Posted by: Hannah | 12/03/2014

small joys

Small things that make me smile:

  • Playing “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)” for the dayhome kids, and hearing Louis sing “pajama why” instead of “the jam is live”.
  • Making a shepherd’s pie without a recipe, using only my taste memory from when I was a kid, and having it turn out exactly the way I remember it.
  • Watching my family all eat the shepherd’s pie with enjoyment, calling it “awesome”.
  • Seeing Baby Charlie at the school Xmas concert and having him launch himself at me for a cuddle (and then refusing to go back to his mom for awhile).
  • Being able to tell George “go pick out some clothes so we can get dressed” and then he does. AND he dresses himself, only needing a little help with the socks.
  • Just Us Coffee’s Holiday Blend with eggnog instead of milk (not sponsored, I just really, really like it).
  • Realizing that Black Friday / Cyber Monday / We Really Mean It This Time Tuesday is finally over for another year and the utter flood of spam to my inbox will slow down a bit.
  • Watching Louis and George happily playing “dads & babies”, which involves stuffing dolls under their shirts and “popping them out” over and over again.
  • Discovering that I still know every word to Young MC’s Bust A Move.
  • Finding Xmas jammies in the boys’ sizes – even Harry! – for $10 a pair.
  • Live-tweeting during The Mindy Project with my friend Sue. I love being able to share my current obsession with someone.
  • George asking me “Does Santa dress up for Halloween?” (I don’t know! Does he?)
  • The way my gray-furred arthritic old dog perks up and jumps around at the bus stop every morning when the neighbour’s dog arrives.
  • A faraway friend spent time finding George’s impossible Xmas wish – a t-shirt with all five Guardians of the Galaxy on it. Santas need elves, yo.
  • The Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s entire library of Xmas music.

What small joys make your day better?



  1. Viv did this weird Monty Python level dance in the Walmart parking lot last night. She was ANNOYING the entire afternoon and evening, but watching that butt heaving across the lot? PERFECTION. Also, getting to yell LET’S GO GET YOU A NEW BRA!!! across Walmart when she wasn’t coming along as fast as needed….also perfection. 😀

  2. This whole post made me smile!

  3. Yeah, love this. And I feel you, G. – socks are assholes.

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