of homesickness. When she brought them back she pretty much said “no more, never again, nope”.


Then the car needed some work. Then some more work. Then the van needed two new tires. Then Harry had a chance at a winter-long baseball skills clinic with a Montreal Expos draft pick. Then Ron decided that he wanted to take art classes, and the supply list cost was more than double the registration fee. Then we all needed clothes, and Halloween costumes for the kids, and stuff? Other stuff? Basically we have enough money for our lives as they are right this minuteand putting aside any extra for fanciful trips to honeymoon destinations is just not in the cards right now.

In the end, we decided on an overnight at a hotel in Halifax’s downtown, and my youngest sister is going to come stay with the boys in the hopes that familiar surroundings will be enough to quell their rebellion at missing out on a breakfast buffet and possibly a hot tub.

We also had dinner in a nice restaurant with all three of them. They got all dressed up in button-down shirts and ties – at their request – and we were out past their bedtime. It was special, and since our marriage has been in many ways defined by our children (Harry was born nine months after our wedding, heh) it felt right to include them in the celebration.

Then Thanksgiving, and it was the nicest one we’ve had in a long time. My brother and two of my nieces came for a visit, and it was all very laid-back and relaxed. It was just… really lovely. My brother and I have always been close, but in recent months we’ve really reconnected and it’s been wonderful. Most Friday nights find me in his ‘man-shed’, drinking a beer that he studiously pours into a glass for me because he knows I don’t like drinking it out of cans, listening to the “90s at 9” mix on the radio and playing Sonic the Hedgehog.  The shed is heated by the small cast iron woodstove from my grandparents’ living room – he even got the set of fire tools I used as a kid. I come home from these evenings filled up with talk and laughing, smelling like wood smoke and cigarettes, tired but happy, restored.

We also squeezed in a quick visit with my parents, just the boys and I. We went with her and my sister to pick out Halloween pumpkins – always a Very Important Part of the October festivities. We selected four good-sized ones, and then George insisted on a tiny little pie pumpkin for himself. He had to be dissuaded from bringing it in the house to stay in his room until the big day, and every time it rains he looks out the front door at our pumpkin family and yells “THEY ARE GETTING A BATH, THOSE PUMPKINS, AND MY PUMPKIN, WHICH IS A LITTLE PIE PUMPKIN THAT IS MINE.” I can already see that November 1st is going to be a challenge, and we will likely need to incorporate a wrinkly rotted pumpkin into our Christmas decor this year.

I feel like there are Pinterest opportunities there that I need to exploit.




  1. Hannah starts a trend that takes over pallet furniture. Rotten pumpkin porch decorations.
    And hey, a night in Halifax is better than one in Red Deer. (where we spent our tenth.)

  2. I relate to the ‘right this minute’ concept. I refer to it as having no shock absorber. Which, can make a momma antsy. 😉
    Enjoyed reading about your comings and goings. Did the wee pumpkin get a name!

  3. G and his pumpkin is the cutest visual I’ve had ALL DAY. I thought we would do something exotic like go to Paris for our tenth anniversary, but that didn’t happen. I couldn’t leave the kids for so long! Happy anniversary!

  4. Oh man. You should see my draft list. I leave them there though. You never know when you’ll need fodder.

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