Posted by: Hannah | 11/08/2014

playing catch up

Yes, this is the second post in an hour. No, it’s not long. Yes, it’s kind of crap.

But here’s the thing.

I started Friday’s post in plenty of time to get it finished. Everything was going along fine, until Charlie decided that afternoon naps are for suckers, jerks, and babies. His angry yelling woke up Daisy. The rain was pouring down. Then Michael came home early because we’d made plans months ago to attend our local sci-fi and fantasy convention, Hal-Con, with the boys.

By the time we got home from that, George had fallen sound asleep and needed to be carried in to the house. I rolled him into bed fully-clothed because the excitement of the day had worn him out completely. Then a text came in from my brother, asking me to come over for our weekly beer.

I was drifting off to sleep over Joe Hill’s NOS4A2 (great book, imaginative premise, scary) when I remembered the unfinished post.


I promised myself I’d finish it today.

Then Michael was gaming at a tournament all day. I did groceries, ran errands, cleaned the house, made pizza, visited with my sister, all with three boys in tow. By the time it was 9pm and I could finish the post, I was exhausted and just wanted it done. I picked up where I left off. I finished the post. I clicked “publish”.

And WordPress ate it.


I re-wrote it. Again. Shorter this time. I posted it. Breathed. Chatted with some friends online. Decided that I needed to get back on track or fail.


Here we are.

All caught up. Tomorrow, we start fresh.



  1. When technology is good, it’s very, very good and when it is bad it is HULK SMASHY SONOFA RACKEN FRAKEN OMG I GIVE UP I’M GOING TO LIVE IN THE WOODS FOREVER bad.

    I am so sorry WP ate your post. I am glad you posted this. Onward!

  2. KHAAAAAAAN. *dies laughing*. C’mon, Hannah, the IMPORTANT thing is, you didn’t miss your weekly bro beer. Also, thank you for persevering in commenting on my blog – we will break the commenting curse! The struggle is real! I am SO TIRED OF SOLO PARENTING.

    • I have never been so relieved to see bedtime in my entire life as I was tonight, I swear to god.

  3. Way to go. Having to repeat myself or rewrite my words gives me a twitch. 😉

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