Posted by: Hannah | 11/09/2014

a perfect moment, with nerds

Friday night we took the kids to the Hal-Con Sci-Fi & Fantasy Convention, to walk around and look at the costumes. (Also to shop, although we didn’t read the schedule very carefully and thus had less than half an hour to check out vendors. I got some cute little soaps in the shapes of Star Wars ships for the boys’ stockings, and that was it.

Extra-large coffee mug with the direwolf and “Winter Is Coming” emblazoned on it, I hardly knew ye.

Anyway, it was lots of fun, and I’m always impressed by the level of effort people put into their costumes. I don’t recognize a lot of the fandoms, especially all the anime (but the three couples I saw dressed as Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon, with varying degrees of success? Yeah. Got that.) but it amazes me the talent, skill, and love that people put into cosplay.

George’s Very Favourite Thing In The World right now is Guardians of the Galaxy. He loved that movie. LOVED IT. He loves the soundtrack and requests particular songs based on what was happening on screen when the song in question was playing; thus Redbone’s “Come and Get Your Love” is the ‘dancing spacerat song’ and The Jackson Five’s I Want You Back” is ‘dancing baby Groot’.

He’s also asked Santa for an impossible thing; to wit, a green t-shirt with all five Guardians on it. I have yet to find such a thing, so if anyone has any suggestions on that front please let me know.

His favourite character is Peter Quill, A.K.A. Star-Lord, and so imagine what happened when we were walking through the con and right there in front of him was a very convincing and credible Star-Lord, face mask and all.

George’s hand clamped down on mine. He stopped dead in his tracks. His whole face lit up and his jaw actually dropped open. “Star-LORD,” he whispered. Then, “Mommy. It is STAR-LORD.”

And bless the woman in the costume, because she stopped. She came right up to him and knelt down so she was face to face. She offered her hand and said “Yes, my name is Star-Lord, what’s yours?”

“I’m George” he whispered, not burying his face in my leg as he so often does when he meets someone new. He high-fived her twice. It was a huge moment in his life, and it was probably one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. I am so very grateful to that mystery cosplayer who took two minutes out of her Friday night to give my little guy a special moment, and give our whole family a truly cool memory.




  1. Good luck with finding that t shirt. I too, have an impossible gift to find. Simon wants a transformer-Spiderman for Christmas. I’ve looked it up. These are two very separate movies. It’s the only thing he’s asking for.

  2. I wonder if you could find an image with all 5 guardians on, and print it on one of those make your own t shirt sites? Like maybe this image:

    • I was going to suggest a diy job too. I think that you can buy transfer paper that you can print onto from a regular printer and then put it on a t-shirt.

  3. I found this one on Etsy:

    You can find all kinds of other cool things on there – there are several Star Lord shirts and little Groot pendants.

    I must be expecting my time of the month because I totally teared up at the Star Lord and George story. Some people are SO KIND.

  4. Aw, sweetie. That’s so cute. BTW I think that movie has the best soundtrack ever!

  5. So cute!! (And totally jealous of your boys getting star wars ship shaped soaps!)

  6. I’m a softy, Hannah! I’m in tears here. George is such a cutie. I love this post.

  7. The Star-Lord story made my heart melt. These things mean so much to little ones. ❤

  8. I love the idea of those Cons but avoid them because I hate crowds so much. But damn, that sounds awesome.

  9. […] found a picture of our good friend Star-Lord on the Hal-Con Facebook page today. I left a comment thanking her again for her kindness when […]

  10. […] found a picture of our good friend Star-Lord on the Hal-Con Facebook page today. I left a comment thanking her again for her kindness when […]

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