Posted by: Hannah | 11/26/2014

oh, Facebook. the gift that keeps on taking.

I opened up Facebook the other day and this charming image was in my newsfeed:


In case you’re reading this on your phone and can’t see the text, it says “guns don’t kill people, dads with pretty daughters do“. It features a picture of a handgun being pointed at the reader.

Where do I even start with everything that’s wrong with this? It insults responsible gun owners, people who wear hoodies, women, men, daughters, sons, and humans.

With this shirt, you are saying:

  1. that murdering people you have minor disagreements with is both defensible and hilarious
  2. that fathers have complete control over the sexual lives of their daughters
  3. that my sons deserve to die if they have physical relationships with females
  4. that ‘not pretty’ daughters don’t deserve the same consideration as ‘pretty’ ones

Did I miss anything? (Edit while writing: @MayLHarrison on Twitter pointed out that the person who buys such a hoodie would likely have a dreadful reaction if his pretty daughters having sex with girls. Good point! And sadly probably true. I can just imagine.)

Anyway, a distant family member posted this, and that was bad enough, but then I saw it had three “likes” and they were all from women, which is when I gave up and started drinking because why why WHY isn’t this getting any better?

Now, I will confess that I’m blogging about this because responding to the original post will be spitting into the wind. I will get told that “it’s just a joke”. It may cause a family ruckus. I already have a reputation of being dangerously left-wing, and strident. I once posted a link on Facebook ranting about the whole “pretty pink princess” thing and some dads I know who I thought were quite progressive jumped all over me.

I don’t feel like getting into it, is what I’m saying. It’s November and it gets dark by 4:30, and I’m anxious enough all the time anyway without picking fights with regressive rednecks on Facebook.

But dammit all to hell.




  1. *face palm*

    After an amazing conversation via Twitter (and the #NaBloPoMo hashtag) about racism yesterday, I woke up today to new Twitter followers who proudly proclaimed to “like pretty much anything redneck” and my gut reaction was to burn that mother down because who are these people?!?

    I let cooler heads prevail and BARSed those hate mongers as fast as my little fingers could, but yeesh!


  2. WOW. Thank you for writing this post. Some people need a good shaking, to put their ideas back in place!

  3. The world makes me sad. Besides, the shirt should say l “cops who know they can do anything while on duty and get away with it do.” Not okay, but more factually accurate.

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