Posted by: Hannah | 12/01/2014

we were making rather merry yesterday

Michael’s office Christmas party was on Saturday night. His company’s head office is in Charlottetown, a four-hour drive from here, so they spring for a hotel room and travel costs to encourage the (small) Halifax office staff to attend.

My sister came and stayed with the kids, so we got a night off in a hotel. Good deal.

We dressed up all nice, and I actually did my hair instead of attempting to blow-dry it straight and then cursing the results. We drove up with one of his co-workers – she was born in 1990, people, I have t-shirts older than this girl – and at her suggestion we played “50 Questions to Ask Your Road-Trip Companions”. Brilliant idea and I even learned some things about Michael that I didn’t know.

At the party we started off being all well-behaved and drinking sensible amounts of alcohol, but then the boring speeches started and someone (I think it was me) suggested that shots might be a good idea. So five of us cracked into the tequila, and then Michael won a 40″ TV as a door prize, and the DJ started playing music from the 80s & 90s.


I must tell the internet that my husband can dance, no joke. The man has moves. Also he knows every word to Iggy Azalea’sĀ Fancy, and this is either really strange or the most wonderful gift that 2014 has brought me.

I finally crawled into bed at 4AM, only to wake up a mere 2.5 hours later with the worst hangover of my 30s. If someone had handed me a shotgun, I’d have died with praise for their kindness on my lips. A handful of Advil, a greasy McDonald’s breakfast with the extra hashbrown, and about four million gallons of water later, I started thinking that maybe I would live.

Notable things that happened on our trip:

  • I was asked for ID at the liquor store. Hear that, folks? I got carded and I was so pleased I almost took out my phone to record the moment for posterity.
  • One of the PEI office staff got inappropriately close to me at the bar. I don’t know quite how a man casually rests his elbow on a strange woman’s breast while ordering two glasses of house white, but there it it.
  • Another one of his co-workers is trying to kick a life-long two pack a day smoking habit by using one of those e-vape gizmos. When he first took it out of his pocket, I honestly thought it was a hash pipe. So sheltered, much hermit.
  • For the second year in a row, we got tangled up in Charlottetown’s Santa Claus parade while trying to get to the hotel. PEI traffic control personnel, take note! You don’t have to barricade every single cross-street for five blocks around the downtown core. There are better ways to do that.
  • Did I mention Michael won a sweet-ass TV? Did I also mention that I, Hannah, woefully-inept installer of technical things, managed to get it up and working properly? Because that’s a thing that happened, too.

All in all it was a fun weekend, although man, am I introverted-out today. Looking forward to tonight when the kids are finally in bed and I can flop.



  1. At any given time I have a Canadian neighbor (the “other” English teacher in our town) and to paraphrase Wooderson from Dazed & Confused, as I get older they stay about the same age. Since we have our own houses, while most of the other twentysomething English teachers in our prefecture live in apartments, the house next door has become the official place for huge parties. This is awesome for me since I normally have to spend 4000 to 5000 yen (about $40 to $50) for a taxi home after a night out, and since most of the attendees are “foreigners” I can get drunk AND speak English at the same time! Woohoo!

    Last month though, in addition to usual drinking and English, I also ended up playing “beer pong” and then participating in two rounds of a relay game where we had to down a beer and then flip the empty cup over onto its top so the next person on our team could do the same. I am proud to say that “Team Canada” won, but when I got up to fix breakfast for the kids the next morning I’m pretty sure that I was still drunk, and I was still a bit hungover the next day too.

    The two day hangover – I had heard about it from “old people” in their thirties when I was back in uni, but I can now tell you from experience that it really is a thing.

    • This story killed me dead. You playing beer pong?? I laugh and laugh and laugh.

      And yes, I was still drunk when I woke up. That’s the WORST. Normally I try to stay awake until I sober up – I find it helps with the hangover a little bit – but this time I was still actually consuming alcohol at 3AM (wine! because that’s a solid idea!) so I’m pretty sure when we got in the car to drive home I’d have failed a breathalyzer. BAD MOMMY.

  2. Just commenting to say loved this post – it was so charming and funny and vivid. So good to hear you had a great time!

    • Thanks so much! I wanted to record it for posterity so maybe next year I don’t get into the Mexican devil-water. :p

  3. I am surprised, and grateful, that you didn’t post the same co-workers video of us dancing to ‘Home for a Rest’. She may be young, but that just means she knows how to operate a F%$#ing smartphone. šŸ™‚

    • I refuse to watch it. I don’t want my happy memories of the night tainted by horrible, sober embarrassment.

  4. Hahah, great stories! šŸ™‚ You got me wondering how old is my oldest t-shirt. And I get carded too, which I love (I am 38).

    • Welcome! Thanks for stopping by & commenting. Getting carded is one of life’s small thrills, isn’t it?

  5. I have clothes from high school. You’ve made me not feel bad about that :p

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