Posted by: Hannah | 11/01/2014


Would you believe I drafted a huge long post about the whole Jian Ghomeshi mess, and in the 24 hours I had it in ‘drafts’ for later revision it went wildly out of date? The story is changing so rapidly now that it’s almost impossible to respond coherently beyond “this dude belongs in jail.”

Yeah. I think we can agree that the scariest thing we’ve heard about this week is Big Ears Teddy.


Harry is learning to play the recorder in school. So far he’s learned Hot Cross Buns (sort of), gotten the cleaning cloth stuck in it once and the cleaning rod stuck twice, and prompted George to ask if Santa will bring him a recorder, too.

I’m hoping Santa brings me some earplugs.


We can definitely say without a doubt that Ron is still very nervous about Halloween. This year for the first time it made him feel bad that he couldn’t go to the Halloween dance at school. He was so disappointed, and a little teary, but he just cannot deal with scary masks. When I got to the school with Harry and George, two of Ron’s “buds” as he calls them ran up to me (a Harry Potter and an Elsa!) and asked if he’d come.

Potter: Oh, Ron couldn’t make himself come, huh?

Me: Well, he just really doesn’t like scary masks and stuff, you know?

Elsa: We know. He’s kind of embarrassed about it but he shouldn’t be! It’s OK!

And then my heart grew three sizes because honestly, what good kids.

And after all that worry, Ron had a blast trick or treating. He keeps saying it was “the most awesome trick or treating experience ever, IN MY LIFE!” and then stuffing more candy into his face. It’s pretty endearing.


Not so endearing is that the goddamn well pump is on the fritz… again. See, it’s a jet pump and what happens is that particles drop off the insides of the well liner and get stuck in the pump. Or something. And apparently there is no easy fix, even though I suggested several to the plumber, including “can’t you put a screen or something over the end of the jet” and “if I just let the pump run without stopping for enough hours won’t it clear the blockage”.

(Plumbers love me. Also mechanics. Ask me about my patented “that noise sounds bad, I’d better turn up the radio to drown it out” manoeuvre. My delaying tactics always end up causing me stress and costing me money. You’d think I’d learn.)

Anyway, I’m spending the weekend running back and forth to the power switch for the pump, turning it on and off as needed, and wincing in advance for what it’s going to cost this coming week to get two guys out here to pull the pump, repair the damage, and drop it back down again. Not to mention at least a morning with the dayhome and no water.


We finally unbent and subscribed to Netflix. It is safe to say that we should have done this a long, long time ago. Right now we’re binge-watching Breaking Bad – or Michael is trying to, anyway. I call a halt every night after two episodes because I just cannot handle feeling that shitty about life for too long. We’re into season 4 and these are my thoughts, for anyone who wants to play along without spoilers:

  • Team Jesse. Yes, even when he’s going to rehab for all the wrong reasons. I pink-puffy-heart him and want him to survive.
  • WHY are so many people such fans of Walter White?? I don’t mean Bryan Cranston, he does an absolutely stellar job in the role, but the character. HE IS NOT THE HERO, PEOPLE. He is a bad bad man who deserves to have bad things happen to him.
  • Marie and Skyler are about the most annoying women ever. In fact there isn’t a sympathetic female character on the show and that’s disappointing, really. It’s kind of a sausage party.
  • I should have paid closer attention in chemistry class.
  • Don’t you wish you could try hard drugs, just once, and be guaranteed no consequences, no addiction problems, nothing, just so you’d actually be able to experience that kind of high for yourself? Or is that just me? Related: Trainspotting, but at the beginning when it was all fun and sexy accents, not at the end with the dead babies and the toxoplasmosis and stuff.

I’m also watching all of Star Trek: The Next Generation from the beginning and forcing the kids to watch it with me because otherwise they will spend all of their allotted screen time gaping at seventeen different version so Pokemon, and no. Just no.


This is the first year in a long time that I haven’t made the decision to try blogging every day in November. I may make the attempt, because I feel like this space is dying a long, protracted death and NaBloPoMo may be the CPR it needs. So, if you suddenly see an uptick in posts, that’s why.

I had big plans last spring to try NaNoWriMo, and I even started to write something just to get me going, but I know I do not have the mental energy for that this year. I’m a little sad about that, but that’s just where I am right now. Two of the four little kids don’t nap anymore (I KNOOOOOW, it is to weep) and so in order to get an hour of solitude to write I’d need to get up at 4AM.

Since sleep is already in short supply around here, it wouldn’t be fair to my family to put them through a month of me deliberately depriving myself of rest. If I do have a book in me somewhere, it’ll need to wait patiently for a little longer.


Anyone tackling either of the November writing challenges?



  1. I just finished watching Breaking Bad last night – what an incredible series, it definitely lives up to the hype. And Walter White, yeah – at first I was cheering for him but as the series goes on and you see what a lying, manipulative, selfish person he is/becomes it gets harder to understand why the character has so many fans. At the same time though, it’s nice to have a TV show with a protagonist that is a genuinely complex character. Let me know when you finish it and maybe we can compare notes or whatever.

    And that sucks about the well pump. Our 1997 Mazda Familia is on its last legs so we have to shell out for a new set of wheels before winter (and Xmas, and New Year’s, and a shitload of birthdays, etc.) so…spending money, yeah, fun, I feel your pain.

    • A new car?? Yeah, you win. That’s just balls. HATE that. We spent about $1700 on car maintenance in October which was bad enough but at least we didn’t have to replace any vehicles outright.

  2. So I had a comment all prepared last night and then got the error message and now for the life of me, all I can think is yes please, I want some consequence-free hard drugs. Have you heard heroin users describe a heroin high? Screw the antidepressants, I want some good old Bayer heroin!

    And yes, the well thing sucks beyond belief. Also, now I have badly-played recorder Hot Cross Buns as an earworm, so thanks for that.

    • You’re welcome. 😀

      Bayer is totally missing out on the consequence-free heroin market.

  3. Okay, I know there are a lot of people who have a thing for Jesse but I just…don’t. I don’t know if he’s too young or too dependent, or what. I tell you what team I am, though. TEAM MIKE. Yes, I had/have a massive crush on the old hitman. This probably says something very weird about me.

    • Yesss, Mike is The Bomb but I’m trying not to get too attached. I feel like he’s too fabulous to live.

  4. Also…shiiiiiiite about the pump. Boo.

  5. Well I’m very late to this thread but I will comment anyway because Breaking Bad! I have no idea why anyone is pro Walter White. I mean Bryan Cranston, hell yes, amazing actor. WW? No, horrible man who ruined his family and friends and all kinds of other people out of ego and control. Man I can’t wait until you hit Season 5. Honestly, it is the first program that came close to rivaling The Wire’s first four seasons for plot and amazing acting. Just. So. Good.

  6. I have also decided to jump into NaBloPoMo. I have managed to rope … er … encourage … another friend or two into it as well. I figure with my motivation and their arse-kicking threats … er … services… I might just be able to do it. I am also not raising my expectations. Aiming low. That’s my plan. By comparison I have already posted 100% more than I did in October, so that is a definite improvement.

    We love Breaking Bad. I agree on the 2 episode limit for the same reason. Some episodes are gut wrenchingly sad. We have watched all, but the last season and will do that soon. I can’t believe I have been able to avoid most of the plotlessness/spoilers! It is very beneficial being a hermit. 😉 Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

    ST:TNG: LOVE. That is all. We have it on DVD. The kids have seen most. They love it. I am so proud. 🙂

    So sweet about Ron’s buds. That’s kind. I love kind kids. I have meet children who don’t know the meaning of the word kind. Literally. They were all “wut”. Sad. Go Ron! Glad his Trick or Treating was happy.

    Sorry about the well. Yeeps!

    Yay Recorders! (plural!!)

    Now about the former radio host. Hoo boy! I have also managed to avoid a lot of that news because, well, gross. I had no clue about the bear and now I am fully convinced that he is bat shit crazy as well as an abusive asshat. 😦

    I am so glad that people are speaking up and coming forward and that police are now involved.

    Wow! I have thoughts! Sorry! *crawls back under her rock* 😀

  7. I am glad you are going to give NaBloPoMo a go! I’m trying it as well for the first time. Recorders, I remember having to learn how to play those darn things but I don’t think we ever took them home. My parents got lucky. However, the chose to put us in after school music lessons (not assoc w the school). I was required to take accordion and my brother keyboard. Can you tell I was a cool kid?

  8. I’m doing nanowrimo as always. I love it. I think I am actually the better for it – it makes me insist on time to myself to write, which is actually healing. I have been MORE patient with Owl in the last few days.

    I also loathe Walter White, although I love when he solves problems with science. I really like his kid. I couldn’t handle the show. I tapped out after… Season three I think? I realized how significantly elevated my anxiety levels were for DAYS after watching it. Oddly Walking Dead doesn’t do that to me despite the fact that I’m NECROPHOBIC.

  9. I’m not doing NaNoWriMo or NaBloPoMo – I don’t have a story to tell for the first, and dont’ feel like it’d have time for the second.

    Star Trek the Next Generation is one of my favourites. Hope the kids are enjoying it too!

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